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  1. Lecturing? Nah, it's called trying to have a discussion. To recap: I put forward an idea. You said it was a ridiculous non-issue. I explained my point. You say I'm lecturing and bullying and older forum members than me deserve respect and I shouldn't have a view. Doesn't sound that conducive to a discussion, does it? Anyway, I'll bow out. I explained as well as I could and I guess that wasn't well enough.
  2. Once again, you miss the point. You've decided the thread is about freedom to sell. It's actually about the intersection of community and capitalism. Here's a community of coffee lovers. We ask advice, we give our thoughts, we chat about this and rant about that. We swap thoughts on beans and flavours and wonder why this doohickey isn't behaving as it might and which velocimerator might best improve our technique. It's a neighbourhood. A hangout. We freely share our ideas and knowledge. And amongst that is a marketplace where people buy and sell, often at lower prices than they might get
  3. You didn't have an argument. Just said it was a non issue and ridiculous. Threw up your hands and told us all to get off your lawn.
  4. Well that's that then. May as well close the thread instead of acknowledge that at least half the replies here think there is something interesting to discuss. P.s. I don't like ticket reselling either but I guess that's an issue for another forum. I'll use the word capitalism in a minute if this goes on much more.
  5. It's okay for anyone to make cash. And of course it's not my forums but I'm still allowed a view on how a sale like that colours my perceptions of the forums.
  6. As my kids keep telling me. Not the point I was making at all.
  7. @Bainbridge not bothered about them making a buck out of this in general; just that making a buck out of it here raised the question in my mind. @catpuccino phrased it much better.
  8. This is hilarious. Can you spec it out with the most expensive brand names?
  9. @edicoffeesociety Thanks for this talk, it was really interesting!
  10. I didn't feel right about the Niche Zero that's currently for sale in the forum for £650; selling something that cost £500 and was eight months old for a 30% markup just made me wonder. TSK deleted the comment, which is fair enough, and said there were other places for discussion. So here we are. (And feel free to move the thread into another section if there's an even more suitable place). I realise Niche are in crazy high demand. No idea what they go for on ebay atm but I'm sure you could get more than the purchase price for one in decent condition. They're the Birkin bags of the
  11. Bumping as a reminder to anyone interested that this talk is 4pm today. Looking forward to it!
  12. Actually sold out already...!
  13. This sounds fantastic! Thanks for posting. Love the idea of salivating over the Slayer machines. And given this is a FREE event, then all Eventbrite will want from you is an email address for registration and there are a gazillion ways of finding throwaway emails if you're at all concerned (and have never used Eventbrite before)
  14. @P1Fanatic About that - I find my Rocket is okay after about twenty minutes. Basically mine gets turned on about half an hour or so before I get up in the morning by a timer plug, then stays on all day until I know that no one in the house is going to want a good coffee and then is turned off for the day. Most espresso machines will take this kind of time to heat up, apart from the Sage which is far quicker.
  15. Interesting. The image I used with the bad wording was from the BB website as well - the black version rather than the carbon one. Maybe different finishes have different text? Bit of a lottery if you order one....
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