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  1. This pretty much sums it up for me! Really enjoying it especially the later cups. Maybe a quarter left!
  2. 1. tsouthwell2. E4043. ratty4. Gavin5. steffanjtaylor6. MinesAbeer7. Zeak8. Earthflattener9.Mark 7010. Nicd11. salty12. ZiggyMarley13. ronan0814. AgentB15. Xabi1716.
  3. That's the first time I've seen someone describe coffee as tasting like coffee in a long time!
  4. I seem to be over half way through this one without even realising it! Am really enjoying. Agreed with washed central/southern American based on the typical tasting notes. Shall I say Guatemalan?
  5. Am I crazy or is that quite coarse? I usually hover around the 2.0 to 2.2 mark for a v60 on what I think is the original Feldgrind. (caveat - I can't see the photo so not sure what method you're using and can't work out from your description)
  6. Another note of arrival and appreciation, thanks for squeezing me in right at the end. Looking forward to it!
  7. Ha, agreed. I will continue referring to it as a mug!
  8. I regularly read that people call a serving of 220ml of water in as a 'cup' and wonder whether I'm the one who's way off when my normal cup is 320ml of water in! It just feels like a normal mug of coffee to me! 🤣
  9. Thanks so much! Appreciate this. Have just sent!
  10. Noooo I completely forgot! Busy week and completely forgot to check back here. Assume too late now @Hairy_Hogg but if there is any chance of an immediate payment sneaking in would be very grateful...completely understand if not though. I will be back next month!
  11. Just ordered two bags of this - looking forward to it. Curiously the 500g at £18 was out of stock, the 250g at £10 was in stock so I ordered two...and it added a discount of £3, taking me to £17! Not that I'm conplaining...
  12. Great stuff Thanks again all. Agreed on saving my voucher for December to pick some more of this up!
  13. Hope you enjoyed the football as much as you enjoyed the coffee 😁
  14. Mine not yet arrived but delighted to hear its a juice bomb 😎 can't wait to get stuck in
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