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  1. ahh ok thats interesting so i better resolve my research fast then, especially now as xmas is going to be spent sitting at home drinking coffee
  2. Just to update, NicheZero ordered waiting for November delivery. I have time to search for machine now. I was actually thinking do many machines actually get reduced on black Friday? does anyone know if the gaggia classic get reduced for black Friday? for some reason i suspect not, i'm also concerned about the whole lockdown situation with shortage of supplies etc..
  3. Thanks for the above however would you really buy a Sage Barrista Express plus niche if the BE already has a built in grinder. Why not just get a bambino plus niche. i guess this would happen on any forum. Different points of view and I appreciate them very much. It’s made me think twice about the gaggia. As a starter it might be a good idea to try and pick up a bambino plus and then spend the extra money on a grinder. Learn a bit with a cheaper machine then decide further down the line. This way I get speed and also the ability to use beans and experiment thank you all for yo
  4. That’s really informative thanks. It’s funny because the bambino was the original machine I looked at in June too. But after dithering and researching I decided against it mostly something to do with baskets and not getting the right baskets with the purchase and also the size of the baskets are not standard if I remember right ? Should the basket size be a concern as everyone talks about 58m and the sage are different right ?
  5. That’s interesting feedback. I thought the warm up times of a gaggia classic were around 20 mins or so. Didn’t realise it was around 40 min mark. That could destroy a moment of oh I fancy a quick coffee to take with me. Do most machines that are not BTC take that much time to warm up ? Are there any machines that say take around 5 min ? Or does that not exist ?
  6. Now thats what im envisaging for myself however with the added process of milk steaming
  7. ok so im kind of getting the point of BTC to be a more convenient for poeple but does that mean i have to be a coffee expert to appreciate grinder/machine. Baring in mind iv only really had the likes of Costa/Starbucks. Does it really take a long time to use a grinder/machine.... this was another debate i had with my brothers it cant take more than 5 minutes to make a latte surely even if you were grinding beans seperately.
  8. Hi All Been a lurker for many a months, mostly for reseach as most people tend to have the same first question. Ever since Lockdown i do miss my morning Costa Coffee....im more of a latte drinker as opposed to espresso drinker. I have been having debates with my brothers for a while now about how to best replace this coffee experience as we all have nespresso machines, dont get me wrong i think they are great but i dont feel like its the same experience as a coffee from a barista regardless of what George Clooney thinks. As a beginner i now understand the most important part
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