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  1. Silly thought but if you're open to non traditional vessels for drinking coffee how about using a small ceramic planter (indoor ones should have solid bottom). Here's one on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/803817175/concrete-plant-pot-with-cactussucculent. Seems to have really thick walls. Crazy? Perhaps. But the French drink lattes out of a bowl so why not?! There are some funky designs on Etsy
  2. Joining the ranks, having received my @DogandHat sub yesterday. As I'm now officially on holiday I thought I'd take the opportunity to get back into photography after a very long hiatus. Lots of beans were picked off the carpet during this shoot but none were wasted!😄
  3. I struggled with the 4 hole tip initially but then came up with this tweak in my workflow
  4. I've found this too with the 2 hole tip. I changed to 4-hole and it's a game changer (you're right @richwade80). I dispense a good amount of steam to clear the system before I steam the milk. Like @Hrti, I've not had any issues.
  5. I always struggle to describe flavours but I know I wasn't getting fruitiness.. Just looked at North Star website and they recommend 18-34 in 25-27 seconds so fast and short (https://www.northstarroast.com/product/honduras/). Kicking myself for not looking at this before and just going with a 40 out ratio. Definitely getting more fruitiness this way but think 32g out might give me even more. Can't believe how different the bean tastes. I'm not finding this as forgiving to dialling in as other beans.
  6. I know this has been discussed before but usually in the context of freezing. I am finding myself with excess beans with not much room in the freezer. I've vacuum packed them so wondering how much vacuuming alone will slow down degradation? Will they still taste as good say 1 month down the line if they've been vacuum packed a few days after roasting (that's how long it would take to clear the backlog)? Or shall I try to make some room in the freezer after all?
  7. 30 seconds?! It takes me about 7-10 seconds to steam the milk (same machine as you, my temp is set to 129). I steam 120ml milk in a 250ml jug and I barely have any time to course correct, it's that quick.
  8. I'm having trouble dialling in North Star Honduras Blanca Rosa – 90hr macerated (roasted 30th November, been vac for about 10 days or so, not frozen). I have 18g in, 40g out and have tried coarser and finer grinds (shot time ranged from 25 to 45 seconds while experimenting with grind; the lower end of that, so coarser grind, is better). But while I got to a place where it tastes nice enough I'm not getting any funk or fruitiness. What recipe has worked for you?
  9. What cheap grinder would make a good gift for someone (who currently drinks cafetiere and considering Aeropress)?
  10. I know lots of businesses are struggling right now and every bit of custom helps. Seeing that I've got beans coming out of my ears at the moment ("NO MORE BEANS!" my partner shouts at me daily), I wanted to spend a bit of money in other ways in order to support these businesses. Any ideas? What do they make most margin on (aside from beans)?
  11. Crankhouse beans quite a bit more expensive than Jolly Bean? Curious as to why.
  12. No problem, I've added you to the list. The sub spaces are £73 for 3 x 1 kilo bags delivered to your door (1kg per month for 3 months) Sounds great. I'll have to go from Q2 as I have a backlog of beans to go through!
  13. Some people in this thread mentioned beans that could rival the geshas at much more reasonable price points. Can I have some names and ideally roasters too, so I can keep an eye out? Happy with subjective opinions!
  14. I’d like to go on the wait list for the next sub please (whenever that happens next year). Sorry if I missed this but how much coffee we talking about (so I adjust other purchases accordingly). Thanks.
  15. I was obsessing about shot time a lot when I started out (not that long ago, have only been at this since August) but members here have kept telling me to ignore time, focus on taste and adjust grind instead (time is a byproduct). I am currently drinking mainly light/medium roasts and my shot times are anywhere between 35-55s and they taste delicious (yield is usually 36-40g paired 110-120ml steamed mlk). I don't experience much, if any, bitterness with the beans I've been on in recent months, even at those shot times. My basket prep has improved too so I can get away with grinding finer.
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