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  1. 8ACFD5CE-06E7-493F-8B00-D801A2B3409C.thumb.jpeg.c9979516dc61a4475007b03594bce4f9.jpegWell I managed to house my swarm, only for them to swarm Again straight away, so I put them back in the hive for second time. They’re a lively Bunch to say the least. Checked on them this evening and they’ve calmed down a bit. 

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  2. Here we have a nice swarm which was collected last night. They will be going into a 14x12 National in a day or two (weather dependant) 

    then the plan is to feed them up, treat them and get them strong for next season. Wish me luck guys


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  3. On 03/07/2020 at 11:05, siliconslave said:
    On 03/07/2020 at 11:55, siliconslave said:

    Theres a good guide on drone brood removal here: https://www.wimbledonbeekeepers.co.uk/FAQ_14_Drone_Brood_Removal_FV.pdf or this from some guy with a great tash: http://scientificbeekeeping.com/fighting-varroa-biotechnical-tactics-ii/  

    The idea is the mites prefer the drone brood as its in the sealed cell for longer, allowing more mites to be hatched.  As its not all that useful to the hive you can encorage the building of drone brood by putting either drone foundation, a super frame or half and half into the middle of the nest then cut it out when its all sealed up - taking a good chunk of the mites out before they even hatch.

    Brood gapping is a little more complex & i'm trying to get my head around it after a talk at the national honey show last year - a paper here: https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/12/6/2302/pdf is hard reading.

    I really appreciate the links, very interesting subject, thank you

  4. 11 minutes ago, Blue_Cafe said:

    Buy a V2.

    You will get a good machine (better than the other models in some regards, for a great price.

    New enough to not need much more than a good clean.

    Is that the Sylvia you speak of Blue_cafe? I like prefer the look of these TBF 

  5. I’m very interested in learning more about drone culling and introducing Brook gaps. Could you direct me to any literature on this Ss? 

  6. 56 minutes ago, siliconslave said:

    We're sticking to three hives this year, but help with our association and their hives so got plenty to do. 

    Not wanting to start a full on argument this early in the morning but i'm very much of the opinion that varroa needs to be managed, regardless of the colony strength - varroa mites aren't something that can be controlled by the bees themselves (yet).  There is a load of research going on about bees that are more inclined to clean each other and remove the mites, but the biggest problem is the mites hide themselves from the bees (as i understand it) by mimicking their pheromones.

    I do however agree that its most likely that humans are the most detrimental thing to the bees, mono crops, destruction of wild flowers, intensive bee farming and even hobbyists aren't great for them but equally i'm not sure just leaving them to their own devices is really an option anymore :( I guess we do the best we can to keep them healthy and happy!  

    I totally agree with this post SS, I spoke with an old Beek yesterday who puffed icing sugar into his hive and covered the bees, he said they shook and licked it and Veroa would be knocked off. Have you heard of such a technique? 

    in terms of keeping Bees I’m very green but ide like to think I know right from wrong, and with the endless battles the bees have to contend with, we should be doing the very best for them. 


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  7. Just an update to this post. Looking around the usual places these rods tend to sell for £90

    Im happy to let the pair go on this group for £120 Or as I say, I have cash if anyone has a part exchange 

    One pair of iconic Daiwa Porky Pig Power 12’2” carbon heavy feeder rod, model code PP-XL122F, And 2Q in superb condition. 


    3 piece carbon fibre with black whipped lined guides, 24” flat butt cork handle with screw reel fitting,


    Diawa Made in Great Britain, an iconic feeder rod

  8. 41 minutes ago, siliconslave said:

    another Norfolk beek here - although not taking any swarms due to lack of equipment and time to tend to more hives.  Its been a bit of a weird year so far, but production is going well so can't complain! 

    Pleased to meet you buddy, would love to see some pics of your apiary, how many hives are you running this year. It has been an interesting season. 


    13 minutes ago, Batian said:

    My 'hands on'  input ends when I have the swarm in the hive. My first swarm this year was 4th week of April. My last 2019 was  early August.  This swarm overwintered with me so it could get help. It is now a strong colony filling its 4th super. 

