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  1. So finally got everything setup and pulled the first few shots. Still waiting for my VST basket to arrived so been using the lelit basket. Managed to get some fairly decent shots out already which is great. Tried one with pre infusion which completely failed so need to check my settings there. But very impressed so far. And steam wand is another level (or 3!) on the barista express!
  2. It is and it’s arrived! Unfortunately not going to be home till later but nice knowing it’s waiting for me! 😀
  3. just had my FedEx delivery confirmation through for the Elizabeth so looks like those of us with preorders will be getting a welcome delivery tomorrow!
  4. Another soon to be Elizabeth owner here having just placed a preorder. Will be paired with a Niche. Looking forward to exploring all the features. Like a few others here upgrading from a Sage BE and having seen the big improvements from switching to the Niche can’t wait to pair this with the Elizabeth.
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