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  1. There was a Starbucks reserve in Covent Garden (?) but it closed down. I work with a guy who worked there
  2. How did you manage to get a replacement? I've been in touch with them last week and they asked for my address to send a new one. Gave it on Friday and haven't heard anything since, despite a follow up email. I'm now left with a filter leaking beads, passed it's "one month" best before, and no confidence of purchasing more as I'm not convinced the issue has actually been fixed based on others experiences with new filters. Bit annoyed really. Not going to take it further but feel massively ripped off for my £50. Back to the BWT
  3. I don't have anything to test TDS but haven't noticed any drop in the taste of my coffee, and have been using it for 2 weeks now. Think I'll probably just go back to the BWT Mg+ I've been using. I used to mix Tesco Ashbeck and Volvic but hate wasting all that plastic. The Peak was super attractive not only because of the "perfect water for coffee" promise, but also their commitment to having a filter recycling programme worldwide. Bit gutted it's this bad.
  4. Emptied the remaining 200ml of water in my Peak into a glass after filling my kettle this morning. Concerned seeing all of these little balls in the glass. They're super super small, thought they were tiny air bubbles at first until I tilted the glass and they all rolled down. Has anyone had something similar?
  5. That would be great. Will PM you about payment now
  6. I understand, have no issues waiting. Would be keen to lock it in if that's something you'd be willing to do
  7. Happy to pay £200 shipped
  8. JoeBL

    Rwanda Appeal

    Very sad indeed. Donated and shared.
  9. Hi everyone, Have been living in SW London for the past two years, having moved from New Zealand. Always wanted to do espresso at home, so joined here to learn more and hopefully help others!
  10. Interesting. It's so ingrained in my routine now that I think I'll keep it up unless it's proven to have a negative effect. The 40 seconds is the perfect amount of time to rinse out my grind container 😅
  11. JoeBL

    Pourover kettle

    That looks great. I use an old oil can I found in a charity shop (similar to link below) with a thermometer in the top for my workplace brewing. The water coming out of the boiling water tap is hot enough that I'm pouring around 93 degrees from it once preheated. Not the same as my at-home coffee but definitely better than what's on offer from the bean to cup. https://www.amazon.com/Dispenser-Stainless-Leakproof-Drizzler-Container/dp/B07VPQM9M3/ref=sr_1_32?dchild=1&keywords=Olive+Oil+Container&qid=1591196121&sr=8-32
  12. I have a romantic sort of image in my head of being able to successfully tinker with things like this, but the actually reality of doing it makes me super anxious.
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