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  1. I purchased my La Pavoni off coffeechap and what he doesn't know about lever machines isn't worth knowing. He refurbished and modified my Pavoni Professional and I can honestly say it is an absolute joy to use and makes the most delicious coffee, I wouldn't swap it for anything. I make two cups of coffee a day, occasionally three if my husband decides to have one also and its perfect. I love the look of it, its a stunning brass and copper one and the manual side of it gives you so much feedback.
  2. Irisco


    Me too. We went on a holiday to Menorca and some of the reviews mentioned about the flies in the restaurant but it was awful. The flies were crawling over everything and you had to dig underneath to find anything edible. It’s the only holiday where we came back thinner.
  3. Irisco


    There is a lovely poem by Christina Rossetti called "hurt no living thing" that I have always read to our children as I think the belief behind it is so important. That said I hate flies (always around dirt and death) and if they do think of coming into our house I think of Richard Gere and his buddhist beliefs. He once said in an interview "none of us are getting out of here alive", I like to quote that to the flies when they are thinking of coming in! I just hope I'm not reincarnated as one, karma and all that.
  4. Bought mine for a tenner from the book “suppository “ as my husband likes to call it. He’s very old school humour!
  5. Before this topic is closed down I would like to put in my two penneth. None of us know or can second guess what is in another persons mind or his motives for his actions, nobody is completely transparent and we all have a side that we like to show the world and a side we like to hide. James Hoffman has strengths and weaknesses like any mortal . I never knew George Michael was a philanthropist who was very very generous, until he sadly passed away. This he kept hidden even when he was being constantly put down by the press. James H. is very shrewd businessman but he has not achieved his succes
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Behmor-1600-Coffee-Roaster/254871202127?hash=item3b5781e94f:g:NNoAAOSwt7xgLVkZ
  7. Irisco

    Members pets

    This is Stanley a rescue Jack Russell we adopted when our very old Dachshund Charlie passed away. Roxy (named by my daughter not me!) was absolutely lost without Charlie and would wait by the front door for hours, she lost all of her confidence. We decided to rehome Stan and he is the most wonderful natured JR you could imagine and Roxy regained her confidence. I wouldn't say its a match made in heaven, more like an arranged marriage - its a slow burner. Roxy is a chihuahua cross and is now 13 but as active as a 3 year old, she's a bit of a grumpy old lady but we love her. We had a lovely bla
  8. Oh well done for finding that out, at least you won't be wasting any more money throwing good coffee down the sink.
  9. True, rinsed in more ways than one! I would have hit the "ha ha" button but that's been confiscated. Thought to be a bit dodgy as well , apparently.
  10. Gone already, I wonder where they are getting them from? Something a bit fishy going on there!
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NICHE-ZERO-Coffee-Grinder-BRAND-NEW-White-UK-Plug-Next-Day-Courier/154333724158?_trkparms=aid%3D111001
  12. I totally agree with the GP comment. He does seem to remind me of a very competent family GP, unrushed (rare for these times I know), in command of the situation with a very soothing voice that instils trust and he seems very "human". I do wonder if he asked half of his audience to take off the lower half of their clothing they wouldn't question it!
  13. I think the fact that there has been 138 replies so far to this topic says it all. He definitely gets a reaction and has many peoples attention.
  14. Beans are best rested before use , I always wait about a week but it all depends on the bean and then I try to use them within about two weeks. Sorry I thought they had been opened for quite some time. Hopefully someone more experienced will give you some advice. I have experienced similar problems as well and just as you think you have mastered it you come across something else. The answers usually lie within this forum either with peoples advice or searching the records. Much of it is trial and error.
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