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  1. I had my logins stolen on another forum and received a ransom email because of it. I am not bothered about what is on here, its public and PMs are not private on any forum (Yes, mods/admins can read them) I would just like to keep my login safe is all incase the forum gets hacked. This is what happened to the community with the Jim seven stuff.
  2. Do you shake your beans in the trainers beforehand for added depth and character?
  3. ^good post. Get this sorted because this is actually the correct way to control pressures in these machines (imho anyways) and i am excited to see somebody do it right
  4. I have a 1kg bag of Lavazza super-crema in the freezer, gifted to me. Its apparently very good. Once i've got through my fresh stuff, i'll be giving it a twirl. I have had better supermarket beans than some fresh roast. Not everything i've ordered from a roaster has been good (Ozone is one culprit).
  5. Mildred there, being all dull and boring as usual
  6. I have a water hardness of 0. Its quite something seeing a 15 year old kettle as unsullied as the day it was born lol.
  7. Ha, yea, its all relative huh. I suppose the high mineral content gives it a good flavour. I find really pure water isn't great tasting.
  8. Who's to say that bottled water is better than tap? https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/about/live-healthy/tap-water-vs-bottled-water
  9. I read "distribute" to mean "mix up". YMMV i suppose which is as per usual in this journey. Your last comment has me thinking though. Perhaps my SGP knock-off may benefit from using it?
  10. It's why i bought it. I wasn't so invested in espresso that i wanted to limit myself to a grinder which couldn't stretch both ways and my circumstances don't stretch to having more than one grinder. I'm gonna make a brew right now in fact.....
  11. When i read the thread title, i thought instantly: "I use a Corn fork, what else is there?" Reading through the thread, it seems that we are actually talking about levellers and as is so prevalent in this hobby, we seem to yet again be dealing with mislabelling? So, the spinny things are imho, just levelers. They do nothing to distribute anything as i can see. My distribution tool (Corn fork) is actually a clump breaker more than a distribution tool, as in reality, no matter what you use, nothing is getting "Redistributed". In fact, what does this even mean? So yea,
  12. I only really like Americano...... The Grinder is a SGP rebadge. Not terrible, Not great.
  13. I hear you on the faff. Sometimes you just want a cuppa. Advertising something in stock, when it isn't, is a twunts trick. You have my sympathy there. Which site was it so that we can avoid it in future? I promised to use your V60 recipe. I now have a Melitta something (Copy) so i should get round to it. I am a bit wary i might prefer the £2 filter over the £££ espresso though!
  14. Well, Gaggia would disagree with you. Make sure nothing else is aluminium in that case if you are using Puly.
  15. Don't use Pulycaff. It is not recommended by the manufacturer for Aluminium.
  16. Hows the contrast between this and your previous set up. Is B2C really so bad?
  17. As a man on a tight budget, this is what i do and why i have held off buying one. I can't justify the cost or the extra faff. It seems to me to be a solution for a problem that doesn't exist Having not actually used one though, i can't confirm the above to be true.
  18. Indian Blend in an Americano. Quite good.
  19. That wasn't my point. They most probably can, but just how much better, all things considered, is debatable.
  20. Have you read the instructions?
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