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  1. Pretty much me in a nutshell, albeit with a different setup. As much as I love the look of some of the bigger beasts that a lot of people have as machines I'm really happy with what I've got. For now at least. It's only been 3 months haha
  2. I have a Smart Grinder Pro, but no longer use the funnel I bought. I pause the grind about 3/4 of the way through and tap the portafilter on the table a couple of times. Return to the cradle in the grinder and unpause. Works really well. The funnel I have doesn't fit with the cradle on the grinder. One slight annoyance is that the timer sometimes and randomly resets when I press the button to restart. Does anyone else have this issue with the SGP?
  3. Some Bambinos in the past have only come with the pressurised baskets but mine came with both pressurised and unpressurised baskets. I think all the Sage espresso machines use 54mm baskets. I wouldn't be put off by that. Lots of espresso machines come with different size portafilter baskets. The Bambino double basket is designed to take a 19g dose. I have zero regrets in my machine and grinder choices - in time I may wish to upgrade one or the other or both but having them as seperate units gives me more flexibility in doing so. What puts me off machines like the Gaggia is that
  4. My 2 cents. I bought my very first set up in June. Sage Bambino Plus (£229 from Curry's at the time with 2 year warranty) and Sage Smart Grinder Pro (£199 from Lakeland - 3 year warranty) - the bank account I have will give me a further year warranty on each. A separate espresso machine and grinder for £428. The thermojet system on the Bambino means it is ready to make coffee within 3 seconds of turning it on plus it can be either an automated or manual pulling of shots and frothing of milk so you can let the machine do the work (pretty well imo) or if you want to take more control, learn to p
  5. Yes, happy to do that, but it seems like OnePlus you cannot remove the Facebook app, which makes it a massive no-go for me!
  6. Wow - that's absolutely ridiculous regarding Facebook. Think I'd steer well clear of OnePlus on that basis.
  7. Partially agree with this - but I picked up my S9 on Black Friday on a bloody good deal a couple of years ago so you might find there are some good deals to be had with 5G compatibility. I would steer clear of Huawei phones as it's getting very political with them and the US and certain software upgrades are being denied to Huawei phones.
  8. iTunes was the last straw with me and Apple. I remember trying to put a playlist together for our wedding day and iTunes would not let me put music I had personally paid for on my own phone. As soon as my contract was up, I ditched my iPhone and vowed never to touch another Apple product as long as I live. That was almost 9 years ago now and I have stayed true to my word. I honestly can't fathom why people buy into their model. I have a friend who is a proper Apple fanboy - has absolutely everything they release - phones, tablets, laptops, watches apple TV and even he is starting to see the li
  9. Do it - you'll never look back
  10. Just cracked open the kilo of Las Palomas that cane last week Absolutely sensational - my wife absolutely loves it. How much is left? Might get another kilo in now. Need to make room in the freezer
  11. I have exactly the same tamping mat. Fits perfectly on the worktop and doesn't obstruct the drawer beneath when I need to open / close it
  12. Much prefer it in black. If I do ever end up getting one it will be in black
  13. I've had one for 3 months and I really like it. It's my first grinder in a beginner's set up (paired with a Bambino Plus) and it seems to do a great job for what I use it for. I only drink cappuccinos and dark roasts - I am yet to try light roasts so can't comment on how well it performs there. From a footprint and aesthetic perspective it's perfect for my kitchen so very happy with my purchase overall. £199 from Lakeland with a 3 year guarantee.
  14. They have just arrived and I will be weighing my first espresso output with them this afternoon. First impressions are very good. I was initially worried they would be too big for the Bambino Plus drip tray but the scale section fits perfectly
  15. Apologies for the thread hijack!
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