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  1. Cheers! The Mythos is amazing! It’s very consistent and super easy to use. I’ve not regretted it one bit even considering the outlay for it. Oh yeah I may drop you a pm. I tried doing the ‘slayer mod’ on it but the pipe going to the hot water spigot seemed to be seized in place and I was looking for a new pipe to bypass it but couldn’t seem to find the one I needed and one which was on this side of the world [emoji23]
  2. Does anyone know if any other brand of portafilters will fit the dual boiler? I’ve got a standard spouted one, but fancy a bottomless one. Sage do sell them but they are pretty pricy, any alternatives out there?
  3. I find that I can just about squeeze 20 grams in, depends on how big the beans are though! Capacity’s fine for when I make aeropress or v60, although if I’m making a chemex for more than 1 person I have to grind more than once. Cracking littler grinder and I love how you can pretty much fully disassemble it in seconds making it super easy to clean.
  4. Sounds like a good plan! I’ve got the 1zpresso Q2 and it’s a great little hand grinder, I managed to get it on AliExpress for 75 and it more than copes with aeropress, v60 and Chemex. Although if you did go for a Jx then if/when you ventured into espresso you could easily keep using the grinder. I maybe wrong but sounds like an ideal next step.
  5. It all started with a Delonghi Dedica about a year ago, then I finally got round to upgrading from my cheapo Krups grinder to a eureka mignon manuale in the summer of 2020, after various mods on the Dedica, the main being to a non-pressurised, bottomless portafilter, I got the bug for a new machine. Sage dual boiler seemed the next logical step in my mind given the price-to-goodies on the machine ratio, and the opportunity to be able to mod it to pressure profile in the future. After a few weeks searching I came across a well looked after Sage DB, which I snapped up for a decent p
  6. Hi, I’ve not got anything to swap. But if you were considering selling it, if know one has one to swap then I maybe interested. Cheers [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. My dedica doesn't do a bad job of making espresso with the non pressurised basket installed! 😀
  8. I've got a mignon manuale and its great! I think it retails at £250? Great for single dosing if you don't mind the extra time involved. 😀
  9. All sorted now chaps. Thank you for all the advice! I went for a Mignon manuale off @BlackCatCoffee in the end. Pretty excited to have a play about with it! Although that's not to say a hand grinder is totally ruled out, it's definitely on the list to get at some point! N+1 and all that (not sure if its the same with coffee stuff, as it is with bikes!) 🤪
  10. @ChilledMatt ; that’s interesting to hear, it is a nice looking little grinder, I may well give it a punt. Although I’m not desperate so will keeping all options open for the moment. Does look good though! [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. @BlackCatCoffee Oo I may be interested, how much would you be looking for? It also depends on if I nab a grinder later, got my eye on a rancilio md50 but depends on how much the price rises 😊
  12. @Skizz Oo okay, i'll keep an eye out! I think even if i don't get a hand grinder this time round I will definitely pick on up in the foreseeable future. You seem to get a lot of value for money.
  13. Sounds like a good option to be fair! Think that maybe the route to go down if a mignon or similar doesn't pop up.
  14. @Jony Its main purpose will be espresso so at home mainly, but if it can cope with filter than will be a bonus! I've got a cheap amazon hand grinder at the mo which I use for V60, Chemex and aeropress fairly successfully.
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