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  1. Just use the correct size screwdriver. Go to your local army navy store and pick up a large stub handled driver.
  2. It's just a big flat head screwdriver you need. It suffers from a bit of stiction and needs a rigid stiff driver to break it. It's not hard tbh. If you are buying spares, stay away from eBay and just get genuine Gaggia parts. A new spring and mushroom valve are worthwhile. Great machines IMHO.
  3. Blue_Cafe

    Dark and oily

    A French affair no?
  4. "Seasoning"? Who on earth came up with that Apple-esque word twist? Plenty of other phrases best describe the phenomena and would serve the community better in its understanding so that the unwashed don't think that blades need anything other than normal usage. It just adds further voodoo and woo to an already flooded bog of religiosity that is the coffee scene. "Running-in" would be a better descriptor to label the de-burring and initial dulling of the cutting surfaces that happens during the 1st few uses.
  5. Eh, no. The Gaggia is a "no brainer" coffee machine that nerds twerk to make it something different. Its a lifestyle machine, primarily designed for pressurised baskets, pre ground coffee and a push button operation. All Gaggias are the same really. Some have an extra gizmo or not. Just use the Classic as you would the deluxe. Same shhep different coat. If you have the pressurised baskets from the deluxe, it's literally a zero change transition.
  6. No they don't. As with any machine, you should read and understand the instructions before using. Sage give a range of dosing which is 16g - 19g.
  7. The hipster beard is an absolute must, no?
  8. I bought it first and then found this forum when looking at what it was I had actually bought If I'd have found this site first, I'd have not bought it. That said, I'm glad it fell that way. I like the MK2 and it's variations from the original GC.
  9. Joined because I was researching my impulse buy of a Gaggia classic which was a consequence of buying a Aeropress and not really enjoying it which in itself was a consequence of WFH since march and missing the office B2C machine. Best bit of advice or info on here? Hmm. None tbh. Or rather, by reading the many opposing opinions on every subject discussed, I've learned that coffee is very much a person experience and one should treat advice and opinion as exactly that and run your own race accordingly.
  10. I'm not quite sure I am understanding your point? "It" being mental health? Mental health is just the container I think. Are you talking about a particular affliction like depression? Mental health and physical health are two sides of the same coin which is ourselves as a physical entity in this odd universe. Nobody's physical health is a constant, just the same as their mental health isn't either. It ebbs and flows. Not sure I agree that anything specific to either should be considered evil. Evil is an intent in my opinion and you as an entity and your make up j
  11. Do you mean the symptoms here Jony?
  12. I understand it perfectly. I'm not talking about a positive approach to mental health. I'm talking about mental health supposedly being only about the positive.
  13. Much damage is done by pretending life is or should be a bed of roses with no threat or external ills to encounter and that it requires little effort or virtue to succeed in. It's quite the opposite I feel. Life is hard. Damn hard at times and one could argue that's how it should be. A life without some challenge is hardly worthy surely? I am told by some friends that this opinion is callous and uncaring and that it should not be spoken lest somebody heard it and thinks themselves as worthless. I think the opposite is true. By being honest with my opinion that life itself is a d
  14. That looks....Odd to me. The lines and flaws in the base casting are poor enough, but blueing on the sub surface? Brass doesn't blue under just kettle heat (does it?) And it don't look like a copper precoat either (brass-copper-chrome). Also, the chrome is pealing, not just flaking? I don't think it's poor QC more so an utter absence. "Made in Italy" indeed.
  15. Another fault in the MK3 GC's Hardly surprising tbh. It seems to me they probably dug the old MK1 tooling up out of the skips after the move from the MK2 and have hired people who have no idea how to use them (relocated to China perhaps?). Gaggia should bin off the GCP. Its a mess. Unfortunately, with the likes of coffee Jesus championing it, that it unlikely. Frustrating. It could be so much better with not much more effort.
  16. Good posts. I am Half way though a bag of Levazza super-crema and it's been better for me than some of the freshly roasted stuff I've bought. Its ok. And that's ok.
  17. Have you read the instructions for the machine and are you following them? Specifically the bit about regular cleaning. I think your basket sounds clogged up.
  18. This is why you don't do steaming in just your jocks! Could have had a nasty burn there.... 👀
  19. I thought the Industrial blend by CHC was not bad tbh. i'd order it again, certainly.
  20. Making espresso isn't fire-n'-forget. How do you know the beans are consistant? The Earth isn't consistent, seasons are not consistent, mother nature which grows the beans isn't consistent, the roasters are deffo not consistant, water isn't consistent, Machines wear, nothing lasts for ever, nothing stays the same Entropy will win in the end.
  21. May I suggest you are at a fork in the road with this? I don't think you should continue to use it as is. From the look of it, it needs a deep clean and reconditioning. This may not actually cost much to do but it will drastically extend the life. So, either strip it down yourself and rebuild it Or sell it as a working project and buy new. I would do the former but can't help think the latter may be better for you.
  22. You make a good point about depth. I hadn't thought about that. What's the largest basket that fits in the STD portafilter?
  23. How to do two espressos? (I use a GC with a std 14g basket. ) I drink americano's, and the better half drinks Latte's. On a morning, i do two espressos from the GC, One for each drink. I believe i need to use a seperate double shot for these (14g), certainly, using a low dose or if the shot falls over, it results in weak drinks. So, i do two seperate 14g shots. I have removed the double spout on the portafilter as i do not use two cups for the above because, as mentioned, the coffee will be too weak. Having seen the missing spout, my better hal
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