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  1. Hi, Thanks for responding. As described above, the flow on the group head is fine without grind being present, water pours out well! I've checked for leakages, wasn't able to find one..
  2. Hi guys, I've been rebooting my Rancilio Silvia V1 of late, as it had some problems. Most are resolved but now I've encountered a new one; the espresso is not flowing, only dripping through. It starts with a tiny flow and after 5 seconds in, it stops providing espresso. The situation is as follows: Last few days I've replaced the shower screen, group head gasket and the steam wand gaskets. Moreover, I've backflushed the machine. I then poured some espresso's and the flow was fine. Then, I descaled the machine and since then, I have the problem as described above. However, I do r
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