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  1. When have you ever bought a coffee from a van? I can't remember myself. Perhaps the odd cup of instant from a motorway layby but thats it. It isn't a business that demands repeatability so the cost/quality equation means feck all and is likely why any coffee or tea I've ever had from a van has been instant. Where you gonna park the van? You've morning and lunch time (only) in industrial ests, perhaps the odd weekend gig but thats it. Most people will be getting it at the bus or train station kiosks which can offer much better than a van man can. Coffee vans are constantly coming up for sale on the auctions. It isn't a trade which will make millions. I like the story recently of someone who burned out in his company and hit rock bottom when it folded because covid. He's now a postman. Loves it. But he's his castle already built so money is secondary. If you want a way to spend your days being cost/profit neutral, i couldn't think off anything better than owning a coffee van. If you want a living, i couldn't think of anything worse. But ymmv. You might unlock unlimited riches. Best of luck
  2. Just buy a Sage and enjoy. Anything needing hacks and Gadgets to work properly becomes a pita very quickly unless you are a nerd or hobbiest.
  3. 10 years seems to be the median lifespan of things these days. Less if its used hard (washing machine, etc) or more if it just sits there looking pretty (fridges, etc). As i bought my house new, and fitted it out new, my domestic products seem to all commit suicide at about the same time making some years very expensive! I think that with the exception of super premium (Miele) or super cheap (generic) you get what you pay for. A tip for shopping: if you are looking at Amazon for reviews as a reference, sort the reviews by "New" not "Best". You will get a much more balanced selection.
  4. I've bought whilpool and then replaced it with Neff. The whirlpool was a better performing machine and was faultless for 10 years until the pcb failed which killed it. The neff was very expensive and has been the most unreliable white good I've ever bought. I have had to strip it down completely on a number of occasions to repair it and it remains erratic. The industry has gone through massive consolidation so the actual number of companies vs brands is quite small. Neff=Bosch, Whirlpool=Indesit, Electrolux=AEG, etc. The Neff has left a bad taste in my mouth for expensive machines. My experience of repairing stuff is that parts are very expensive regardless so added to the cost of an engineer, it becomes uneconomical unless you do them yourself. We bought a new oven recently after the old one coughed its last after 20 years of service. There was nothing wrong with it that a PCB costing half the price of a new one wouldn't have fixed. For the new oven, we just chose to the feature/spec we wanted. We didn't go budget or premium either. Modern appliances are complex. The days of "buy it for life" are long gone. Repair is not economical so don't let it affect your choice.
  5. I've this grinder and had the same issues as you. Graef instructions are poor. Whilst they say to go no more than two (?) Notches on the adjuster, it took 3- 4 for me to hit espresso. I set mine by getting the burrs to touch then backing off a notch or two. Also, make sure you sit the top cone properly. It should be locked in if right. I have a std Gaggia and the grinder now chokes it at anything less than 5 on the scale. I normally grind at 10-6 for a reasonable pull time. If you still struggle, ill take some photos
  6. Give the V2 a chance. It's a good machine, just different in a few respects. (Better in a few respects) Enjoy the steaming!
  7. Rookie error lol. The futur clone is actually very good and shaves better than the original. The clone is able to be dialed down a bit more. Try it on a setting of 1 or less. I'd never use it on max lol.
  8. One other bonus i forgot. The steaming on the stainless steel boilered V2 is actually fantastic. Much much better than the old aluminium boiler design.
  9. Hard to see where pressure is being affected by heat as the safety valve hack you have done is on the cold side of the boiler and any PVT changes due to heat should be automatically moderated by the valve setting?. Pressure gauges work on the bourdon principal. It may be that if the gauge is not temperature compensated (unlikely) you are just reading additional "bourdon effect" from thermal expansion on the coil as an increased pressure reading. Maybe.
  10. We've walked that road as well. Iirc, 'tis only the V2 that measured 10 bara at the brew head out of the box. I was going to test mine and add a proper 10bara adjustable bypass but never got round to it. Never needed too really, my coffee is good enough. Portafilter drip isn't an issue for me either. The pucks aren't biscuit dry but they are not that damp. Least not for me. I always hot rinse the PF before each use anyway. But these are old arguments. My experience with my V2 has been nothing but positive.
  11. Nope. I've argued previously that it is better in some respects than the other versions. That's considered blasphemy by the community though. My very low maintenance, zero corrosion, quick heat up, no steam dripping, auto shut off Gaggia has been a dream. The removal of the 3 way valve and it's foibles and maintenance requirements is an added bonus. I've been using mine for 12 months now and it works like a charm and as James says, it is capable of excellent espresso. The argument that it can't because it is "not the same" can finally be put to bed.
  12. Just use the correct size screwdriver. Go to your local army navy store and pick up a large stub handled driver.
  13. It's just a big flat head screwdriver you need. It suffers from a bit of stiction and needs a rigid stiff driver to break it. It's not hard tbh. If you are buying spares, stay away from eBay and just get genuine Gaggia parts. A new spring and mushroom valve are worthwhile. Great machines IMHO.
  14. Blue_Cafe

    Dark and oily

    A French affair no?
  15. "Seasoning"? Who on earth came up with that Apple-esque word twist? Plenty of other phrases best describe the phenomena and would serve the community better in its understanding so that the unwashed don't think that blades need anything other than normal usage. It just adds further voodoo and woo to an already flooded bog of religiosity that is the coffee scene. "Running-in" would be a better descriptor to label the de-burring and initial dulling of the cutting surfaces that happens during the 1st few uses.
  16. Eh, no. The Gaggia is a "no brainer" coffee machine that nerds twerk to make it something different. Its a lifestyle machine, primarily designed for pressurised baskets, pre ground coffee and a push button operation. All Gaggias are the same really. Some have an extra gizmo or not. Just use the Classic as you would the deluxe. Same shhep different coat. If you have the pressurised baskets from the deluxe, it's literally a zero change transition.
  17. No they don't. As with any machine, you should read and understand the instructions before using. Sage give a range of dosing which is 16g - 19g.
  18. The hipster beard is an absolute must, no?
  19. I bought it first and then found this forum when looking at what it was I had actually bought If I'd have found this site first, I'd have not bought it. That said, I'm glad it fell that way. I like the MK2 and it's variations from the original GC.
  20. Joined because I was researching my impulse buy of a Gaggia classic which was a consequence of buying a Aeropress and not really enjoying it which in itself was a consequence of WFH since march and missing the office B2C machine. Best bit of advice or info on here? Hmm. None tbh. Or rather, by reading the many opposing opinions on every subject discussed, I've learned that coffee is very much a person experience and one should treat advice and opinion as exactly that and run your own race accordingly.
  21. That looks....Odd to me. The lines and flaws in the base casting are poor enough, but blueing on the sub surface? Brass doesn't blue under just kettle heat (does it?) And it don't look like a copper precoat either (brass-copper-chrome). Also, the chrome is pealing, not just flaking? I don't think it's poor QC more so an utter absence. "Made in Italy" indeed.
  22. Another fault in the MK3 GC's Hardly surprising tbh. It seems to me they probably dug the old MK1 tooling up out of the skips after the move from the MK2 and have hired people who have no idea how to use them (relocated to China perhaps?). Gaggia should bin off the GCP. Its a mess. Unfortunately, with the likes of coffee Jesus championing it, that it unlikely. Frustrating. It could be so much better with not much more effort.
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