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  1. Well I managed to house my swarm, only for them to swarm Again straight away, so I put them back in the hive for second time. They’re a lively Bunch to say the least. Checked on them this evening and they’ve calmed down a bit.
  2. Here we have a nice swarm which was collected last night. They will be going into a 14x12 National in a day or two (weather dependant) then the plan is to feed them up, treat them and get them strong for next season. Wish me luck guys
  3. I really appreciate the links, very interesting subject, thank you
  4. Oh yes, I’m with you now. I like the new red one they’re about to release.
  5. Is that the Sylvia you speak of Blue_cafe? I like prefer the look of these TBF
  6. Do people think the price might come down a bit now the world is moving more? What would we say is a good price for a refurb project in relatively good condition?
  7. I’m very interested in learning more about drone culling and introducing Brook gaps. Could you direct me to any literature on this Ss?
  8. I totally agree with this post SS, I spoke with an old Beek yesterday who puffed icing sugar into his hive and covered the bees, he said they shook and licked it and Veroa would be knocked off. Have you heard of such a technique? in terms of keeping Bees I’m very green but ide like to think I know right from wrong, and with the endless battles the bees have to contend with, we should be doing the very best for them. Dougie
  9. Just an update to this post. Looking around the usual places these rods tend to sell for £90 Im happy to let the pair go on this group for £120 Or as I say, I have cash if anyone has a part exchange One pair of iconic Daiwa Porky Pig Power 12’2” carbon heavy feeder rod, model code PP-XL122F, And 2Q in superb condition. 3 piece carbon fibre with black whipped lined guides, 24” flat butt cork handle with screw reel fitting, Diawa Made in Great Britain, an iconic feeder rod
  10. Pleased to meet you buddy, would love to see some pics of your apiary, how many hives are you running this year. It has been an interesting season. Well that looks very healthy, I don’t think you will have much trouble there. I’m intrigued about this study at Southampton uni, that sounds very interesting and points to human intervention being detrimental to the Bees. That wouldn’t surprise me at all
  11. I’ve been on a wild goose today collecting a swarm, sadly I was about five minutes too late. (Typical) There will be plenty more just now. All the best with your new (old) colony. will you treat and feed them for Varoa mite etc? All the best Batian, always nice to hear from a fellow Beek
  12. 2 Daiwa porky pigs, big method Rods £150 or part exchange with cash my sides for a nice Gaggia classic or Grinder. Any questions or if you need more pics just ask.
  13. Do you have a nice new hive for them to move into? Looks like I nice swarm. If your not keeping them you should contact the local beekeepers association, I’m sure they will have someone happy to take it treat it and house it
  14. I did watch this Apr1985 I was leaning in exactly the same way (comandante) but then at the end, he made a comment that if you owned any one of the above then you wouldn’t need to upgrade in his opinion. That left me feeling a bit undecided. Thanks for the post Apr1985 greatly appreciated Thanks Rob, I’ll take a look now, I appreciate your advice
  15. Interesting, and a good point you make about your bad shoulder, I have flare up of arthritis from time to time. Food for thought. thank you Cuprajake At this stage it was only for an Aeropress but I get the feeling I’m going to end up down a few “Rabbit holes” as they say. At the moment I’m drinking instant so I’ve many steps to take in my journey for a better coffee (currently littles Columbia) as recommend by James Hoffman. It’s certainly a step up from Nescafé but we can do better than that can’t we 😆 thank you for your input TSK much appreciated I quite agre
  16. I’ve searched many many threads, quite surprisingly you seem to be on most of them with some smart arsed comment or another. Your like a bad smell
  17. Thanks for your reply Jaffro. I don’t mind spending on a decent Hand Grinder, if it will be able to grow with me. For now it would be used for Aeropress etc, but later I definitely want to purchase an espresso machine, so it would have to be able To grind for that. My wife and I only have one or two cups per day, so a hand grinder would certainly benefit us. As you say they can travel (one day, hopefully, maybe) and secondly be put away after use I’ve been looking at the Feld 47, it seems to be out of stock (I suppose that says a lot about the product) Thanks again Jaffro, I’ll
  18. Hello good people. I’ve been reading many threads and have really had my eyes opened somewhat. Now I like a good Mug of Black coffee and I have decided that I want to grind some fresh beans in the hope of improving on instant. Looking at Grinders in general, I find them very ugly looking appliances, (with exception to the unbelievably expensive kind) of which I couldn’t justify. my question really, is how well could a High end hand grinder live with a £500 electric machine. Obviously not in production but in quality of grinds? Thanks Guys. Dougie
  19. I’ll take the rhino if it’s available
  20. I can certainly relate to that. They want your Money, even if they don’t have the stick. That was called theft when I was being raised 😂
  21. The problem we have when purchasing from EBay, is that the whole feedback system is corrupt. If you leave Negative feedback, they come along and remove it. 😂
  22. You can’t help but think some retailers are taking advantage of the current situation. I’m in the Black Country, some parcels are taking 1 day to arrive whilst others seven. 14 days seems a stretch too far
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