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  1. As a short fix, microwave!!! Weigh milk and blast for 40 seconds. Try cortado. Try 50 seconds and adjust if milk to hot/cold. Just a thought if overheating is problem!!! I alwss as us thought cortado was warmed milk not steamed. Just a though[emoji41][emoji41]
  2. Aeropress is about all I can comment on. You’ve taken it apart, washed and dried it all. It won’t push down????? Strange. There’s nothing to stop it really. Most common problem is pushing in too easily and not making a seal. Any pictures???
  3. Just used it in French press with Hoffman style brew. Much better than my aeropress attempts. More chocolate less bitter [emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2]
  4. It’s a shames really that such a good story gets in the way of the truth[emoji2957][emoji2957][emoji2957] I wonder how many more stories are out there where people have no idea that they’re false?????
  5. I think I’ve just about hit my toe in the water!!! I like a thick heavy mouth feel sweet coffee! I used to think I had to go dark roast but am going lighter. I find sour a problem to get rid of! Been trying cortado style with aeropress snd much less, in fact no sour, but that’s the milk. I tend to go for washed process although the present one is the black cat anaerobic one and it’s fighting me a bit!! At £19 a kilo I’m fighting back[emoji2957]
  6. Feld47 owners, what setting are you at for espresso please. I sit at 1:8 to 1:3 for aeropress but I’m still fumbling about in the dark at times. Other thing I have noticed is different grind effort required for lighter/darker roasts!! Darker will be so much easier.
  7. How nice to see the Postie today. Bills and coffee[emoji851][emoji851][emoji851]. First brew is.....well, still brewing! Aeropress, lots of gassing off. Looked like soapy bubbles. Great aroma from ground coffee. Hope I can do it justice. Decanted into various Airscape containers and weighed as I went. Extra special thanks [email protected] for my 504g [emoji3590][emoji3590][emoji3590]
  8. I’ve had beans in 3 days from David but once it was over a week. Out of his hands and up to the Postie now! Nothing today. I’ll open and pop into airscape containers so I’ll have a cup as soon as it arrives!!! [emoji7]
  9. I’ve no idea what to expect as I never get the tasting notes!!! [emoji851]. Been [email protected] beans since getting a nice lockdown hand grinder and never bedd egg n disappointed. Really looking forward to this one as I bought it primarily on price but with the firm knowledge that I won’t be disappointed [emoji120][emoji120]
  10. It popped up on my marketplace due to previous searches I think. Listed ‘coffee grinder’. No connections just a heads up for my fellow coffee geeks[emoji2][emoji2][emoji2]
  11. There’s a Mazzer super jolly timer popped up on my Facebook marketplace. It’s £200 in Aberdeen. I’ve no connection just obviously through my previous searches it came up!!!
  12. Mine bottom out at 10 which I finally concluded was -2. Then there was a post and reference to 1) burrs being level v 2) burrs bottomed out!!! If you take the burrs to level then look, see what number it is. Bottoming out could actually be going negative [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve seen stalls at Christmas markets selling all these flavoured coffee’s. Rum and raisin, whisky etc!!! They probably use a cheap generic bean and goodness knows how long they’ve sat after roasting. Seems to be legal!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Feld47 or aergrind twice[emoji3526] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Muslin is so expensive[emoji12]. So, one square of kitchen paper in a sieve. Pour in yoghurt. Longer it stays, thicker it gets[emoji23]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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