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  1. "The early Civet gets the beans"...
  2. Blue_Cafe

    Wet Shaving

    Don't use the Merkur blade for your first attempt at wet shaving! They are shoite. Edit: it's them or the feathers? Oof. If you use the feathers, ffs no pressure and let the razor do the work!
  3. Blue_Cafe

    Wet Shaving

    Not all blades are the same Basically it's a balancing act of sharpness, smoothness and durability. Gillette nail that balance imho. Great blades. Astra are sharper. Derby Premiums are less sharp but last longer. Derby's are mild. Once you have got through them then perhaps you can risk the feathers which are widely regarded as the sharpest blade made. Downside is they only last a few shaves. And omg, if you think coffee is subjective...
  4. Blue_Cafe

    Wet Shaving

    And feathers are notoriously sharp
  5. Blue_Cafe

    Wet Shaving

    So go and stick the brush in a glass of cold water and put it in the fridge for 3 days. Don't get the knot wet, just the bristles. 1. Dernt matter imho. You do you 2.TOBS creams are well respected. T&H are as well. Trumper soaps can be challenging. Of all the old classic creams and soaps, I'd suggest a tub of Cella. Great stuff. 3. Would agree. T&H Sandalwood is divine though. 4. Nivea is the point of diminishing returns but I really like L'Occitane ASB. Pricey though.. Suggested blade path from your selection. Gillette Astra Derby Premium Derby extra Feathers. Feathers..... Leave them till last
  6. So, that's a large (?) double shot but your cup seems to be small, so, that's what, into 150ml of milk?
  7. Hi. Could you let me know the recipe plz? Dose size, yield, time, milk/cup size?
  8. Perhaps buy a burr grinder than can stretch to espresso and keep it for the pour overs once the niche comes?
  9. Folding ebikes are popular in my city by commuters who want to take the train home but carry the ebike on, or for people who live in apartments etc. You get what you pay for, but they are very good for the market they serve. I was speaking to gentleman last year who bought his ebike of aliexpress and couldn't speak highly enough of it. With a clip on battery pack and wheel hub drive, it was infinitely repairable although he had had it for some time and had not had any issues. If you are handy enough, it can work out quite well. Of course, it isn't going to look or perform anything like the 4K Specialised bikes but when it only costs 1/4 of the money and you use it for the daily trip to the shops, what harm?
  10. Having looked at that chart and reading the (well written piece tbh) every option i can think of to suit my needs, ends up with susp of some sort. Oddly enough, "are your bones old and wrists knackered" is not in the logic chart
  11. maybe this might help you https://www.electricbike.com/whats-the-best-choice-for-an-ebike-full-front-or-no-suspension/
  12. Can you PLEASE do a running blog on this! I love this stuff
  13. I am learning to be very sceptical about much that is considered gospel in coffee
  14. No, no BPF as of yet. Thats next on my ebay list. Interesting thread popped up on Reddit this morning:
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