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  1. You make a good point about depth. I hadn't thought about that. What's the largest basket that fits in the STD portafilter?
  2. How to do two espressos? (I use a GC with a std 14g basket. ) I drink americano's, and the better half drinks Latte's. On a morning, i do two espressos from the GC, One for each drink. I believe i need to use a seperate double shot for these (14g), certainly, using a low dose or if the shot falls over, it results in weak drinks. So, i do two seperate 14g shots. I have removed the double spout on the portafilter as i do not use two cups for the above because, as mentioned, the coffee will be too weak. Having seen the missing spout, my better hal
  3. E61 is old, old tech. Massive yawn. There are bolt ons and strap ons to make it work but it's just sticking plasters. I believe that the industry reluctance to move away from it is because it's just the horse to the chrome plated carriage that the industry can really get margin on with high prices. I'd buy something that at least tries to embrace modern tech. The Sage DB comes to mind, as does the Decent. Edit: I know nothing so take with a pinch. Look to @dfk41 for advice!
  4. Make sure to wash everything and your hands. Slugs can be v poisonous I believe
  5. Would be interested in this myself if its going to market.... I suspect the tech has fu**ed up something in his fiddlings. Perhaps opening and closing the boilers without cleaning and sealing?
  6. Time to find a new tech or repair it yourself. A decent engineer would have found the faults first before changing parts willy-nilly. You could replace it, but i would guarantee somebody on here would buy your old machine as is and have it working without much effort and at much less expense than a new one.
  7. If you are bothered, use a oven baking mesh cut to size.
  8. Wow. Amazing timeline. I would love to have had a go of the carousels! Oh and this thread should be a sticky as a warning to all!
  9. Ha, hoo, no, i haven't used anything but a brush to clean mine so i can't comment. Plenty of comments online suggesting that anything other than coffee beans in these is a bad idea and well, my point was that why isn't a brush enough? If you really want to get into it, remove the carriers and strip it down?
  10. If you can't be arsed, don't buy a semi automatic. There is no plug/play solution to domestic espresso. At best, buy a Bambino or other sage and stick with preground and pressurised baskets to minimise variation and time spent.
  11. Well, the basic concrete block is a kitchen disaster waiting to happen. How on earthy ou keep that clean with its porous surface i don't know. However, the white Corian one actually looks quite good to me. https://www.anzacoffee.com/products/anza-white_cf Corian? heavy (good?) and i imagine the R value is amazing. Quite how that affects the internals i dunno but heat loss is going to be low. Its funny that you get the apple-esque design shpeel but then they just copy the Silvia who's internals they have stolen to make it. It would be a good one-off design p
  12. Have you tried hitting it with a hammer? If that fails, try fire .....
  13. Target brew: Espresso, Filter, etc Basic Style Roast level Very simple taste notes After that, you can wax lyrical about elevations, vistas , rainfall, etc. An example of a poor site selling coffee: https://ozonecoffee.co.uk/ Its all over the shop, i've no idea what is who and who is what.
  14. Finally. An OPV that is "done" safely and correctly. Well done OP. Looks great.
  15. Its just a switch on the Admin panel. (Or should be). Jimseven says Hi.
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