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  1. This forum and this field of interest has more than it's fair share of technophobics for sure.
  2. https://www.rte.ie/brainstorm/2018/0514/963355-the-maths-behind-a-perfect-cup-of-coffee/
  3. Looks great. Love the PID placement as well
  4. You being wrong? Agreed. Let's stay on-topic. 👍
  5. I like (love) this. The tilted approach is my fav. Great work. Makes the PID look half decent instead of a shed-esque fudge 👌
  6. I Never agreed with the idea that Yoko broke up the Beatles tbh. John was bored with the group and just following his desires. She has no talent whatsoever though.
  7. 8barg is 9bara Anyway, I dgas. To the OP. Try both. See which one you prefer or which one you think makes better coffee. Do your research on the 2004 before descaling it. Aluminium is sensitive to some products. For the 2015, the SS boiler is left sensitive to chemical abuses. If you are using it for steaming, test both side by side. Here is a great video comparing the two: For me, I prefer the lack of a 3way valve on the 2015. Its so much easier to keep the head clean and I've no need at all of chemicals or hacks. Its also quick to
  8. Most are 9bar out of the box anyway (according to this forum at least). Another bonus.
  9. Ya, you don't need too. You shouldn't backflush any GC tbh.
  10. The 2015 is the better machine. Far better boiler, great steaming and much easier to keep clean
  11. 3mins ish from turning on the machine to getting a cup. 5 with steaming.
  12. Just remember, The search for perfection is a road to discontent....
  13. I think Rancilio have this right as much as is economically possible with the Silvia. They have a proper user adjustable pressure /flow/ regulator inside the machine. I suppose you could put the valve stem accessible from the back but it would certainly mean some compromise.
  14. Yes. The more hipster and woke the presentation, the less I want to buy it.
  15. I suggest you read my post again and then read your own post again. I'm not going to tell you where you are completely wrong btw, because it takes a small bit of understanding about fluid mechanics, process engineering and mechanical theory to do so and my previous attempts to help you understand same have been fruitless. But please, if you feel the need to shout again, go and give your beans a rattle for a minute and calm down
  16. Correct, mostly I think. I think the idea is possibly The pump turns on long enough to just fill the void spaces. Once those voids fill up, pressure is generated against the surface of the puck. However, that water has to get through the puck for any depressurisation to be an issue. Perhaps the delta in time isn't actually enough to generate pressure in the puck itself and thus the infusion works of sorts. I'm sure it does work else it wouldn't be a feature huh. It might suit a firmer puck mind.
  17. At a guess: Using the expansion valve to dump pre-infusion pressure (to enable a pause in the pressure/flow) in this manner is unavoidable if you don't want backflow into the boiler no? And it's done this way (simple pump on/off) because it's cost saving without the controller & PCB and/or the pump is happy being variable? Or in short: it's a fudge. Its not pre-infusion, it's stepped brewing. Can I claim my £10?
  18. Blue_Cafe

    E10 for sale

    Sorry to hear that.
  19. I intend to do this as well I just haven't got round to it yet.
  20. If you are going to hack the machines, there is absolutely no sense in buying new.
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