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  1. Hi apologies for late response. I have indeed ventured down the road and purchased a gaggia classic and niche zero. I have to say I have not looked back. The difference between Nespresso and fresh beans is night and day. In fact my brother who purchased a B2C machine is now considering a similar setup to mine.
  2. Naked portafilter added to the list. Thanks. It’s a new machine and will be accompanied with a niche zero.
  3. Ahh yes forgot to mention I already purchased a niche zero. Should get it out if it’s box I guess. Forgot about the steam wand upgrade but I think I’ll wait for that one. Use the existing one first for practice. I am a latte drinker to be honest. So I’ll start looking for a decent tamper to start with.
  4. Hi All So am i soon to be an owner of a gaggia classic, however it is not due to arrive for a week or so. Before it arrives i was wondering if there are any essential items i should invest in while i wait for its arrival. Some of things i have on my list are. OPV mod milk jug? any good ones for latte art portafilter baskets? any ones i should def get? i was thinking of getting one that would hold at least 19g. Tamper/distributor? any particular ones that are good? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks all My Gaggia classic now isnt arriving until end of October possibly maybe even into beginning november so based on fact i shouldnt use the beans straight away ill wait until next week before i order any.
  6. Hi All I normally drink Costa (don't hate me) but having recently acquired a niche zero and soon to be Gaggia classic. Any good bean recommendations for a regular costa drinker Thanks RT
  7. ok thats interesing to know. Learning everyday
  8. interesting you say 16g dose. how comes you only use 16g and not 19g like a lot of people use ...i think.
  9. Hi All So my Niche Zero arrived about a week ago and just managed to get it out of the box, awaiting my arrival of the gaggia classsic pro. I had a general question for a new user. Is there a go to grind setting to start with? i appreciate all beans are different etc, but is there like a bench mark for espresso say start at a particular grind setting and go from there? Thanks RT
  10. ahh ok thats interesting so i better resolve my research fast then, especially now as xmas is going to be spent sitting at home drinking coffee
  11. Just to update, NicheZero ordered waiting for November delivery. I have time to search for machine now. I was actually thinking do many machines actually get reduced on black Friday? does anyone know if the gaggia classic get reduced for black Friday? for some reason i suspect not, i'm also concerned about the whole lockdown situation with shortage of supplies etc..
  12. Thanks for the above however would you really buy a Sage Barrista Express plus niche if the BE already has a built in grinder. Why not just get a bambino plus niche. i guess this would happen on any forum. Different points of view and I appreciate them very much. It’s made me think twice about the gaggia. As a starter it might be a good idea to try and pick up a bambino plus and then spend the extra money on a grinder. Learn a bit with a cheaper machine then decide further down the line. This way I get speed and also the ability to use beans and experiment thank you all for yo
  13. That’s really informative thanks. It’s funny because the bambino was the original machine I looked at in June too. But after dithering and researching I decided against it mostly something to do with baskets and not getting the right baskets with the purchase and also the size of the baskets are not standard if I remember right ? Should the basket size be a concern as everyone talks about 58m and the sage are different right ?
  14. That’s interesting feedback. I thought the warm up times of a gaggia classic were around 20 mins or so. Didn’t realise it was around 40 min mark. That could destroy a moment of oh I fancy a quick coffee to take with me. Do most machines that are not BTC take that much time to warm up ? Are there any machines that say take around 5 min ? Or does that not exist ?
  15. Now thats what im envisaging for myself however with the added process of milk steaming
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