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  1. Seeking two saucers for the ACME latte cup (280ml) in brown. The one below, though preferably without a cat. In fact, happy to trade the cat for the saucers*. According to ACME, the saucers are 15cm. Might consider saucers in a different colour as I've collected a range of different sized ACME cups in various colours so why not add to the mix. * This offer not approved by rest of the family
  2. Mods have an obligation to do whatever they are told to do. If the owner wanted to make a stand against shitty people being shitty, the mods get told "don't let shitty people do their shitty thing." Job done. There's this assumption that the internet should let people say whatever the hell they want, people who then cry censorship when someone objects. It's bullshit. This is a private forum and if the people who are in charge had the balls to decide no bullying, no insults, no shittiness, coffee only, they could do that. This is 2020. The world is a shitty place in so many ways. Why
  3. Which one is it, so I can add it to my blocklist? Really going to miss Mildred's presence. It's sad to hear how the goings-on affected her.
  4. I really like my Evoluzione and this looks like an excellent example. Good luck! If you decide to split at any point, I'd be interested in the bottomless and the metal cup surround.
  5. The MaraX is very well reviewed, is a new machine, just launched, temperature stabilised, small footprint. There's a very active community of new MaraX owners on this forum - check out the Lelit sub. Minima is a bit older but again, small form factor, does the job well. I'm not advocating either above the Appartamento, just pointing out alternatives. I have an Evoluzione so I'm a big lover of Rocket machines.
  6. What makes you think of the Appartamento specifically? I mean, it's a lovely machine and will definitely be a step up from the Barista Express but there are also a lot of other good E61 heat exchanger machines from which to choose. What are you seeking in a machine that makes you lean towards this one rather than e.g. the Mara X or the Minima?
  7. 1. MinesAbeer 2. hhgclark 3. ratty 4. Marcros 5. Rapid 6. Jollybean 7. tsouthwell 8. Zeak 9. higbert 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  8. I don't use for V60 but with the aeropress I was running at about 12 or so...? The aeropress is very forgiving for grind settings though. On espresso, I'm somewhere between 5 and 6 for most beans, the occasional 7 and the very occasional 4.
  9. Or if you sign up to their newsletter, you get 15% off your first coffee order. So if you spent more than £35 (that would be quite a bit of coffee), you would save a tad more that way.
  10. I'd find the cheapest price posted online and discount by, say, £15 (if you still have the box etc). That's £3 per week for you to have had nicely ground coffee over the last six weeks. The Uniform is a really nice machine, btw. Can't do a direct comparison with the one you have but the design, form factor, grind, etc are all good.
  11. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2020/09/coffee-rust/616358/ In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, talking about a plant disease might seem frivolous. But around the world, 100 million people draw dignity and income from coffee, one of the world’s most traded agricultural products. Coffee is a lifeline for tiny towns and small farmers in areas too thin-soiled or forested or steep to grow much else. As farmers run out of cash to combat coffee-leaf rust—and climate change diminishes the likelihood of relocating plants to safer ground—scientists are trying to blunt the po
  12. So the Rocket web site has been down for a while and the shop inaccessible. It was supposed to be relaunched start of September. Didn't happen. But there's an 'enter using password' link in the top right of the landing page. See if you can guess what the password might be to the Rocket web shop full of Rocket-branded clothing and Rocket accessories for Rocket machines. https://shop.rocket-espresso.com/password
  13. I've noticed it's flaky over the last couple of months but if I wait five minutes the hamsters seem to wake up and start things moving again.
  14. Yes, that's right. I am fairly certain that is the single difference. I am not sure the scale is really worth the extra dosh but it might help with the workflow for some people. I have the non-scale silver Uniform (bought from a forum member) and love it. Very easy to use, looks great in the kitchen, fairly compact. Not the fastest grinder but it's reliable and consistent. If you were making two or three espressos in a row regularly then I'd suggest something else but I tend to pull a single shot and for that it works very well.
  15. That's a bargain for a great grinder.
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