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  1. What V60 recipe's are you guys using? I haven't cracked them open yet but will be doing very soon!
  2. Typical.....I decide to place and order and it's closed down now 😂 I think the website went down at some point yesterday. Good luck to them.
  3. Weirdly enough this has happened to me twice with Pact (way back). They sent me a pack. It was nowhere good. I emailed them asking WTH? They "recalibrated" the grinder and sent another bag - same thing .) Interestingly I had a bag from pact fairly recently but before I got my new grinder, and that was also waaaay too coarse for v60. Definitely french press at best. Has anyone tried the Workshop ones in this sale? Coincidentally I brought my grinder from them. I know they have an excellent reputation and the service when I dealt with them was 2nd to none. Interested to know about these particular ones (and the dates!).
  4. Mine literally just arrived, Our post during covid times has been a bit sketchy, thankfully these arrived safe and sound. Thanks for organising this guys. I look forward to getting stuck in.
  5. Great thread. I love the thought provoking ones. @Blue_Cafe's post is interesting, how much is it being 'wired up differently' and how much of it is environmental? I asked 'the missus' this morning why she doesn't post on anywhere like this, as she loves her coffee. After a brief discussion the conclusion was that she is interested in the end product but not the process (of how it's made). Another interesting point was that she said she would feel 'intimidated' by her lack of knowledge in such a place. I asked if that was anything to do with the proportion of men posting and if that had an impact on possibly feeling intimidated. She said that was nothing to do with it, just a case of knowing very little about the subject. Curiously, she's not interested in learning more. The difference between us in that respect is I like to learn about it. She doesn't. I couldn't say if that's a personality thing or if gender plays a part, although I'd imagine the former. Going back to blue cafe's post. We have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 1/2 year old son. Because many friends/family have had children before us, we've had loads of hand me downs of all sorts of toys. Our son has always been obsessed with any vehicles with wheels. You can see his cogs turning when he picks a car up, turns is upside down, spins it's wheels with his hands. He's genuinely curious about 'how things work'. Our daughter on the other hand has never shown any interest like that. She's more interested in role playing and visual interaction. It plays into the stereotype. I don't have a big enough sample size to draw a fair conclusion.....and there's no bloomin chance of extending that sample size and can tell you!
  6. The technique videos are brilliant aren't they? And the coffee science stuff is interesting, to varying levels of degree! I'm only speculating here but as his patreon has grown I imagine this has lead to more product reviews, as otherwise where does the money go? Product reviews also result in more giveaways, which leads to more patreon (cycle).
  7. Just typed a long reply and then re read your last line 😂 My feedback - think about who your customers that would be buying your product (from post office/gift shop) and consider if they're the same target audience as on here. I'm not sure if that demographic would be as fussed in recyclable packaging as say, the 'young baristas' of today. Edit: Also contact some of the retailers you're targeting - some shops may have a policy/preference themselves.
  8. Ha, I'm in exactly the same situation. Beans in the freezer staying put for a while whist I feast on my first LSOL 😁
  9. That's not what I said in any way, shape or form. If someone doesn't understand why they've been modded then they're likely to commit the same offence again. Then the mods will spend even more time having to mod them again, and again. They shouldn't have to go out their way to contact someone but if someone asks, I feel it would actually save time to give them a quick explanation.
  10. That's it isn't it? It depends where someone is on their coffee journey. My old man recently got into v60's and loved it, so I brought him an Aeropress to see what brewing style he preferred. Also, he only really shops at one of our local roasters. Whilst they're perfectly decent, I got him a coffee sub to open his mind a little.
  11. Some things in reviews are factual and some subjective. It's a bit like reading a newspaper article, as the consumer you sometimes have to pick out the rammel and draw your own conclusions on the information you're given. Hoffman's videos got me into coffee in the first place so perhaps I have my own bias on whether he's unbiased or not 😆 I've always thought that he's completely open and honest in what he says. He obviously has the patreon thing going now of course. When it comes to a purchase decision I think it's always prudent to get several opinions.....that's why I originally came here! Hoffman's videos can sometimes bring something to my attention. If it warrants further interest I may ask you guys what you think (or better still, use the search function to see if it's been discussed before....). When I have several opinions pointing out positives and negatives I feel like I can make much more of an informed decision on whether it's worth purchasing. Also worth pointing out, often product reviews are done over being used a few times and when new (or very close to). The great thing about different opinions is they'll often give you an idea of how a product performs over time.
  12. Blimey, not logged in for around 24 hours and seems like I've missed a lot! I have a lot of sympathy with the mods because they're just there to enforce the rules. It's essentially like blaming the police for enforcing lockdown. Not their choice, just doing their job. My personal opinion is that allowing absolutely no discussion, particularly in private as to why something may have been modded is grossly misguided, a decision presumably from the owners. The irony isn't lost on me that people seemed to be much happier than before the T's & C's were changed. Be careful what you wish for eh fellas..... Edit: Well done for keeping this thread open and allowing some sort of discussion. People often feel the need to be heard, not shut down.
  13. Did you see this thread? It obviously depends how much you want to spend as some of these are very expensive but they're also very versatile. They're probably more Hattori Hanzo than Gordan Ramsay so not sure if I'm going overkill on what you're after. Lower down the scale I've had a set of Prestige for over 10 years and still going strong, despite being a 'cheaper brand'.
  14. I have the Wilfa Svart and think it's brilliant. What I'll add is that because it's such good value for money, it seems to retain a significant chunk of it's value on the 2nd hand market. So if I were you I wouldn't hesitate in getting one. Then if you're in a position to get a Niche later down the line you could flog the svart and put the that money towards it. It retails at £105. They're going on the bay currently around the £70-£80 mark. If it costs you c. £30 for a years use it's an absolute bargain.
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