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  1. Thank you all, I’ll try these suggestions and report back. @hotmetalthat was going to be my final question as it goes against what I’ve read and been told in that lighter roasts require a finer grind not a coarser grind, which threw me here. I have tried tasting the espresso neat before adding milk but I really don’t like the taste of it so even for learning purposes I’d find it hard to judge whether it tastes good! I have started pulling 2 shots back to back where I tweak one variable (usually grind or yield, sometimes temp) and maybe I can try tasting the espresso neat there as all I’d
  2. It’s not that the shot is speeding up as such but what is coming out is pale, weak and translucent, does that not mean there’s no more to extract and letting the shot continue is pushing it past the point of diminishing returns? Or have I got that wrong. Also, a 105s extraction is way over the recommended ballpark. I’m happy to ignore time altogether but when shot time is that long, should I not try to get closer to the ballpark by adjusting grind?
  3. Finally got round to using this for espresso. Roasted 30th September so had plenty of time to rest. Is sold out now on Square Mile but for reference the tasting notes are pineapple, dried apricot, juicy. This is a washed Ethiopian blend. I followed advice in this thread and set the grind to fine (same kind of fine I used on other lighter roasts, seemed like a good starting point and I expected to have to go finer). It took 105 seconds to get 34g out! I then made 3 more shots progressively coarser (always aiming for 36g out in 30s, dose 18g). The last one was on very coarse setting (which
  4. Can anyone recommend a good specialty cafe near Muswell Hill/East Finchley/Alexandra Palace/Crouch End? Got the day off tomorrow, it's meant to be sunny so planning to go for a long walk. Would be nice to aim for a nice cup of third wave coffee at the end of it!
  5. I hear lots of people saying they change coffees throughout the day and I’m wondering how the heck do you manage that? Every coffee needs a few shots to dial in grind and then adjusting for bean age, humidity etc. I also find that it takes a good purge when changing grind. Also, even the best SD grinders sound like they have some small retention. With all those factors I think I’d find it really hard to flip between coffees without wasting a lot of bean. Is there a secret to this?! Or just a lot of experience?
  6. To those who are mystery regulars, are these more likely to be darker roasts than lighter roasts? Or more medium?
  7. Sorry, I am trying to figure out how to change my signature and list my equipment. My machine is Profitec Pro 700. I have a weekly routine to empty and clean the tank but not drain the service boiler. How often would one have to do that?
  8. I used it at first to heat up cups with hot water blast but quickly gave up as I prefer my cups at room temp. What do you use it for? Does it serve any purpose for maintenance?
  9. Had a look (actually very timely for my weekly grinder clean) and couldn’t see any more build up than usual. But I’m glad I asked because my instinct was that beans shouldn’t stick to cup after RDT. Thanks all
  10. Yes, customer service is second to none in my experience
  11. It's the Ceado E37S I'm using. Ill take the top off now to check just in case! Didn't occur to me that might happen!
  12. Thanks so my instinct is correct that my sprayer makes beans too wet. I think I need a wider mouth dosing cup in order to be able to keep it at a distance. One spray is currently too much (it's a cheapy bottle)
  13. I've been using spoon trick for a while but I'm now at a much finer grind setting and 15g dose so it feels like a touch more water is needed. Got a cheapy spray bottle but 1 squirt feels like they make the beans too wet. Even after shaking I get some which stick to the side of the dosing cup. They do seem to extract a bit better though. So how much water is too much for RDT? Do you get the sticky bean effect I'm seeing?
  14. Great advice thanks. So how does a filter roast differ from a lighter roast for espresso? Is there a difference? I'm yo-yo'ing between lighter and darker roasts to figure out what I like at the moment so I've got some experience (mostly frustrating) with lighter roasts. Thanks for the advice!
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