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  1. Forget the Classics, Silvia's etc. They are yesterday's technology and should have been carted off the to the knackers yard years ago. I think perhaps something like a Sage Barista Pro with its thermoblock may be your best bet tbh as it ticks most of your boxes but there is still some learning/effort to be done. If you are the sort of consumer who struggles with mental or physical effort of any kind, just buy a B2C machine and be done.
  2. Check post #349. I think its not changed then, once an app is disabled. its dead. Also, Updates don't seem to reawaken them. So, i think my point stands, Its a non issue. (least for me anyways)
  3. Do you have any link to this? From my rooting days, once an app is disabled, its dead, a corpse, unable to do anything. Perhaps you are thinking of other associated system apps? I am ok with being corrected on this so please shoot away 👍
  4. Its the same thing. You disable the app, you kill it stone dead. Its just a apk sat in the ROm waiting to be reinstalled. Don't read too much into it tbh.
  5. Most manufacturers include FB, etc on the pre-installs. Just disable them. (The beauty of android).
  6. If time is your metric, they are correct.
  7. And released just in time for the start of the biggest global recession in modern history... wcgw? 😄
  8. Not in my experience, at least for post kitkat versions anyway.
  9. You are asking somebody who likes the V2 Gaggia so..... I like Android. Its so much more functional than IOS. (at least in my experience). As an example, i can never get my wife's iphone to see other stuff in the house, be it chromecast, the sky box, the tv, google home etc. Last week she was showing me a youtube video and all i could manage to throw at the tv was just the audio. This is by design. Many, many times, my wife will ask me to do something on my phone because her iphone can't do it. She hates it (its an 11) but won't have anything else. My Samsungs and Oneplus phones
  10. I thought she was honest and genuine. Rate traits these days.
  11. Sounds about right. In my house, "Bubble n Squeak" was refried Tatty 'ash
  12. Out of curiosity, what is your version of "bubble and squeak" ?
  13. Brown sauce if there are tomatoes. Red sauce if not (like a bacon butty). on further inspection, i thought the mushroom was a slice of pudding so i would agree to that substitution. Hash browns are filler.
  14. Looks lovely imho. Putting the beans in their own raft is a pro-touch. I bet it's decent fare as well, none of yer over nitrated bacon and such. Eggs done perfectly. And i bet the tea is top notch too. Grilled tommy for a well rounded breakfast. £12 in a Little Chef or this? i know which one i would choose :) 👌
  15. "To brew, or not to brew, that is the question" Hamlet: The interval.
  16. I don't understand why they call it a Silvia Pro when its now a dual boiler machine.
  17. A fool and his money... I suppose unobtainium is part of every hobby.
  18. Are you using exactly the same techniques, dosing, tamping with both? (In other words, are you applying much more care and precision with the bottomless?)
  19. A solution to a problem that didn't exist!
  20. Fake crema is a myth. And what would that have to do with pre infusion and pressure? Can you be more descriptive?
  21. A person who has a fear of technology. My reading of this hobby is that change is viewed suspiciously and the end product is not always used as a judge as too what's good or not.
  22. Wouldn't bother with a GC unless you like to fiddle. The are first and foremost a coffee machine, not an espresso maker. Imho anyways
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