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  1. I was just thinking about not having a DB if all you are doing is one Espresso a day. Seems a bit of an extravagance for that lol.
  2. I don't normally work very well after just one shit either...
  3. What do i think? A good grinder (check) with fresh beans and a reasonable coffee maker is probably going to get you high up on the slope of diminishing returns. One may argue that the Gaggia is reasonable enough, once one has mastered its quirks and inconsistencies. So, will a new set up make demonstrably better espresso? Perhaps not, maybe the margins will be small enough. So, what point a new set up then? Ease of use? Will a Hx machine or DB be easier to use than a Gaggia with their slow light ups and convoluted maintenance? Probably not. But what to do with a hole burn
  4. Have you tried hitting it with a hammer? May or may not work but it should make you feel better.
  5. What I am trying to say, is that it's just a forum. Read it, post in it, enjoy it, loathe it, love it, hate it. It is after all, a literary mirror of the human condition. Don't sit outside. Come on in and make it more.
  6. Good question. The Decent uses a thermoblock, no? Great idea, but i've no idea how they rate in real world usage vs other stuff.
  7. Never understood the communities problem with thermoblocks tbh.
  8. There was only one Marillion (Fish) Both needed each other and neither were as good without. Clutching at straws is a masterpiece btw.
  9. I have been enjoying a bit of Prog-rock myself this morning (Marillion)
  10. @grumpydaddy Happens to all forums. They start off small, and as a site set up by a hobbyist. The forum pulls in some of the more enthusiastic hobby members in the enviroment and a culture, clique grows. As the forum grow, so does the influence of that core until something snaps. Usually, its the forum ownership changing. Once changed, the clique feels abandoned and disenfranchised and the members of that clique throw the dummies out as they become ever more marginalised and isolated. In a final foruming singularity, those founding members usually self delete or become perma banned.
  11. Actually, after some further research, descaling is a bit of a black art when it comes to aluminium. note that the Gaggia boiler also has chrome, copper and brass in it as well. Puly Caff is out, as are a lot of other descalers, which advise against aluminium. Calcinet is a bit of a mystery, as it is sold for washing machines. I've no idea why Puly think to change the formulas for application but perhaps it doesn't have oil dispersants in it ( i dunno). I'd stick to the Gaggia/Philips stuff. It is apparently balanced to not be corrosive to the inners of the Gaggias. (certainly u
  12. https://www.pulicaff.com/docs/br_calcinet-eng.pdf Correct. One is for washing machines, the other for espresso machines. Well, Reading the MSDS: Puly Caff notes that I would just stick with the Gaggia stuff tbh
  13. Probs burnt out because of the element resistance changing due to no load from the empty boiler. There is no problem bypassing the thermal fuse. It just means you have no protection for the element should you run it dry again and the consequences of actually burning out the element may be more serious. You could damage the machine or cause a circuit short. (Kaboom!)
  14. https://www.maxicoffee.com/en-gb/puly-caff-plustm-powder-espresso-machine-cleaner-370g-p-2345.html#:~:text=Puly Caff is not advised,basket and aluminium porta filter. *Std Puly Caff. See post below for further details.
  15. Why did it blow in the first place Tom? Loose wire? Failing elements? Dry sump? Power surge? Might be worthwhile finding out. Certainly, don't hot wire it until you get a replacement fuse!
  16. Its a lie btw, us gingers do have a soul! Congrats.
  17. The crazing is the chrome plating fracturing away from the brass body. No need to worry about some distortion in the body. Its a ring seal so the flanges are not important.
  18. meanwhile... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Niche-Zero-Midnight-Black-Coffee-Grinder-EU-Plug-UK-Adapter-Supplied/133523033164?hash=item1f1697cc4c:g:DRMAAOSwfaZfZNHP
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