    "The Head Beekeeper" will take them to the 'Nursery'. This is where all the new swarms are kept so that a closer eye can be kept on them dealt with as necessary. re Veroa 'the boss' tells me that a strong healthy hive will keep its self clean and treatment is only necessary when a colony is not in good order. There is some work going on at (?) Southampton (?) University looking into breeding bees that are better housekeepers. This may have come about as a result of bees being bred to be better honey producers  that have subsequently lost out on the housekeeping.


    As there has been some interest here are the pics re the opening post.





    Well that looks very healthy, I don’t think you will have much trouble there. I’m intrigued about this study at Southampton uni, that sounds very interesting and points to human intervention being detrimental to the Bees. That wouldn’t surprise me at all

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  9. 1 hour ago, Batian said:

    I help out a chap (as I did his father before him) who keeps bees. Some 100+ hives at the present count!

    He is a lorry driver so I 'do' the swarm when he has his feet up outside a roadside cafe! He is always on the end of a phone when I need (often) advice.

    I have put them in a 'poly nucleus hive' with a mix of new and old frames. You have to keep your fingers crossed and hope 'Mother' decides to stay. If not, you need a stock of alternative hives. A bit like a "bee estate agent". Some like old, some like new and a good bet, is a mix.

    The swarm stays in the 'nucleus' hive until they are big enough to move on to a larger home. With this swarm, it will not be long. 



    I’ve been on a wild goose today collecting a swarm, sadly I was about five minutes too late. (Typical)

     There will be plenty more just now. All the best with your new (old) colony. 
    will you treat and feed them for Varoa mite etc?  All the best Batian, always nice to hear from a fellow Beek

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  10. 1 hour ago, Batian said:

    There used to be a very entertaining thread (started by  @MildredM) called something like 'wild in my garden'. It seems to have been lost.

    So for those that fancy a drop of DIY Honey Process with their Alta Rica feast your eyes on this swarm of bees from two days ago. It was so heavy that as I persuaded them into a starter home the branch went up a couple of foot until I was holding their new home at head height! Look carefully and you can see the mass of bees is going a fair way up the Horse Chestnut branch and is a couple of feet long and  as fat as a rugby ball.




    Do you have a nice new hive for them to move into? Looks like I nice swarm. If your not keeping them you should contact the local beekeepers association, I’m sure they will have someone happy to take it treat it and house it 

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  11. 35 minutes ago, Apr1985 said:

    Definitely worth a watch for hand grinders. 
    Personally I would go for the Comandante C40. 
    It makes espresso pretty quickly and does consistent filter. Plus as it is measured in clicks you can repeat settings and find helpful dialling in information online too. 

    Then when you get super down the rabbit hole you can buy the red clix upgrade for even more adjustment 

    I did watch this Apr1985  I was leaning in exactly the same way (comandante) but then at the end, he made a comment that if you owned any one of the above then you wouldn’t need to upgrade in his opinion. That left me feeling a bit undecided. Thanks for the post Apr1985

    greatly appreciated

    26 minutes ago, Rob1 said:

    Take a look at the Pharos. The 2.0 was available from duismann coffee in Netherlands but isn't listed anymore, still maybe they can get one ordered if they're getting some of the spares they stock from OE. Otherwise I think the best options have been listed. I don't know how much better a commandante is compared to a Jxpro, maybe something to look into. 

    Thanks Rob, I’ll take a look now, I appreciate your advice

  12. 2 hours ago, Cuprajake said:

    who said what haha ^

    ive just gone from a 1zpresso jx pro to a mignon 50mm grinder

    and tbh i think the hand grinder was easier to use in terms of dialing in, retention and what not, kinda regret selling, my issue is a knackered shoulder and elbow

    Interesting, and a good point you make about your bad shoulder, I have flare up of arthritis from time to time. Food for thought. 
    thank you Cuprajake


    2 hours ago, The Systemic Kid said:

    If you just want to grind for pour over, a hand grinder makes sense. At the cheaper end, you've got the likes of Porlex. From there, price-wise and quality-wise, it's a jump to grinders Made by Knock - Aergrind etc. Above that, you're into Commandante, Kinu territory but you are talking around £200 depending on model.

