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  1. Chamy does look interesting but unwise they had some more details and news about it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Two grinder set up is the answer, imo. I’m not parting with my Niche but I’m for sure getting a big flat to pair with it is all I’m saying Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Nautilus (98mm) will be around €3000 and €2400 for the 75mm, without VAT for those perfectly aligned SSP burrs
  4. Regarding something announced or are we being hush-hush? Personally I’m waiting on the new Titus grinders and more specifically the 75mm one, but that’s 2021 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. I do like the MC3 and was thinking of actually waiting on the MC4, not sure if the price will go up or not. I’m more leaning towards flats for espresso hence the SSP HU need. As to learning to like light roasts that might be true, it’s not that I don’t like them but it’s that I can’t really pull good shots with them compared to the medium and above on my La Pavoni. I really doubt that when I get a Londinium Compact (hopefully it comes out finally) later this year, much will change with those roasts and the NZ. This is why I feel that a good big flat with SSP HU will do good for me for both light to medium-dark roasts. Other idea is to hold on to the NZ as I’m questioning how much of a taste jump the MC3/MC4 would produce for the medium and above roast and get a Lagom p64 for the light to medium-light roasts with SSP HU and have something decent for both roast types but I really want to be done with the grinders and not feel that I can do better in a year so who knows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thinking about the Mono Flat + SSP HU. Currently owning a Niche Zero and I drink mainly espresso with preference to medium to medium-dark roasts. Anyone having both grinders that can share anything? Is it worth the upgrade to a bigger flat burr if I’m not that keen on lighter roasts?
  7. Very nice! How much do you feel that the wood handles improved the taste? Jokes aside, awesome job on the thing. I'm hesitant to get a PKK as its 80% of the price I payed for my Euro and I am looking at the bigger levers down the road this year. Since I sold my E61 I got it as a "espresso delivery system" until the bigger lever but I'm slowly getting to really really enjoy the machine and the shots I'm producing so who knows! I did order IMS shower screen and basket as well as a bottomless portafilter tho! How are you liking the basket? 14-16 grams or?
  8. Only reason I’m not with a QM Veloce or a Pro 800 is because I’m waiting on it. Hopefully it’s sooner then later this year. 1.Thecatlinux 2. Jimbojohn55 pft 3. VivaLaTank 4. Joey24 5. Jon Foster (2) 6. Stanic 7. Batian 8. Mr Kirk 9. KTD 10. Lozzer87 11. Eklektik
  9. I might be a bit out of my depths here but the 58mm group size was never a standard as it is now. Most of these old school lever machines chose a different size for their particular needs, for some of them before the E61 and 58mm gh was a thing. I’m also eyeing the Odyssey espresso OE-1 for the exact same reason as the LC - a small direct fill 58mm spring lever group.
  10. I'm really looking forward to the LC. Have put my Rocket Ap on sale and I hope that the LC is my first lever in the not too distant future. Was looking out for the LR but now the LR24 is out of my budget. I hope the LC is not plumb only or something crazy to cut expense. I also hope the NZ is a good grinder to pair with the LC but I have read that conical are preferred for medium/medium-dark roasts which levers do wonderful with and I tend to get those roasts more.
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