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  1. I've been looked after by @Kremfresh, who has been a very kind forum member and helped restore my faith in humanity. Mods, happy to lock the thread.
  2. Gaskets arrived this morning, Tebe is back in service so I'll get the gauge to the post office Monday.
  3. Probably won't be able to get the opv lock nut off once in situ, but looks like it will squeeze in.
  4. If you did, you’d have already come up with a sparkling fix for my problem and I wouldn’t have to stare at it scratching my head. I’ll dry assemble (currently waiting for new gaskets, having sanded the pitted boiler face) and measure up this afternoon. I’ve a feeling 13mm won’t fit, but I’ll take pics and seek hive mind input.
  5. @FairRecycler Don’t know if I’ve got enough clearance to get one into my Tebe. What are the dimensions of the block? Specifically the depth - the mounting bracket for the boiler & group on the Tebe leaves very little room behind the OPV / solenoid and I don’t know if I can squeeze it in without modification. If it fits (or even if it doesn’t but I can work out how to engineer it) I’m in the market for a Kit 2 😄
  6. Hey @profesor_historia Thanks for your offer. Price to ship might be prohibitive - I'm in the UK. A new naked one is only ~£20, so likely to go that route unless there's a bargain out there. Rob
  7. Hi folks, Looking for a bargain basement portafilter that I can take an angle grinder / hole saw to and convert to bottomless. Anyone hoarding something awful in their drawer they’re willing to part with for a few quid? Cheers Rob
  8. @ratty, Can I take the ‘97 Gold (with Rancilio wand) at asking - I make it £269 posted? I’ll PM for details. Thanks kindly
  9. This is an exceptional thread. Thank you all for stretching my grey matter trying to keep up.
  10. I've just adopted an older brother (2001 Tebe) to my 2015 Classic.
  11. Hey folks, Pressure gauge is with me; please @mention me or PM me if you’re next in line.
  12. Nice work @allikat. Two more to add (I’m due to get a Tebe in the post tomorrow) Tebe - same internals as a classic Classic - 1425W boiler, OPV and large solenoid. See the one that sold here for pics. Paros - a Tebe with a built in grinder
  13. Hey @Uncletits, please could I request loan of the gauge? I’ll PM you my details, and will post here when I’ve got it to keep the community up to date.
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