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  1. This thread is true temptation. I've just cracked open a bag of Plot's carbonic Ana Sora. Bright, fruity and complex. Well worth checking out, esp if you liked the lovely hasbean roast this year! https://plotroasting.com/products/israel-degfa-ana-sora-semi-carbonic-natural. I've stopped buying beans from anywhere other than lsol and my local cafe to support local business and take the try before I buy approach; luckily they buy in rosters like plot, has bean, dark arts, bonanza and dark woods so I'm on to something good!
  2. 1. MinesAbeer2. Jason113. nicd4.
  3. I've looking to treat myself to a gooseneck kettle for v60 brews. The hario air just doesn't cut it really. I was looking at the Stagg stovetop. Before I buy new online, wondering if anyone had a reasonable gooseneck around they might want to move on? Cheers
  4. Cyber bullying and on-line bullying are very real things and affect people in very real ways. We all spend considerable parts of our free time/day/life online and the treatment and experience we have through these interactions affects us in near identical ways to how we would experience then if it were face-to-face. We do experience this forum very differently and we cannot diminish or disregard others feelings. We do not need to all feel the same or all get on but to dismiss this place as 'just a place to discuss coffee' does absolutely everyone a disservice. Coffee brings everyone
  5. I prefer the feld47-greater uniformity, control over grind size and I love the kinesthetic feel of manual grinding with something so well made. Saying that, my lazy, go to option is often the wilfa as it is just so quick and convenient!
  6. I've got both wilfa and 47 and use them both every day. With MBK products, be aware they are often out of stock so check on their website for updates. Also be aware that while their products are incredible, their customer service isn't always what it could be.
  7. Its arrived and I absolutely love the design of the roaster and plastic free packaging! Really impressive and a good visual brand! Brewed a later evening v60 (15gr:250gr) and I first thought of strawberry ice-cream! Sweet and fruity and delicious! Thanks @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren
  8. Tried resisting, cannot do it. This sounds like a good one! 1. MinesAbeer 2. hhgclark 3. ratty 4. Marcros 5. Rapid 6. Jollybean 7. tsouthwell 8. Zeak 9. higbert 10. ArkellvsPressdram 11. catpuccino 12.ronan08 13.earthflattener 14. Xabi17 15. EricC 16. Jackabb 17. Sdm 18. salty 19. fatboyslim 20. spasypaddy 21. jazzersi 22. Nicd 23. 24. 25.
  9. Have had some stunners from them this year. If these were given away with, for example, a kilo+ of their coffee I could go with it; to spend money on this and not then to get coffee would just leave me thinking I was sorely missing out!
  10. Just a little surprised to see coffee shop branding face masks, especially as they're building up a solid rep for excellent coffee. Equally though they have been very up front with NHS donations through all this and I just did a little search and see that a garish orange hippo is on the more tolerable end of some face mask designs!
  11. It was always going to happen wasn't it?! Any one fancy one? Drink our coffee, wear our mask... My boycott starts here. Likely finishes the next time they bring out a fantastic coffee. Or when I forget I was boycotting them.
  12. Isn't it just that the more time and money we spend on a beverage/hobby, the more critical we are of paying for what could be something we could possibly make better at home? I've got a couple of shops that I love near me and I avoid the others. Sometimes I have incredible coffee from these, sometimes it's excellent but it's always very drinkable and when it's not (caveat is I generally avoid milk drinks...) I can openly talk to the staff there about what I didn't like so it becomes a conversation rather than something to sulk about. I avoid the big chains and always start a conver
  13. I've not seen it before so imagine it's seasonal. https://www.darkartscoffee.co.uk/collections/all/products/trouble-colombia I really didn't need any more at all but want to support my local and when they open packs just to make a cup and see how 'funky' the beans are, I feel I'm on to a pretty damn good thing!
  14. Bought my first a dark arts coffee after tasting at my local cafe -very special and, yes, white wine fermentation does give it a real acidic wine kick. An intense coffee; not one for everyday drinking!
  15. Got this too! Looks very interesting! I was a little disappointed it was a British roaster this quarter but the coffee may make up for it!
  16. Thanks @Daren and @Hairy_Hogg. Must be some work but lots of fun to organise this. Imagine you and @Black Cat Coffee must love that 25+ people are tasting or soon to be tasting the coffee, thinking about it , experiencing it and sharing their thoughts!
  17. Sale is full of those and, worst of all, people do go to them too. Grapefruit is a refreshing change and pleased it is finding ways to adjust and thrive!
  18. Just arrived and it's about to make friends with my v60. Might be too early for friendship or may be love at first sight?
  19. Any one venturing further south to Trafford and beyond should definitely check out Grapefruit just outside Sale Tram stop. Amazing selection of beans, great filter and espresso, wonderful chat and a nice vibe. It's only a hatch right now but it's so with a visit!
  20. I really wish I didn't like their coffee. I don't like their social media. I'm not keen on their brand. Their marketing isn't really to my liking. But their coffee, despite my best efforts to dissuade, is pretty spot on and I've not had a 250gr bag from them so that I didn't find tasty and pretty well roasted
  21. Just found this: https://royaldesign.com/eu/svart-aroma-coffee-mill-cgws-130b-black Although depends on how much you want it as it's a bit pricy compared to normal prices!
  22. Maybe have changed due to COVID etc-order two from her in April this year!
  23. These came from Hoffman's Christmas present ideas last year and are comparable in price to UK ones if you're buying 2 or more! They're unique, completely pretentious but fun and were the incentive I needed to start cupping coffee a bit more... https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/UmeshisoShop
  24. The really annoying thing is that it probably works...
  25. These do look interesting. Does any one tend to get large amounts of emails from Horsham of the 'how are you? It's been a while...' or 'did you forget something?' variety. Great Roaster, fantastic coffee but beginning to really dislike their automated mail settings-it's far from 'funky'!
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