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  1. Speak to Fairrecycler he does leds for your water tank
  2. Please mark as sold and move to sold
  3. We should move to messages to arrange details
  4. Make it 150.00 and it’s yours inc postage
  5. It is at 160 inc postage
  6. Checked up 150 inc postage sorry due to weight
  7. Checked up 160 inc postage sorry due to weight
  8. I take it your in the uk I’ll check and find out a price for you your postcode would be helpful
  9. Hi decided to sell my Smart Grinder Pro as I have acquired a mazzer electronic looking for 140.00 it’s under 6 months old works a treat has all the things it came with including box etc Looking for collection but in the current state of the country will post if need be Any questions get in touch
  10. Hi Emily will have to move this to the selling section just to keep it right will carry on conversation there ok
  11. You have probably not used the little black pin that goes in the portafilter under the basket when you cleaned it out it fell out somewhere happened to me as well it makes a mess when you forget it
  12. Would you be interested in purchasing I also have extra set of burrs you can have just noticed the is a mark on the doser actuation lever but it doesn’t affect its use purely cosmetic
  13. Checked up and £15.00 postage will cover the grinder price is due to its weight
  14. Cool will get back to you
  15. I’m amazed the difference it makes it’s in great condition good smooth fluffy grounds and the taste is better so happy with it the Mignon lost out it’s a beast and is built like a tank
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