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  1. Thanks for the replies. I managed to get one from eBay (the name was misspelled so didn’t come up initially) Interesting about the buy of Baratza. Maybe a new one is on the horizon.
  2. Does anyone know why the Sage Smart Grinder Pro is out of stock everywhere? (I'm in UK). Is there a stock issue, a new version coming or just COVID related? Even on Ebay there's not much out there. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I didn't specify what I had as I thought it might be a flat no, or simple yes. Coffee is never that simple eh? 😀 I have a Gaggia classic 2007, with PID and pressure set to 9 bar. It came with a bottomless portafilter but not the original, also an 18g VST basket. I've had it a few months now and I stripped the whole thing down and descaled it and kept it in good condition. I got it with a MC2 but I really didn't get on with it and I wanted a grinder to do pour over. I watched James Hoffman and saw the review for the Wilfa. I figured that as I d
  4. Hi, I may burn in coffee hell for this question, but can I buy a pressurised basket to put in a bottomless portafilter? I'm really struggling to get consistent shots and I can't be bothered to keep wasting coffee and or time. I just want a half decent shot and I don't care about the finer control. I also changed my grinder to a Wilfa and although it will go to Espresso fine, it's not got a lot of control. I got all my kit from eBay so don't have the original portafilter. Ideally I'd keep my existing set up in case I change my mind, but this idea seemed like a way to just
  5. The advice I found elsewhere on here, to unearth and turn on until the water got expelled, worked. Machine all up and running. Now if only I could actually pull a good shot
  6. So I've cleaned it all but I might have made some critical errors. The video I watched was not very clear and I ended up soaking most of the boiler in citric acid, instead of just pouring water in it. Now when I turn it on, it trips the RCD. I've read a way that might work to dry it out, which I'm hoping works! Hopefully I'm not looking at a new boiler!
  7. I was going to do a full service descale but it looked clean inside the machine, I guess it's build up inside the boiler? I might just take it all apart tomorrow. I'm new to this but I watched a service video and seemed pretty easy. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I've bought a second hand Gaggia Classic and I've been cleaning it up. I've done a descale and I'm still getting particles of descaler and other unidentified bits either trapped behind the shower plate or just coming out of the wand. I've ran through 3-4 tanks of water and can't seem to get rid of it all. edit: I have removed the shower plate btw Any advice? Thanks
  9. Thanks, I've ended up getting a good deal on both a Gaggia and Iberital MC2 Grinder now so it doesn't matter anyway The Gaggia is modded too so I'll probably be on here figuring out how to use the machine next!
  10. Hi, I new to the forums and so a little info about me: I've recently started to get in to espresso. I've owned some coffee machines over the years that I was not happy with (but didn't know why they weren't good), like a bean to cup and Nespresso etc. I recently bought a cheap pure espresso machine but still wasn't happy. So I started watching videos and ended up here. I'm now looking to buy a Gaggia Classic to hopefully get some decent shots! My question is, is it worth asking the coffee subscription I have to send me pre-ground espresso in the absence of a good grinder? I had
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