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  1. I know the feeling. I make what (to me) tastes like nice espresso. better than some of the local cafes but I’d say something maybe lacking when compared to specialty cafe coffee..... always questioning if I can get more out of the beans or is it just a different bean they use that tastes nicer to me ?!? as you say, rabbit hole. But as long as it’s enjoyable that’s the main thing I guess
  2. I have the wilfa uniform for brews (and specialita for espresso) and can’t fault it. Super easy to adjust and given I switch between beans and that I switch between larger batches and single person brews (pour over, aeropress, french press, filter depending on mood) it’s easy enough to switch between methods/beans and consistent when returning to a previous setting. Suppose it depends if you can justify the additional outlay for convenience. But as MWJB says, if you’re not doing that you probably don’t need to be constantly adjusting so it may offer no additional convenience.....
  3. Very impressed with the crank house didn’t get the grind quite right for a pour over for the Ethiopian - bit too fine causing bitterness but definitely some nice undertone in the cup. Feel it has a lot more to offer in terms of fruitiness
  4. I'm fairly new to the world of espresso and would tend to drink filter / pour over style if I wasn't doing a milk based drink...... but in terms of Americano I pull a normal shot (18g in 36g out) and add about 180ml water (more because that's how much will fit in the glass in terms of topping up). my thinking is, "I've dialed in my grinder to pull a shot that I believe tastes good and adding water so that its a bigger drink". Keen to hear what others do
  5. I’ve had one by this farmer, can’t remember the name but something like “Diego Samuel competition lot” was very sweet and definitely my favourite I’ve ever had. Flavour profile described as “skittles”, keen to get hold of it again
  6. yes, the line up of machines behind is interesting, should be a good video coming soon
  7. Thanks for the input so far. Feel I’m really struggling with this one, as seem to have made things worse tried grinding finer with a preinfusion and pulling a longer ratio. Something like 17g in, 50g out over about 40 seconds but definitely got channeling which had never been an issue before (with any previous beans). And I thought preinfusion helps stop channeling given a more even flow through the puck (?) so now I’m questioning whether my puck prep is now sub optimal. Having said that flavour seems improved so wondering if I’m worrying unnecessarily?? I’ll stick with the above
  8. @dfk41 I think you are right. They definitely also have another side to the business that converts vehicles into mobile coffee vans etc. Might be worth trying them again regarding their coffee, I’ve had plenty of coffee from black cats thanks to this forum as well as rave which I’ve been really happy with but definitely found gold box to be on par and my favourite coffees have been from their. can I ask if you get your coffee from anywhere local or from one of the forum sponsors? (Always keen to try new places)
  9. Bit off topic but have you tried gold box roastery. Local to you in the sense it’s based in the town centre. Right by centre for life. Excellent coffee, best I’ve had from the local roasters in Newcastle. currently shut for walk ins but do delivery good luck with finding a grinder etc
  10. That would explain it! I have it set on a smart plug so not usually up and downstairs to witness the initial heat up. I saw it at 117C this morning and was worried but that now makes sense. Thank you. I must have missed that point in DavecUKs review but reassuring to know it’s normal thanks again
  11. i've noticed a few times that on first power up in the morning (in economy mode) the brew boiler can overheat above target temp. i've noticed it seems to coincide with when the water tank is running low on water but not low enough for the low water alarm (maybe 1/3 or 1/4 left in it). This usually resolves either with a flush of the group or the hot water tap (would this be pretty much the same process when steam boiler is off anyway??) as this drops the temp then it seems to stabilise following this. Just wondering if this is normal, as it doesn't bother me, but want to make sure its not a
  12. Hi there. I’ve been happily using a lelit Elizabeth since January for espressos and latte type drinks and been getting results that I am happy with. First time having a proper espresso machine so took some time to get used to dialling in but as I say happy with results now and quite happy dialling in for new beans when required. This morning I tried a new light roast coffee by Rave, Colombia Villamaria Natural No 103. 18g dose with 38g output but took about 33 seconds and came out more sour than anything. Normally my shots are dialled in the pull the same ratios at about 26-28 secon
  13. Did you purge the grinder after the old beans? Sounds like you might just be retaining a lot of the old grounds and hence the shot is completely different. usually have to purge a few grams whenever changing beans or grind setting to ensure all of that dose is of the same consistency
  14. @Ando mirror Round Circular Mirror Disc 25 SIZES TO CHOOSE - Silver Circular Acrylic Mirror Round Wall Safety Wedding Table Centre Stand Mirror (65mm) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00PQN0FPG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_N3E0ZQGASFN9VS1TG7ZC?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 phone mount for car Mpow Upgraded Magnetic Car Phone Holder,Dashboard Car Phone Mount,Mini Magnetic Stylish Metal Phone Holder for iPhone https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FBVCFF1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_XPAXJ4GX3Y7F3F2WXS7W?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  15. @Zoltan thanks for the idea, love the look
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