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  1. Yes, all the more reason it could go cheap for someone more local than me, or Dominic Cummings 😂
  2. Don’t apologise Buddy, it’s all a learning curve for me, the more I learn here the more I want to learn. That’s what makes this Forum great. The Large solenoid is a no brainer really. All the best with sourcing your parts Valkyrie88
  3. Thank you both very much, you’ve been very helpful. wish me luck 👍🏻
  4. Good evening good people. I’m a complete novice to coffee and stumbled across this forum on the search for a better Drink. I am quite keen on purchasing a classic and excited at the prospect of delving deeper into what seems an endless hobby. so my question. Are there any years I should be looking for, or should be steering away from. thank you for your time, I appreciate all the help I’m finding on this forum. kind Regards Doigie
  5. I will make a point of popping over. Wish you all the best with this buddy
  6. Thank you FN, just having a nosey at your website. 👌
  7. Hiya Filthynines, I’m from Oldbury, causeway green.
  8. Yes i kinda picked up on that bit. Some amazing set up on here, I’ve had envy eye’s all week 😂
  9. I think for now £500 on a grinder is a little out of my budget. The Manuale looks like a nice piece of kit though. I’ve been watching a few vids on Moding the classic, looks easy enough.
  10. Hiya Tom, I don’t have any machine at the moment, I’m looking to jump on the Gaggia classic band wagon and delve into the World of coffee from there.
  11. I can’t keep away from the place. I’ve only been here a week. Great little Forum guys
  12. What kind of Money will you be looking for Ratty?
  13. That sounds perfect Ratty, whats it like buddy, good nick?
  14. Good Morning, all you coffee lovers. I found the Forum over the weekend and to be quite honest, I haven’t been able to drag myself away from here. Im looking to improve on instant Bitter coffee. Like many of you I’m being drawn to the Gaggia classic, so if anyone knows of a nice second hand machine, I would be very interested All the best. Dougie
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