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  1. For grinders used in a domestic setting a decent set of burrs should last for up to 10 years or more with standard every day use I would have thought.
  2. Check out the Classifieds section on the forum. The vast majority of users on this forum really look after their kit and the main reason for deciding to sell something on is that they have been bitten by the urge of an upgrade. I personally sold my grinder on here when I was bitten by said urge. There are a number of new grinders hitting the market now and over the last few months, so you may well see some good deals popping up in classifieds. Some questions to consider before buying: What kind of budget did you have in mind? Were you thinking of a single dose / hopper fed grinder? Would you prefer flat or conical burrs?
  3. Cool - I threw about 250g in the Airscape after a week and the rest in the freezer after a week. I'm about 3 weeks post roads now and they are definitely improving. Will bear this in mind for future purchases. Thanks
  4. Just out of interest, are beans of this type better rested for longer? That ties in with the Funka I'm using at the moment, but these are my first 'funky' beans.
  5. Haha I certainly don't have a sophisticated enough palate to make such a judgement or even know what that us supposed to mean 😅. It's very nice though
  6. I was struggling with the Funka on the first few days but I've been tightening up the grind and it's been getting better. The last 2 days it's been great. Proper boozy. Hoping it keeps improving as it rests.
  7. No idea what that bit is, presumably it has come loose from the interior and made it's way down the wand. I take off the wand tip weekly to clean it and have never seen that bit before. Might be best to call Sage
  8. I paired my Bambino with the Sage Smart Grinder Pro which cost £200 at the time, although it did drop as low as £150 in certain sales after I bought it. This was my initial set up and they worked well together. I've since upgraded the grinder to the Solo from Bella Barista which was £400 (courtesy of some good wins at Chelthnam earlier this year)
  9. Glad you've got it back and running. I'd ditch the tap water if I were you. I use Tesco Ashbeck in mine. Asda water and Volvic meant to be better than Asheck apparently
  10. Have you descaled the machine at all since you've owned it? Have you been using filters? How old is the machine? I live in London and won't put the tap water near my Bambino.
  11. Try a 19g dose. On the SGP grinder I'd start at setting 12 and move up or down 1 setting depending on how the shot ran. Grind setting numbers probably different on the BP. At the time I wasn't weighing output just pressing the double shot button and letting the Bambino do it's thing
  12. I always found that the Coffee Compass espresso blends worked well with my SGP. Cherry Cherry, Brighton Lanes and Sweet Bourbon were all great - they used to do a deal on 3 x 500g mix packets. Black Cat's Chocolate Point also very good
  13. Doubt you can go wrong with Bella or Black Cat. I'll be buying my next machine from Black Cat - the ACS Minima in black when the time comes. Hopefully soon
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