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  1. How about keeping your eyes open for a Londinium L1 on this forum? I managed to get one a few months ago (1,200) and since then a few more lever machines have come up.
  2. I was in a similar position a few months ago. I was initially thinking about a large flat burr grinder (possibly a Ceado - but it was a bit pricey - maybe a Eureka) and a nice double boiler (the ECM Synchronika came to mind). Then I started getting bitten by the lever bug and spoke to Reiss (who makes them) about a Londinium. Then the price of Londiniums doubled in a couple of weeks! I was considering a Profitec 800 (which I think is an underrated machine) but some secondhand lever machines (a QM which I was thinking about, then an LI and then a Cremina) came up on this forum. I b
  3. It’s the parasites that they carry that can cause problems. There was a young Aussie who ate one for a dare - he’s still paralysed. https://www.livescience.com/61957-teen-paralyzed-after-eating-slug.html
  4. Picked up yesterday by the wife - I just have to figure out how to get it over the the Middle East. It was extremely clean - Susan's comment was "I don't think its been used at all" Thanks again and I am looking forward to pairing it with the Niche.
  5. Hello. I would like to offer asking price (1,200) for this. I'm based in the Middle East - but the wife is in London and taking our eldest up to Edinburgh next week so I can arrange for her to pick it up in a week.
  6. A blast from the past. I did as well. I had a Gaggia and bought ground coffee. I was going to get a Rocky Rancillo. And then I had children! Wasn't there a guy called CakeBoy or similar who was a mod/ran it?
  7. As I have posted elsewhere I was considering the LR earlier this year and was discussing the precise details with Reiss when in the space of (it seems!) a few weeks it went from 2,250 to 2,750 and then 3,080 (3,700 if VAT is included - and yes I understand it became the LR24). The new cheap one (the Compresa) doesn't fit my needs as it needs a water connection but the Compact would do me nicely - as others have pointed out timetable is the issue. Thecatlinux Jimbojohn55 pft VivaLaTank Joey24 Jon Foster (2) Stanic PJCT (Patrick)
  8. It is above your budget (by 10%) but may I suggest that you consider a Profitec 600. It has many of the benefits of it's "big brothers" from ECM and Profitec with not too many drawbacks. The savings appear to have been made (to my mind) in sensible areas: - Vibration (rather than Rotary) pump; and - PID on brew boiler only. It is GBP1,699 from bellabarista (but out of stock like many machines). Heat up time will be longer than non E61 DB machines.
  9. I was looking at a LR earlier this month and speaking to Reiss about the specs (upgraded shower screen etc.). The price was at that time was GBP2,228 excl VAT. Given I am in the Middle East it was (sort of) the same price as a Profitec 800 to me (once VAT savings and delivery costs included). It then became the LR24 and went up to 2,750 and I was looking for more information on what was included - and then it went up to 3,080. I spoke to Reiss about the price increases - and very fairly he offered me the option of ordering the LR24 at 2,750. However it was just a little too much for m
  10. Shukran for the reply. I'm in Jubail - where are you? Yes there are a few of suppliers in Saudi but at the moment they do not have much stock and, particularly with the recent VAT increase, it seems to be cheaper to import from abroad. Qavashop is another one. There are some increasingly good coffee places here which realise that coffee need not tasted like overheated milkshakes. I have had a couple of chats with Reiss about a Londinium R but the (excl. VAT) price leapt up by first GBP500 then GBP300 to GBP3,080 (and it became an LR24), which makes it very expensive compared t
  11. My story. I started a long time (20 years?) ago with a Gaggia classic and pre ground coffee. London water, became scaled, gave it away, love and marriage and moved to cafetieres + mokka pots. I briefly looked at getting back into espressos (does anyone remember toomuchcoffee.com? I was thinking of a Mazzer and La Spaziale) but the time and expense of three children got in the way. We had a bean to cup machine for a bit, then bought a Sage single boiler and built in grinder. With too much COVID time on my hands I recently started thinking about upgrading. Very quickly I decided u
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