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  1. I’m having a similar issue. Pressure spiking to 11-12 bar at times before slowly dropping . Sometimes perfectly set at 9 bar. Happens with coffee or blind basket. Tried reducing opv to 9 bar while running a blank basket. At the time was fine but then about an hour later when pulling a shot spiking up to 11 bar. Really don’t understand what’s happening
  2. I’ll get a video done in the morning. But yes, as you describe, no preinfusion what so ever but getting a higher pressure with coffee which jumps up to about 11 bar and slowly drops to around 9 bar. Sometimes under. However with a blind basket, Hits and holds 9 bar. It’s only started happening recently as was not an issue before. Initially I thought a dialling in issue (think you’ve replied to me on my other post) but now not so sure. As you say, doesn’t seem to make sense
  3. I’m also having this issue, where I am often getting close to 11-12 bar of pressure when pulling a shot but only ever hit 9 bar with blind basket. Keen to hear what people think…. I had wondered if I was grinding too fine and therefore getting high pressure (but also getting lots of channeling) but couldn’t work out how this would be possible assuming the opv ensures 9 bar when using blind basket….bit stumped
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Balloon-Mixed-Colours-Latex-Colour/dp/B0932CYQYB/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?adgrpid=60191230020&dchild=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwk4yGBhDQARIsACGfAevSyLdIq37eLfSwFpOsP0uAbPmE_S-pQtR6uewpxVqgRm-45_4hOycaAp3TEALw_wcB&hvadid=498964113010&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1006688&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=4147870587831634667&hvtargid=kwd-95395783&hydadcr=170_2344420&keywords=foot+pump&qid=1623404038&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExMzY4SURKNTJVN1hSJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNTkxNzgxMjM5MVFQOVVPSVJONiZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwNDIyNjkyMldCQlpNRlBJW
  5. Might be a little off topic, but other than wiping and purging the steam wand after steaming milk, are there any other essentials to be carried out? I typically unscrew the nozzle and clean that fairly regularly but should I be doing anything in addition for the internals of the wand itself? (Using lelit Elizabeth) doing all the other cleaning advice listed above for the group etc thanks
  6. Looks like a Facile or manuale. Can’t speculate why it’s branded like that though
  7. You could get a eureka mignon facile for £250 I believe which is espresso fo used. Not sure if there is really any difference in burrs. There was definitely a thread discussing that but I think more the point being it’s not got a ground collection “tub” but rather ports filter forks do you could grind directly into the portafilter for espresso
  8. I ended up just tightening the grind a bit finer. Seemed to resolve the sourness issue and surprisingly pressure settled at 9bar as opposed to jumping up to near 12. No idea why that’s happened but glad it has resolved. Also shot “looked” better although I appreciate people saying that’s not the best indication of anything. thanks again
  9. Thank you. I'll try 72g output and see what that's like first to see what i get then try going finer as you have suggested for a 1:2 ratio. Hopefully this sheds some light and I'll report back Thanks again
  10. Well, that’s my query. As I am much finer than normal with this bean but hitting a near 3:1 ratio in under 30 seconds when typically I’d dial in a shot with what tastes good to me at a 2:1 ratio usually around the 28-32 second mark @MWJB by “running fast” I mean that I was hitting desired output weight of 38 grams in close to 20 seconds and it was on watching what the bottomless portafilter looked like, with the “thin” looking flow in the above picture, with very sporadic patches of flow that something seems wrong compared to normal. Coupled with the 11-12bar pressure I’m getting I’m just
  11. Hoping to pick people's brains a bit more on this. When doing a backflush I was hitting bang on 9 bar (so have left the OPV alone),so in respect to hitting about 11-12 when pulling shots with this new bean I'm presuming I have ground too fine. I did tighten the grind a bit more as suggested given the shot running fast (eureka specialita, from 1 on the dial to about 0.75, my zero point being about -1) but this had little affect if any and shot still ran fast. Am I right in thinking that i may be creating lots of channeling given how fine the grind is and thats why its running fast or should
  12. Fairly sure the instruction manual directs you to have many litres you are recommended to flush through. Think it’s 10L but could be wrong. I seem to remember having to refill the external tank at least once. Could have been more though
  13. Is that a Matt black finish? Looks awesome. I had to go with white to keep the other half happy
  14. thanks for the input. I had thought about turning down the OPV but I know when I first got it back in January that it definitely was hitting 9 Bar. Im just not sure how recently it has also been hitting 11Bar and whether it has something to do with failing to dial in this particular bean or unrelated.
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