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  1. Hi, yes, it is definitely a large basket. I just went back to basics and tried again with a much coarser grind (otherwise the water cannot push through) and about 24g of coffee and I’m getting good results (very sweet espresso) with about 40 to 50g of espresso put in about 30 seconds.
  2. Hi, Sorry, it is a long post but I did say 18g of coffee (ground) about 25 to 30 seconds extraction time and about 40ml to 50ml of espresso (not sure of weight).
  3. Hello, I have had a Rancilio Rocky & Silvia for about 13 years and was pretty good at making espresso and cappuccino. We upgraded both a week ago but I am finding it the transition to my new R NINE ONE and Atom Eureka difficult. It’s a big step up! It has a very big portafilter and the manual suggests filling it so that when tamped it is up to the line inside. I have obviously read extensively here and online that 18g is a good starting point for filling it’s hopper and I think it would be a good 25g or more to fill that hopper unless ground very coarse. If I do fill it so that i
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