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  1. Really interesting thanks, I've been drinking 18g in - 36g out and grinding to an extraction lasting around 24-26 seconds where it's been tastiest to me, I tried coarsening to around 30 seconds and above, pulled 18-38 but I started losing the acid notes. Really enjoyed this many thanks
  2. This is correct on my Verona the pressure gauge drops to zero when turned off. Good luck with sorting this you've get the big guns helping you
  3. Loved DD but I kept getting wiped out without making much progress, it is a brilliant game but I'm quite obviously terrible at it.
  4. Got a PS5 yesterday from a preorder, it's all very well done and everything is very shiny. Set up was very quick and simple and then straight into Demons Souls and Astro Playroom which shows off the new controller's capabilities very well. Forgot that if you have PS+ when you get a PS5 you get access to the PS4 greats which is basically my entire PS4 backlog for free, GoW, Days Gone (which I started and is good dumb fun), Persona 5 there is months of gaming in there if you didn't exhaust the PS4 library. Still feels weird to have a PlayStation launching without a Wipeout title, so
  5. Signed up at the website, don't know if my note with my username might have got lost while I was checking out in which case my order # is 1118, many thanks.
  6. Sounds like fun: 1. filthynines 2. simontc 3. steffanjtaylor 4. tsouthwell 5. ZiggyMarley 6. Ozzyjohn 7. Samalang 8. indraastra 9. ArkellvsPressdram 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  7. I've no idea where it's from but it's delicious as an espresso, 18gms in 36gms out in 25-27 seconds. Came out medium bodied with some chocolatey notes and some kind of gentle acid overtones I can't quite identify. I might coarsen the grind a tiny bit on the next one see how that affects the flavour, interested to see if that would bring out the acidic aspects a little more. It makes a lovely moreish coffee, actually holding its own against Crown and Canvas "Red de Mujeres" in my household, which I cannot stop drinking atm.
  8. Wow your life basically maps the birth and growth of the games industry, you must have witnessed some historic stuff. You were at psygnosis in the wipeout era, wipeout may be the single biggest reason i started playing PlayStation and i can stick each sequel to different points in my life. Hell i can do that with each wipeout tracklist, which is still one of my most played tracklists on spotify. The end of studio liverpool really stung, but i just don't believe that wipeout itself is completely over. But that must be only one of goodness knows how many great games you worked on, your post just
  9. Has any LSOL bean made it past one month, wouldn't happen in this house. In the past couple of months I've resolved to wait then immediately cracked as soon as people started posting about how great the coffee is.
  10. Yes it is a lot, I had some professional involvement with the games industry a few years back and the old habits just stuck I guess. I've had a Switch for a few years and the PC build is as much for a general purpose PC, I don't actually play many games on PC but it's nice to know I can.
  11. PS5 arriving on launch day, first gen when I won't have an xbox at launch there are no games related reasons to buy the console now imo. Halo is delayed and I'm not interested in gamepass, I only play a few games and I'm perfectly happy to buy them. Demons Souls is reason enough for me to buy PS5, Switch is maturing into a wonderful games platform and when the new gen of graphics cards actually become available at retail, I'll build a gaming PC. Next gen Xbox has got to drop a few jaw dropping exclusives before I consider it and the competition is not leaving a lot of wiggle room in the near
  12. They deliver to the UK, RIP your wallet https://eu.marcolini.com/en/shop/
  13. Tried a lot of the boutiques and I think Marcolini is as good as I've tasted anywhere, the grand crus selections for single origin is very good. An easy gift if you're treating someone, even if I've bought Marcolini for someone before they're always happy to get it again. It's expensive but so good you momentarily forget the price when you're eating the stuff.
  14. Looks like a good offer thanks Mark and DavecUK, do the replacement filters have an expiry date? I'm tempted but they might be sitting around for a few months before use.
  15. 1. MinesAbeer2. Jason113. nicd4. Akp5. ArkellvsPressdram
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