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  1. ChrisB9

    Acaia Scales

    For those looking, Acaia are releasing the lunar in white in March
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have a Hario drip decanter they are wouldn't mind parting with
  3. ChrisB9

    Acaia Scales

    If you have just ordered might be worthwhile cancelling and by using code DAILYESPRESSO you can get an additional 10% off!
  4. ChrisB9

    Acaia Scales

    In the market for a set of Acaia Lunar scales with travel case if possible
  5. ChrisB9

    Decaff Chatswood

    I can highly recommend the offering from Outpost coffee roasters in Nottingham, had it a few times and always impressed
  6. ChrisB9

    Wilfa Svart

    Yes sorry this has sold
  7. Hi sorry this has now been sold
  8. @catpuccino That would be great!
  9. Looking to get hold of the travel case for the Acaia pearl let me know what you got
  10. Having recieved my October Niche I am now moving on my Sage Dose Control Pro and going to a one grinder household. Bought second hand from a member on here. Comes with 54mm cradle and Sage 'leveller' unfortunately doesn't have the 58mm cradle. In really good condition, please see pictures. Looking for £110 collected from Nottingham or can package if the buyer wishes. Any questions shout up
  11. ChrisB9

    Wilfa Svart

    Having recieved my October Niche looking to move on my Wilfa Svart. Looking for £75 collected from Nottingham but can package if buyer wishes. Had for a couple months and would estimate about 10kg beans through it. Any questions shout up
  12. These look incredible will be heading over to Insta!
  13. I personally went with the white but would love to wrap it and darken the wood a bit. Have seen it done and the results are fantastic.
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