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  1. Thanks! very pleased with it. Though if I were to do it again I might go even harder with the clear coats to reduce chipping - I've carelessly bashed into it a couple times with my tamper and distribution tool. I bought a kit from here: https://home-doserless.com/ They're not cheap, but produce an aesthetic the wife can live with in the kitched
  2. So, took a bit longer to complete this than expected thanks to a very busy period with work, and without much time to spare to take progress pics. However, I must say I'm very pleased with the results - both visually and in the cup. No comparison between this and the Sage Smart Grinder Pro it has replaced in my lineup, once dialled in you can immediately taste the smoothness and consistency of the grind. Huge thanks for all the info of those gone before that was a great resource throughout. Open to opinions on whether to re-instate the "Espresso Italiano" decals on the sides - what do peo
  3. Good result! Mine didn't come with a 52mm extension Thankfully I found some pipe lying around my place of just the right diameter!
  4. Nice job on the respray! Having had one delivered a couple days ago I can tell you this is the lens hood you want. Note, you will need to pop out the metal ring in it (easily done by hand) and get a piece of perspex tube to slot into the neck and fit the hood over. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Phot-R-58mm-Universal-Collapsible-Rubber-Multi-Lens-Hood-for-Wide-Angle-Lenses/271395562751?pageci=dd5ff8b6-2ab5-47d7-b172-28906f1e5793&epid=1524011073
  5. Still contemplating on the octo funnel mod! I was hoping for a solution that would result in a slimmer profile. However, sounds like Daniel isn't going to be able to get any kits out for a while due to a personal complication having mailed him. My other hesitation on the funnel mod is cutting a custom backplate, which I could see a lot of room for error on! Probably need to make a decision one way or the other before reaching of the paint. In other nrews, my lens hood arrived today - QQ, for majors, looks like folks are insert some plastic tube like the below. What thickness and d
  6. Thanks for the fast advice on this everyone! @Northern_Monkey - I'll scope out whether the lamp has dropped inside. Thanks for wiring diagram and cap tip too! @grumpydaddy - good tip on the LED. I'll size it up and double check the alternatives. Enjoying reading your thread @Cooffe and also the incredibly well docmented effirts of @jimbojohn55. I've ordered one of the mentioned lens hood's already so I can lose the hopper. Curious if he's still making the splendid looking hopper lids to fit!? I'm keen to ditch the doser, given it's coming off for the respray anyway and I wo
  7. Just picked up a used Major for £200 off Gumtree, couple of years use in a small cafe. Overall very pleased with the machine and it's condition, and looking forwards to my MaraX arriving end of the month to fully test it out (I realise this is going to be a David and Goliath set up with the small machine and massive grinder)! In the meantime I plan to do some tinkering to keep me entertained. To that end, I’m looking for a bit of advice on a couple of points that I haven’t been able to pick up from previous threads (at least not yet anyway!); She has a few dings, I’m thinking to give he
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