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  1. Just had it this morning, also as flat white. Very nice
  2. I really struggled with the Honduras over Christmas. I can't recall the settings and I definitely put it down to inexperience but I didn't enjoy them as much as you all seem to have. Maybe I'm just showing my inexperience but I'm definitely finding some of these funky beans to be more difficult than, say, a more forgiving blend. Not all, of course, but my success rate is definitely a lot lower than it is for some of you lot.
  3. Cravendale full fat here too for same reasons. Frothed into gorgeous texture easily and tastes yummy
  4. Can't speak for other levelers but this one (see photo) has a spot in the middle that's flat. While the "arms" level they also compress the puck a fair bit but the centre does not to the same extent as there's no movement there only polishing of puck. Like @cengland117 said, I suspect this leads to lower density in the centre of the puck and uneven extraction. Shame, has a nice weight and feel in the hand. Wonder if the Pullman or OCD suffers from same issues?
  5. Purchased said tamper station recently. It's nicely built but my bottomless portafilter wobbles in it which is annoying for the price. If it weren't for plans to use it as photography prop regularly I'd sell it.
  6. Identical experience for same reasons. Expensive mistake. Anyone want to buy one used?! 🤣
  7. Silly question but is it a sign of better/worse extraction when you have beads covering the full bottom of the portafilter FIRST before starting to drip from the central column? I always assumed that in the case such as the one in the video the water finds a path of least resistance centrally first and the puck will be extracted unevenly center Vs edges, with edges extracted later. Have I got this wrong?
  8. As light as you consider it to be on the lighter side. I'm up for trying new levels of lightness or light medium-ness
  9. Revisiting my list of roasters to try and looking forward for updated 2021 opinions. I've had good experiences with Dark Woods, Extract and Steampunk recently. Looking to hear about more favourites
  10. Silly thought but if you're open to non traditional vessels for drinking coffee how about using a small ceramic planter (indoor ones should have solid bottom). Here's one on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/803817175/concrete-plant-pot-with-cactussucculent. Seems to have really thick walls. Crazy? Perhaps. But the French drink lattes out of a bowl so why not?! There are some funky designs on Etsy
  11. Joining the ranks, having received my @DogandHat sub yesterday. As I'm now officially on holiday I thought I'd take the opportunity to get back into photography after a very long hiatus. Lots of beans were picked off the carpet during this shoot but none were wasted!😄
  12. I struggled with the 4 hole tip initially but then came up with this tweak in my workflow
  13. I've found this too with the 2 hole tip. I changed to 4-hole and it's a game changer (you're right @richwade80). I dispense a good amount of steam to clear the system before I steam the milk. Like @Hrti, I've not had any issues.
  14. I always struggle to describe flavours but I know I wasn't getting fruitiness.. Just looked at North Star website and they recommend 18-34 in 25-27 seconds so fast and short (https://www.northstarroast.com/product/honduras/). Kicking myself for not looking at this before and just going with a 40 out ratio. Definitely getting more fruitiness this way but think 32g out might give me even more. Can't believe how different the bean tastes. I'm not finding this as forgiving to dialling in as other beans.
  15. I know this has been discussed before but usually in the context of freezing. I am finding myself with excess beans with not much room in the freezer. I've vacuum packed them so wondering how much vacuuming alone will slow down degradation? Will they still taste as good say 1 month down the line if they've been vacuum packed a few days after roasting (that's how long it would take to clear the backlog)? Or shall I try to make some room in the freezer after all?
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