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  1. Use only approved/Suitable descaler in the Aluminium Gaggias. In clear language, this is Gaggias own. I could go on about the whats and the why but it just creates forum frishion.
  2. Is anyone else seeing an updated appearance? What else has changed?
  3. Since getting my espresso machine, my focus on cafe bought beverages has become laser sharp. Some casual observations: *Most hipster coffee shops are shite. *The harder a cafe tries, the worse they are *Starbucks *I have yet to see what appears to be a proper barrista in a cafe. It's mostly bored graduates mashing away at the machines. *Expensive does not equal good. But a shout out to the best coffee I have had in a good while. Marks and Spencer! They had a Nice La-M machine, A pair of mazzer jollys and not much else. Beans were MS house bl
  4. Regarding the GCP. It can't steam. Its not just "not as good", it's terrible. Its arguably not fit for purpose it's that bad. For espresso, it's unregulated pressure straight from the pump. Something JH panned the Aldi machine for. Its also thermally erratic. So much so, you must temp surf to use it. Which makes it a huge PITA to use it more than once. So, it's rubbish at espresso and rubbish at steaming. What's is it actually good at? Looks nice I suppose. If JH had never seen this machine before, he would have murdered it.
  5. No. The latest versions of the classic, and like the V2 have just a fixed safety valve which is locked down and only opens above pump stall pressure. To use it as a pump pressure regulator, you hack it with springs. The Silvia however does have a proper pressure regulator valve which is user adjustable.
  6. Fair question. I think he missed some key points and introduced others that were meaningless. And inconsistent. I remember his Aldi review. He hammered that machine as hateful because of not being able to control pressure and here we have him happy with the clearly equally guilty Gaggia. No mention of heat up or set up times. A mention about the solenoid valve on the Gaggia but not any others. He said the Gaggia and Silvia were his favs but clearly, were seriously lacking with steaming power and temp stability. The best machines were the Bambino and the Lelit
  7. Referencing a previous thread. Is this the point of diminishing returns?
  8. Does this micro management actually make much difference? Nah. Not for me, but I am not brewing Gesha coffee with a La-M and a commercial grinder. Also, the push for this attention to detail by coffee-nerds pushes people away. I fully agree with your sentiment but Each to his own though I suppose.
  9. https://www.donedeal.ie/cateringfittings-for-sale/hottop-coffee-roaster-250g-capacity/25904623
  10. You are going to have to strip it down and refurbish it. new seals, etc. not great, not terrible...
  11. i reported that sale for price gouging, Its against ebay rules
  12. Eh? Changing a plug voids warranty? What on earth is the world coming to?
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