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  1. paul87


    I've recently picked up an Ooni Koda 12 ( gas powered). This thread was seriously short of pizza pictures! Here's a few recent lockdown specials ! These are all using a 1 day dough, using Vito Iacopellis method. The big lump is a chocolate/marshmallow calzone too.
  2. Sure. Will PM you.
  3. Weird - now working all of a sudden?! ( I have a sage grinder for sale 😀)
  4. Sage Smart Grinder Pro.Approx 18months - 2years old.Used on average to make 1 coffee per day ( 18g beans).Burrs have been removed and cleaned ready for use.Boxed with all accessories. More pics to follow. £120 - Collection Bristol Delivery at cost.
  5. Hi Forum People! Been on here for a little while, and sold an item about 6/7 months ago which was a nice easy transaction. It seems I can no longer post in the for sale section ? Has something changed? Thanks!
  6. Thanks, this was the type of feedback I was hoping for. Interesting comments!
  7. Thanks all, Suppose it's not a lot more for the specialita. Was hoping someone out there would have a comment on the actual improvement in the cup I might find upgrading from an SGP?
  8. Hi All, Have been using an SGP for about 2/3 years now. I upgraded from a classic to a Mara-X earlier this year, and would now like to upgrade my grinder. I only have a fairly limited budget - and am attracted to the Manuale for this reason. I only grind for espresso - occasionally like a lighter roast ( the SGP has choked on some of the really light stuff) . Am i going to notice a substantial improvement with the Manuale? I am making tasty coffee with my current set up, extractions are good - no channelling e.t.c so my setup is working for
  9. Make 2 seperate doubles? I just make 2 shots, then steam one large pitcher of milk that makes 2 6oz flatties. you can steam as you brew on the Mara-X if you want to save time, but I just wait and take my time.
  10. so just had another go at a shot on my Mara-X. now 2.5 wks off roast and much much better than last time. - drinkable - which is a bonus! im nearly as fine as my SGP grinder will go and feel its holding back the shot quite a bit - machine is not building to 9/10 bar as not fine enough! Very funky and lots of banana - crazy coffee this one! -
  11. Just had some of this in the post a few days off roast ( too soon I know) But thought I would have a go at dialling it in and seeing what its like. Had to throw the first 2 shots away as needed to go way finer than my grinder was set for from my last beans ( Extract Unkle Funka) . 3rd was a little closer - but still way under extracted - and frankly pretty awful! Tasted really bitter and earthy. Brewing on a Mara-X - at 94c - 18.5 in got 40g in about 28s Does it massively improve after a week? -
  12. I've generally found 35-40 secs works nicely.
  13. paul87

    Mara X

    So, made 2 shots this morning and steamed about 200ml milk. 165ml in the drip tray. So, after 11 shots the whole boiler is empty? Is that in line with what others are experiencing?
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