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  1. For espresso, I started at 1.5 but with time and lots of coffee, I'm around 0.8 now.
  2. As long as no one touches the dog 😂
  3. I -sadly- missed that train, but am quite happy to jump on this one!
  4. Yes, agree. I think the Kafatec's two step grinding is the better approach, for me the real question will be whether that "extra" is actually worth paying twice as much as the Key (which I think looks better too) or whether the Key's 12mm extra burr width coupled with all the other trickery like variable speed might not make up for some of that difference.
  5. I'm sold. Signed up. Looks amazing and with the early adopter discount (like @DavecUK says above) it's actually good value for a Weber. Wonder how it compares to the Kafatec, it's certainly cheaper and the built-in WDT sounds great. Now all I need is Odyssey to start selling their machine and I'm in coffee heaven without breaking the bank!
  6. Only drink espressos and only going for SOs because I'm still discovering tastes/textures of all the different coffees. Can see this will probably change to blends once I'll have a better idea of I really like.
  7. this machine has been so long in the making, it better automatically dial my grinder in and wake me up with a kiss when it finally comes out, or I'll be disappointed.
  8. Damn! I would have traded.
  9. Hit the jackpot this morning!!! I’m always in small panic when I start a new coffee in the morning, as it usually takes 3-4 shots to dial-in and I get cranky waiting to drink a good shot. Received some coffee from China, “Ou Yang” from Quarterhorse, dialed in on the first shot (which I’m almost as happy about as I think a lottery win would make me). Delicious, fantastic espresso!
  10. Enea


    Not sure the Cremina stacks up to the exclusivity of an RS2000 😉 And I’d daily the Evo, but not the RS!
  11. Enea


    If it’s well built, it could even gobble up Cremina market share (added functionality for less $$$)
  12. Enea


    On FB, they said they would start building 5 machines in February with pre-orders starting after those 5 have been built and tested. If their timeline holds (& it’s always a big “if”), it should be available fairly soon. They also say price: $800 (which after shipping and customs should still be less than £1000)
  13. Enea


    Have you guys seen this: https://www.odysseyespresso.com ? What do you think? I'm amazed that someone figured out how to make a machine that can be both direct and spring lever and worried about the splashing due to height between PF and cup.
  14. I got this one, and yes it leaves ring on the puck but I found that one small tap on the table with the portafilter (with the post-WDT fluffy grinds) and it's all gone. No mess (I'm prone to that too) and cheap.
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