    At this stage it was only for an Aeropress but I get the feeling I’m going to end up down a few “Rabbit holes” as they say. At the moment I’m drinking instant so I’ve many steps to take in my journey for a better coffee (currently littles Columbia) as recommend by James Hoffman. It’s certainly a step up from Nescafé but we can do better than that can’t we 😆

    thank you for your input TSK much appreciated 

    2 hours ago, Drellis said:


    Condescending and rude comments that aren't needed. This forum is meant to be about encouraging those starting out on their coffee journey as well as "experts" trading knowledge and insights. The effort to post a snide remark could easily have been diverted into a constructive and helpful reply. This would not be acceptable if it were a new member doing the same. 

    I quite agree, life’s hard enough right now for many, no need to put others down for the sheer fun of it. Thank you Drellis


    2 hours ago, jaffro said:

    Best bet for any of the made by knock grinders is to follow them on Instagram (if you're a social media user). They post when they're likely to put stock up. 

    I think at the moment they're spreading out and restocking weekly (rather than selling out instantly and having a massive backlog). Think this is generally happening on a Friday around 5pm. I'm not 100% sure if this is still the case, but might be a good time to have a look and see if there's any available. 

    Ah instagram is the one social media platform I do use from time to time. Thank you Jaffro much appreciated


    2 hours ago, Wuyang said:

    I’m no expert on grinders, but I wouldn’t touch a hand grinder for espresso personally.......the effort and time  for dialling in for a new espresso bean would soon annoy me and I had a couple of lidos that grind pretty fast. I use a mazzer major.....I love it....looks like something off dr who. I use it for espresso, moka pot (and filter etc before it started upsetting my tummy). I can never understand how a lot of people make a big fuss that it’s hard to move from say espresso to filter.......it’s easy.....you just spin the dial......not even half a full turn....just record the number where you where etc....dead easy......same with the mazzer super jolly..... brilliant grinders. You soon get used to them in the kitchen. I just have a hand grinder to hand for holiday.

    You don’t need to spend a fortune.

    if I’m honest. I can see me buying both in the long run, I camp a lot (well I used to pre Covid19) And also like to brew up in the woods, so a hand grinder would certainly get used a lot. 
    but in honesty, I don’t tend to do things by half so will more than likely start saving my pennies. 

    thanks for the offer of the technivorm, it’s not quite what I’m looking for right now, I’m on the lookout for a classic Gaggia or a Sylvia and of course I’ve a grinder or two to save for

    thanks for your input Wuyang, greatly appreciated 

    57 minutes ago, Rapid said:

    @Dougieboy I've been in a similar place recently and is why I joined the forum a few weeks back. The difference is I was purely talking about filter as opposed to you wanting espresso down the line, so that very much changes the game of course. I learned a few things from trawling and also the very helpful replies from the guys on here. Also, I think our motivation for exploring hand grinder vs electric was probably similar....mine was thinking surely you'd have to pay a ridiculous amount to get equal quality to high end hand grinders. That was debuffed rather quickly for filter. With espresso on the other hand, everything seems to be so much more expensive! I guess because everything needs to be more precise. 

    So what did I learn? Electric is sooo much more convenient than filter. You may only use 30g a day. You may be completely ok with hand grinding but boy, after trying both recently I'm very glad I went electric. Second, very few electrics in particular can do excellent filter AND espresso. With aeropress, I would imagine you're looking more along the espresso speciality grinder as opposed to the other way around. I also learned in my research as you appear to have, that made by knock is probably the best bang for your buck. Don't read anything into the feld being out of stock, he's hand making them currently so every week (or two) he puts an announcement on his website to say when the next small batch is available. It you stay sharp you should be able to order one within a few weeks.

    On electric, I see pretty big consensus on the niche being very good price/performance for espresso. A good place to start is look if that works well for aeropress (I would imagine so). If it does, that may be a good avenue to investigate. This is obviously a fairly big leap from the feld but that's for you to decide. 

    Edit: I've just read @Wuyang's post and I think he makes some excellent points, particularly with dialling in espresso. I honestly think electric is the way to go but yeah - you'd have to pay a bit more for good results. 

    thank you for your in depth post. I really appreciate you taking the time. I think if I’m being totally honest, I will end up with an electric grinder also, she who must be obeyed will have to shift one of her many utensils 😂


    57 minutes ago, Rapid said:

    Having looked at precisely this recently, my conclusion was that you may as well just spend £100 on a Wilfa Svart for excellent price/performance. Why spend £70-80 on a Porlex hang grinder when you could have a Wilfa for a very similar price? I realise this is hypothetical and it's not what Dougie is looking at. 

