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  1. I don't have an e61 but i have had to undo the odd decorative nut. You could measure the AF (Across flats) of the nut and you should get the nut size from online charts. Just be careful to get the imperial/metric bit correct. A very cheap way is to go to your local engineering shop and ask them for two small brass shims, say, 10mm, 20mmx 5 thk (just bigger than the face of the nut and about 5mm thick) then, using a robust G clamp, (or vise) clamp the nut between the shims.....
  2. The correct way is to use the correct spanner. Adjustable spanners are awful, nut wrecking devices which belong at the bottom of the tool box for moments of crisis only. As chrome is usually far harder than brass, i believe its normal to use a brass spanner to reduce marking on decorative nuts. I'd use a ring spanner as it pushes on more points than an open ended one. Of course, if the spanner is more expensive than the nut, then just replace the nut. A cheat is to use a flat piece of brass plate on the adjustable jaws. if you are doing this, i might suggest an old fa
  3. Just reuse the paper ones. I can get a dozen uses out of them if i push it...
  4. Blue_Cafe


    Floor looks clean enough....
  5. Sounds like you have a small micro leak somewhere which is cause rapid condensing of the steam. Clean the OPV?
  6. recieved. Well, its well built for the money and is very "Germanic" in its execution. I really like it on first use.
  7. They get a bit of stick from the purists, but there is much to like imho and i would chose the V2 over the V1 based on my experience of it.
  8. I have a 2015 V2 GC and enjoy most of its upgrades from the pre-2015 V1. Don't discount them as they can be had much cheaper (unfairly so) imho.
  9. A fantastic thread. And i am awaiting a CM800 myself so very interesting to read
  10. Super refurb job. I do love saving things from the dump 👍
  11. Well, do you want a cup of coffee or do you want a hobby?
  12. Aye, you may be right. I wonder how its done on the Pro machines? Do they take a tapping of the top of the boiler? That would be a good idea though huh?
  13. Can i suggest that you at least point your tee UP, (self draining)not down? Least then you don't have too much dead space for stagnant water to sit. A diaphragm seal on it wouldn't do any arm either,
  14. RIP Grinder. I was going to post a vid of somebody sharpening the teeth on one (Good idea) , but yours sounds terminal.
  15. I think your screw isn't tightened ?
  16. I quite like Trump.
  17. I am not so sure about that. I feel this move towards being hyper woke (good grief) is because modern society (read the youth) have developed a distinct distaste for authority and seniority as they see that only as standing on a footing of power and its abuse, rather than sat on a foundation of authority and seniority born from knowledge, experience and wisdom. Look to the church and its rampant abuse of power and privilege over the eons, Look to the government and its agents and their abuse of power and privilege, Look to the establishment and the constant stream of scanda
  18. Well, if i may suggest: If you are using a Dualit grinder, then now is not the time for a bottomless portafilter. If i am not mistaken, that grinder is wholly unsuitable for espresso as it cannot grind anywhere near fine enough to create a puck dense enough to generate back pressure for espresso. This would explain your problem shown in the video as it just looks like the pump is free flowing through the puck. May i suggest you try your pressurised portafilter baskets for the time being and then buy a reasonable grinder so that you can move up to proper unpressurised baske
  19. The truth hurts because truth is difficult to give and difficult to hear. As with everything if something is worth doing, it's usually not easy. Much like coffee lol.
  20. It is possible to be truthful, honest and civil, all at the same time. If you can't tell the truth, then tell no lies.
  21. Yeesh. Was this working before (in other words, have you pulled good shots before?) I see you have a bottomless portafilter , so i imagine you are well versed in how to espresso . To me, it looks like somebody who has not used a unpressurised filter before, has got this one mixed up with his usual pressurised filter without knowing. (please forgive me if that rude lol). (And your explanation of the steam output is fine i think which suggests its not a steam overpressure issue.)
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