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  1. Another plus 1 for the Solo. Personally I think it's incredible value for the price. I got mine in matt black - wouldn't want the carbon wrap one either. I always had the Niche down as my grinder upgrade, but took a punt on the Solo and I am very happy with it. Having said that a lot of people are very happy with the Niche. I've never used s Niche to make any kind of comparison, but I prefer the look of the Solo and the extra £100 in my back pocket made it a no brainer for me after seeing the comments from Dave in the Solo thread.
  2. Think a smaller cradle to replace the existing one would be a good idea. One that fits a 54 mm portafilter preferably. Sure they'll start appearing soon... I hope
  3. Check the end of this thread. Someone posted a link to a place in Finland that has them in stock:
  4. I can highly recommend the Solo, having recently upgraded to it from the Sage SGP myself.
  5. Haha. I'm on the single malts and had to read through a couple of times myself to make sure.
  6. That's working perfectly mate. If the water flowed through the portafilter something is wrong.
  7. I was originally responding to Little_tipple's query r.e. a funnel for a Sage Barista Express then to your message with a general comment to explain why I'm looking at the Gaggia Forum (albeit taking Sage) All seems to make sense through the thread trail as far as I can tell?
  8. Haha. I've fluttered around almost all of the CFUK Forum. It's an incredibly absorbing place. A fountain of knowledge and experience - I've learnt so much about machines, grinders, coffee, techniques etc. from literally nothing and I seriously mean nothing about a year ago. If I can help someone else out along the way when I've had so much good help and advice along the way then so be it
  9. @Bladevane kindly printed one of these for me. As far as I know it should work with the Barista Express. Having received mine today I can confirm it is excellent. Fits the portafilter for my Sage Bambino perfectly. I've wasted time and money trying various other cups / funnels and this is perfect. High walls that allow wdt and a few knocks to settle the grinds before a quick twist to remove. Very clean and very easy.
  10. Posted 1 minute ago So I've made 3 more coffees this morning. The first 2 were Cherry Cherry from Coffee Compass. 0.1g and 0.2g retention respectively. The 3rd was a decaf (a darker more oily bean) and I used a finer grind and retention was 0.3g. Edit. Just made another decaf - same beans as before an weight in was the same as weight out.
  11. I just made a coffee and did a test. I was using Coffee Compass Mystery blend 14 beans. I gave a quick brush wipe through the top of the grinder and pumped the bellows before putting in 19.1g of beans. I weighed out and 19.1g came out. I've had the grinder for 4 weeks and this has been pretty consistent for the times I've weighed out expect for the first few days. I'm using the standard burrs that came with the machine. These are the beans I used
  12. This is brilliant - thanks for sharing the details I'm getting one printed.
  13. This was my starting set up and it's a great one imo. I've recently upgraded my grinder to the Solo but the SGP performs very well for a grinder at that price point
  14. Yes it's a firm favourite in the household. Getting a lot more out of it with the new Solo grinder as well. Like trying it again for the first time but a lot better
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