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  1. I get through less than a kilo a month now days so probably figures out around the £20-£25 mark.
  2. Rapid

    RIP Captain Tom

    We brought his book for our little'uns this Christmas. We'd already read it but had it out again on Tuesday evening. A true inspiration to the nation.
  3. I brought an Epson et-2711 last lockdown as we found ourselves doing a lot of printing for my daughter's home schooling. I got a mega bargain of £100 for a refurbished one that on inspection had printed about 4 pages in it's life. It's crazy cheap to print....CRAZY. Paper literally costs more than the ink now for genuine epson ink. The et-2711 isn't the best printer in the world (lacks duplex and only 100 page feed) but for home use it's an absolute no brainer and it's over the moon with this purchase. It's still a thing. Fortunately Youtube is your friend 😄 There's cracked software t
  4. Right? Anyone would think we're talking about ticktok here!
  5. Hoffman was a big influence on getting me into coffee. He's not just 'another man'. The guy has been world barista champion as well as setting up SM so he has a lot of knowledge and experience of not just coffee but the entire industry. Moreover, I find his videos entertaining. This is a new age of social media, vlogging, youtubing etc. Coffee isn't a 50+ game anymore, there's a completely new audience. I didn't even know there was anything other than nescafe's instant shite until my late 20's. Had Youtube been trending 10 years earlier, I have no doubt I'd have got into in my late teens
  6. Bargain. I'd grab that if I were you @Walker29 - very fair price imo.
  7. Often chocolatey.....dunno if they would naturally be enough funk for the funk master! I guess you won't know until you try 😁
  8. Rapid

    Crown & Canvas

    Check out the (relatively) new section buddy: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/forum/100-discounts-special-offers-from-our-advertisers/
  9. Crankhouse is very well thought of mate.
  10. They'd never survive, recent public opinion polls showed that. New chairman said yesterday that licence fee will remain until at least 2027. I've stopped listening to a lot of radio in recent times because it's all so negative and repetitive. I'm back listening to more music on spotify! My favourite show on radio is Madjid Nawaz's, who I think's brilliant at breaking down debates into the facts.
  11. Rapid

    Crown & Canvas

    In that case mate....I'll continue to pukka up! 😘😘
  12. Rapid

    Crown & Canvas

    I purposely didn't tag him because it must seem like I kiss his ass waaaay too often 😂 Looking forward to hearing more about the filter Jake! Feb would be great. I've got a kilo and a half from Django to work through which will take me into late Feb - then I hope to put another C&C order in. It's a real shame that mystery one appears to have gone (but not surprising) - I think it was Colombian? That one was particularly lush! 😍
  13. Rapid

    eBay Item

    Always wondered what one of those looked like underneath the surface but didn't fancy finding out in the air....
  14. Hello and welcome. Any fan of billions is a friend of mine! Espresso isn't my game so I'm not best to advise you but I do know the Commendante is one of the best hand grinders out there. With a hand grinder obviously the important thing is to have something that's easily adjustable and precise for dialling in purposes, I'm sure the guys will advise you on that. As you can imagine there are a lot of people at very similar points in their journeys so if you have a little read around, you'll see some good recommendations. Enjoy the rabbit hole!
  15. Rapid

    Crown & Canvas

    David my friend, there's always been a lot of love for C&C around here since they became sponsors. Jake's service is second to none, the coffee is excellent and very competitively priced. Value wise it doesn't really get any better. I'd recommend anyone that hasn't already given them a try to have them right towards the top of their list.
  16. Literally the taste of paper from the brown ones.
  17. One of the important points to clarify here is if @Doram was talking about the wholesale price of a green bean or talking about the selling price from a roaster. These are two different things and I'm going to use the same example that I used on another thread, where the price of exactly the same bean was about half the price between different roasters! (using forum discount code). https://www.coaltowncoffee.co.uk/products/red-de-mujeres?variant=32942152548436 https://www.crownandcanvas.co.uk/product-page/Guatemala-Reddemujeres So we have here an £18 bean and a >£35 bean. Whi
  18. @Stu Beck @shazza you persuaded me on the Ibanda! Thanks for the recommendation.
  19. At the risk of becoming a crown and canvas fanboy.....interesting price difference for exactly the same coffee 😵 https://www.coaltowncoffee.co.uk/products/red-de-mujeres?variant=32942152548436 https://www.crownandcanvas.co.uk/product-page/Guatemala-Reddemujeres
  20. Yeah that's the one buddy. Enjoy!
  21. Not sure if it's too late now mate but I also meant to mentioned this one too. I wouldn't say it's a banger but very enjoyable and outstanding value for money. Worth adding to your order if you haven't done it already.
  22. Rapid

    Java hub beans

    Oh I've got no interest in ordering from a company with such poor customer service, it was more of an off the cuff comment.
  23. The stuff at @Crownandcanvasis all around that price with the forum discount code. Great value imo. Also a forum sponsor.
  24. Rapid

    Java hub beans

    Do they even roast their own? Drop shipping, non resealable bags and no roast date often smells like outsourced. I may be wrong of course.
  25. @Beckyr91just in case you haven't read this thread.....
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