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  1. Because paypal refunds department are always such a pleasure to deal with..... Good luck getting your refund when the time comes. I genuinely mean that. I wouldn't want that issue hanging around in my sub conscience. Even if you do get your money back when the times comes, in all likelihood you will have contributed towards a successful scam. I imagine they will be long gone before Paypal can catch up with them.
  2. Good to see he's getting his act together. I'm sure you'll enjoy it buddy. Great little grinder.
  3. 'Rwanda, somewhere like that with strawberries'. Almost got it! I'm literally sipping a mug of this right now. Gorgeous stuff. Another banger for the LSOL collection. Thanks very much guys and well done on your selection.
  4. Hi Alin, welcome. See you around the forum!
  5. When I took Mrs Rapid to Dublin we stayed near there at the Merrion. Lovely place and such a great city. Welcome @emy!
  6. OK, so 3 days post roast, hardly ideal but I couldn't resist delving in as a v60. It was very lively as to be expected. Jake! What a beauty! Seriously delicious coffee. This really blew me away. This will definitely be something I buy again when it's readily available. Low acidity, very chocolatey, a hint of spice perhaps? I think this might be your first forage into Asia? India, Indonesia, Myanmar. Neither of those would surprise me. I suppose in the interests of fairness I should pick one......I'll go with the odds and plummet for India, although I'm very torn between between the 3. Pro
  7. Thanks for that. What methods did you use?
  8. As you've acknowledged there's definitely service issues. My dad brought an Aergrind recently and it took a while to get it (about 4-5 weeks ago). However, the build quality and results it produces for brewed coffee (inc aeropress) is exceptional. Value wise it's hard to beat any MBK products imho, if you can put up with the possibility of delays and/or having to chance up etc.
  9. I couldn't really offer much useful advice @saltyas I'd be comparing apples and pears with me using Wilfa Uniform and brewing 500ml. Just in case you're remotely familiar of the uniform I have it around 19/20 for this one at 500. Really enjoying it. Lovely fruity red berries. Even the resident spider was trying to get some:
  10. Thought you slipped up for a second there mate lol.
  11. I guess Brazilian. I didn't cheat.....honest 😂😂
  12. Let me know what you think please. Django is going to be my next stop I think. Planning on Kisinga but if the feedback for this is good I may need to add those too!
  13. Without wanting to get too deep into the TV thing. I'm not sure whether I'd classify all of the mentioned shows as 'bullying' per se but I think the biggest damage they do is making the world so much more superficial. I particularly think about my young children and the fact they're growing up in a world that's constantly 'judging' them'. That's evident with all the tv shows mentioned. I have a particular dislike for shows with a panel of 'judges' that often are nowhere near qualified to judge anyone. This is putting pressure on young people to be a certain thing or look a certain way. I don't
  14. What a heart warming story. Thanks for sharing.
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