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  1. For pre ground, use the pressurised baskets. It will be ok.
  2. Well, it's by all accounts a well made and executed machine. Not everyone has the beans for the best a company can offer. In this review of the Lelit Grace PID espresso machine and Fred grinder, we will reveal something special: This is a machine that delivers a cafe quality experience. This combo will not break your wallet. By and large, it all makes sense. https://www.coffeecrew.com/gear-equipment-coffee/472-lelit-grace-pid-espresso-machine-and-fred-grinder.html
  3. Gaggia Classic Pro. Pro?
  4. Shoulda woulda coulda... The Victoria is nearly 50% more expensive. The Grace looks a great machine for the money.
  5. Begs the question: Is espresso really a drink to be had 1st thing in the morning? I use the Gaggia mainly to make Americanos and lattes and even then, if it's really early, I'll just make an Aeropress coffee.
  6. Yea, a smart plug is a good solution. I like the Google Voice control stuff. Very handy.
  7. Search the forum for "warm up time" 1st result mentions 1hr 2nd result mentions 40 mins And so on and so forth...
  8. From an engineering perspective, it's no difference I think. You have heat and everything should be rated at that so insulation isn't an issue. However, you will be changing the thermal footprint. The internal space will be cooler. This means your cup warmer won't be as warm. Your boiler won't cool down as quick post-steaming and may need more flushing than normal. Insulation can be a problem for corrosion. Both by its make up (chloride's) or by harbouring water vapour. Boiler thermostats can get a bit wierd so you might find that leaving it uninsulated is of benefit.
  9. Don't touch the Rolls. Just leave it as is. Everything else, hot water, hand soap and a tooth brush should be enough.
  10. Rolls: Unusable showpiece really. Many on ebay, but with a box, might get a tenner. Astra's: £10-20 a box if not too old. Slim Adjustable: Clean it up and if its straight, £30 is possible Slant: As above Jagger: £10-15 Merkur: £50 if original. £5 if a copy.
  11. Hudson Empire I bought a bag each of these during the CoffeeJunction sale recently. Roast date was mid May. Received Late July and put into the freezer before use. I have used both my GC and an Aeropress for brewing. I like Americano's and have the odd latte'. I do taste the Espresso for dialing in. Espresso: Double shot 14g in with 30-40g out Aeropress: 15g with 200g brew water. I have to say, of the 4 bags i bought from CJ, these two have been decidedly unimpressive. The packaging was itself poor, with a unsealed bag which was simply folded ove
  12. Have you read the instruction manual for the machine ?
  13. Interesting. Is this actually "A thing" ? Flat burrs are no good for darker roasts?
  14. My Motta tamper is "imperfect" as well but it was advertised as such from Amazon warehouse. It's Italian. What do you expect? Lol. The forum is littered with examples of poor Italian QC.
  15. Does the Oracle fit your requirements? If it doesn't, sell it. If it does, sell the Niche
  16. Pucks are hard soaps. The video above is using a cream
  17. https://uk.loccitane.com/l'occitan-after-shave-balm,83,1,39632,1479124.htm This is the dear stuff Best ASB i have ever used though...
  18. Seems that the Coffee-Messiah has heard the call lol. I await his comparisons. It should be a fun and informative video
  19. With TOBs, i would say you get what you pay for. You don't need or use much so its not that expensive Trumpers skin food is highly regarded as well.
  20. May I politely suggest you read some current news? A coffee shop? In this current environment?
  21. It's a small change. Probs only 1mm for the full range. Set the dial at min and feel the lip at the top of the top burr. Turn the dial to max and you should feel the lip close up.
  22. Are you saying that Espresso is not the best way to fully enjoy coffee? interesting...
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