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  1. Still going? Do you have receipt etc?
  2. Just had a second cup of this Colombian from Horsham Coffee Roasters and I think it's the best cup I've ever made in my fledgling coffee career. Slightly longer drawdown (4:00) than I'd usually aim for in the v60 but the flavour is fantastic, the fruitiness is spot on. Great stuff.
  3. Thanks, really interesting. I think the "grape like" is the only thing I recognise but couldn't put my finger on...my palate has a long way to go. Enjoyable coffee either way for sure!
  4. When you say made the mistake of opening it 3 days after roast, you can still just leave it in the bag for another week or two right? Or does opening it early reduce the peak that you think you can get from the beans irreversibly?
  5. Thanks for the info. That's helpful. I pulled the grind setting from 2+0 to 2+13 (nearly a full turn) and made another aeropress using the following recipe: Directions: Grind coffee at "7.3" on a Malkoenig EK43 [obvs not this one!] Heat water to 79°C [close...] Add 60g of water Turbulent wiggle for 15 seconds Allow 30 seconds of bloom Add the rest of the water in 10 seconds Press down for 45 seconds Coffee:20g Water:230g @ 79°C Brewer:Inverted Filter:Paper Total brew time:1:35 It tastes much, much, much, much better! So the question is, why am I producing a nice coffee with my v60 at the feldgrind settings recommended on here (2.2 ish) but I need to pull the grinder to a coarser grind for when I use my aeropress, when everyone suggests I should go finer!!
  6. Yep, thanks. Just seems confusing to me (I will do the things you say) as the grind size is off a feldgrind so would have thought it would be consistent with other people's experiences. Slightly on that topic, for a v60, if I was making only 250ml of coffee instead of 500ml, and my technique (in terms of ratio/percentages) and grind size was the same for both, would you expect the 250ml or the 500ml to be finished quicker?
  7. Since being reunited with my aeropress after a few months away, everything I've tried has been unpleasant and I have no idea why. Tried various recipes, various beans, various grind sizes. I'm very confused as I think it used to be a lot better than this. It tastes too strong and ashy which makes me think it's overextracted (though I am not very good at tasting) but I keep on pulling back the grind and it doesn't seem to help much. Anyone experienced something like this before? Going to go way back with the grind (coarser than what is giving me a decent v60 result, which seems odd based on everything I've read) until...something happens. Very annoying so far.
  8. Interesting regarding the longer extraction, I will have to try it in a 20 minute aeropress and see what happens (last time I tried this I massively failed - didn't manage to keep it under vacuum - so hopefully works better this time!). I've only had it in a v60 before and found that I have been enjoying it when the time gets to 4 minutes and beyond as opposed to usually aiming for c. 3:30 (original Japanese papers) so this seems to correlate with my findings too. I am too much of an amateur to try to guess the origin though. Is there a reliable "tasting guide" that I can try to identify what I'm tasting and look to pair that with a country/process? Cos otherwise I'll probably pick a country that doesn't even produce coffee... EDIT: to say that I am very much enjoying it! Just wouldn't have a clue how to describe it!
  9. I've never really felt the need if you have a sealable bag, is there a noticeable difference over this? Though the latest LSOL came in a non-resealable bag and I'm having to scrunch it up at the top and clip it closed, probably not ideal.
  10. 1. ZBK 2. EricC 3.Mark 70 4.hhgclark 5.SDM 6. ratty 7. filthynines 8. Jackabb 9. AmandaH 10. Marcros 11. Salty 12. Sly 13. MinesAbeer 14. HBLP 15. Akp 16.cjonny 17. Xabi17 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Sorry if I messed up the formatting, on my phone. A convenient number to join in at though!
  11. Yeah, I meant it would be easier for me to make a seal then fill rather than fill and then make a deal. I also think it was too finely ground possibly...
  12. Hmm, it didn't work. It all just slowly dripped through the coffee and after 20 mins (I wasn't watching it) the water was all in the original mug. Predictably, it doesn't taste good at all. Would that be over extracted I think? I can't even tell the difference, either way it ain't good. I think it might be because the seal wasn't fully in so there wasn't a vacuum. Will try again but inverted.
  13. Hi MWJB, I've just been reunited with my Aeropress after months away and would like to try a 20m steep per your comments earlier in the thread (having never previously gone over 3-4 mins). Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions to make sure I have this right. This works on an inversion method, correct? I have a feldgrind and grinding around the 2.0 - 2.4 mark for my v60 pourovers, so will try to drag this down to 1.7 to start with and go from there perhaps? 60g/L All water in one go straight off the bowl, quick stir then leave inverted for 20 minutes (no need to bloom etc?) After 20m, invert aeropress correct way up (probably into pre-heated mug) and press until I hear the hiss? Am interested to try this with my next mug. Thanks for the tips.
  14. Are you aware of anywhere that delivers Friedhats in the UK without a high delivery charge from Europe?
  15. Personally, unless you're dialling in espresso where I can see it would be frustrating, the length of time it takes to grind a coffee never really caused me much of an issue. That said, I have an original feldgrind which I believe uses similar burrs and I just ground 20g of coffee and timed it - 25 seconds.
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