    Thanks for your post Rapid, I’ll take a look at that one, however I will need a hand grinder too, time to start putting some pennies in the jar, I may need a bigger jar also

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  13. 12 minutes ago, jaffro said:

    Assuming you mean an espresso machine rather than a filter machine? Absolutely fine as long as you get something decent.

    Filter machines you can get away with a cheaper one. Espresso machine you'd need something higher end to get a good quality fine grind. 

    I was always surprised by the espresso I got from my Feldgrind, but haven't used it for espresso for ages because I have a Niche at home. The Feld is just for the office and travel, neither of which are happening these days! 

    Worth remembering that hand grinding for espresso can be a bit of effort. Maybe consider getting one with bigger burrs like a Feld47 or Kinu if you want to make espresso grinding quicker and easier. 

    Or just stick to something smaller if you want to develop some chonky arm muscles 😉

    Thanks for your reply Jaffro.

    I don’t mind spending on a decent Hand Grinder, if it will be able to grow with me. For now it would be used for Aeropress etc, but later I definitely want to purchase an espresso machine, so it would have to be able To grind for that. My wife and I only have one or two cups per day, so a hand grinder would certainly benefit us. As you say they can travel (one day, hopefully, maybe) and secondly be put away after use

    I’ve been looking at the Feld 47, it seems to be out of stock (I suppose that says a lot about the product) 

    Thanks again Jaffro, I’ll carry on trawling some older threads. God bless mate. 

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  14. Hello good people. I’ve been reading many threads and have really had my eyes opened somewhat. 

    Now I like a good Mug of Black coffee and I have decided that I want to grind some fresh beans in the hope of improving on instant.

    Looking at Grinders in general, I find them very ugly looking appliances, (with exception to the unbelievably expensive kind) of which I couldn’t justify. 

    my question really, is how well could a High end hand grinder live with a £500 electric machine. Obviously not in production but in quality of grinds?


    Thanks Guys. Dougie

  15. 6 minutes ago, facboy said:

    man do not get me started.  below tldr; someone taking the p*ss.

    i had one (3rd party on amazon) which to be fair did list a potentially long delivery time (3 weeks) which everybody was doing at the time.  nonetheless they marked it as dispatched the very next day, via regular RM, who have been pretty much as normal for me.

    a week later, as even with delays i'd have expected it to make the journey from Dorset to London within that time, i asked them whether they had generally been experiencing delays with RM.  reply, 'oh sorry, this will be sent out tomorrow'.  'why did you mark it dispatched then?'  no reply.  a week later i had to get Amazon to chase them to get them to respond, 'oh, there was a delay, if we can't track it down we'll ship another one in 24h'.  another 3 days and still no response, i told them to refund it, which they grudgingly did.

    Then got the item from Argos, which i picked up from the local Sainsbury the next day.

    I can certainly relate to that. They want your Money, even if they don’t have the stick. That was called theft when I was being raised 😂

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  16. 17 minutes ago, ratty said:

    Agree, two or three items I sent for elsewhere after the gauge order, have arrived already.

    I have had this happen from this seller before, in fact I mentioned it in a previous post in this thread, just as I put the order in. The previous times it happened. were pre-lockdown!

    He seems to have a monopoly on quite a few coffee items.

    The problem we have when purchasing from EBay, is that the whole feedback system is corrupt. If you leave Negative feedback, they come along and remove it. 😂

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  17. 38 minutes ago, ratty said:

    Postman's been and still no gauge!

    I've emailed the seller and got this generic reply, it seems it hasn't been updated for a while.

    Thank you for your message and we are sorry you have not received your order yet.
    We are receiving an unprecedented number of enquiries each day about the whereabouts of packages and want to reassure you that we are posting every day, except Saturdays when the post office is closed.
    The postal volumes are very high at the moment and Royal Mail is contending with severe staff shortages in many parts of the sorting and distribution network. It has been reported that they are currently working to clear the backlog of second class post.
    Some customers have reported to us that items are having taken around 14 days to be received (UK second class service). We have no information about the delay on international services, but delivery times are expected to be significantly extended.
    Please be patient, all items have been posted, and are on their way to you.


    You can’t help but think some retailers are taking advantage of the current situation. I’m in the Black Country, some parcels are taking 1 day to arrive whilst others seven. 14 days seems a stretch too far

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