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  1. Really enjoying this one...I'm going to stick my finger in the air and say Rwanda, maybe the West of the country. A touch over 2,100 metres above sea level, but not too much more. Red bourbon varietal, natural of course. Just a quick guess.
  2. Hope you didn't miss anything important about your position in the company going forward... 😳
  3. Only had one early when I had nothing else and and if was great, very lively but felt like it needed a bit more rest. Will likely give it another go tomorrow. Excited to see how these go throughout the month. Dare I even say I might buy from North Star in the future...
  4. Going to give this a go tomorrow, thanks for the recommendation
  5. Had my first v60 this morning (and my first caffeinated coffee for two weeks!) so still a little early for optimal timing. Anyone get an almost savoury type (touching on umami?) flavour from it? Went 2:0 on the Feldgrind so might pull back to 2:2 as suggested above. Forgot to time the drawdown, but looking forward to playing with it more.
  6. 1. ratty 2. Siliconslave 3. MediumRoastSteam 4. Salty 5. pottolom 6. EricC 7. MinesAbeer 8. Nicd 9. ZiggyMarley 10. Moppy 11. jazzersi 12. E404 13. Xabi17 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  7. £15 plus delivery/collected?
  8. On the next door app in my area some people are reporting one RM delivery a week and the contents often including letters dated mid November, so there's definitely major delays going on. Fingers crossed everything turns up eventually for everyone!
  9. Ha, yeah that rung a bell with me too. Will try it out tomorrow and see what I think!
  10. Curiously I ordered the 60 pack of Japanese Hario filters as usual, from Cafedirect for the third time, and received brown recycled papers instead of the usual white/bleached one. Still no tab. Is this standard and doesn't make a difference?
  11. I know most on this forum are a level or two above this but a perfectly serviceable entry level burr grinder for filter to introduce someone to the benefits of freshly ground beans. Thought I'd put on here before ebay if anyone is interested. https://www.delonghi.com/en-gb/kg79-electric-coffee-grinder/p/KG79 Good, used condition in original box. Adjustable burrs and auto timer/doser setting. Asking £20 plus delivery or collection.
  12. This pretty much sums it up for me! Really enjoying it especially the later cups. Maybe a quarter left!
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