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  1. Ordered Late Friday, arrived early Tuesday - many thanks @Coffee by the Casuals Regards, John
  2. For what it’s worth, I clean my Niche cup once a month - when I dismantle and clean the grinder. No clinging issues noticed. I do this at the same frequency as puly caff cleaning and lubing the cam on the E61 - Profitec P600. After a few goes, it has become a fairly swift process - though it did take longer when it was all strange and new. Regards, John
  3. Large box arrived today courtesy of Singletrack Bikes and DPD - duly unpacked and the contents added to the back of our much loved Thorn Discovery. Weather permitting we hope to get out for a familiarisation session (probably with a suitable sized sack of spuds as ballast) before trying it out for real with our grandson on board at the weekend). I’ve not used a trailer since our children were small, but to say that I’m super excited at the prospect is a major understatement. Regards, John
  4. Sourdough Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns - my first ever attempt. Don’t flame me for the arithmetic when dividing the dough 🤦🏼‍♂️ By the time I realised, I didn’t fancy trying to correct it.
  5. I had my first jab a couple of weeks ago (Pfizer) - the complete absence of side effects did make me wonder (briefly and jokingly) if I’d been given a placebo. Mrs O had her first jab last week (Oxford) and felt queasy overnight - aches and shivers etc - but fine thereafter. Neither of us think we’ve had it, we’ve both been tested a few times over recent months - live at home son works in a front line care role. Regards, John
  6. I’m envious of your adoption of the utility room as a coffee corner - well done 👍🏼 Regards, John
  7. I’ve no connection with these folk, but might be worth a look https://www.adimaria.co.uk/semola-rimacinata-di-grano-duro-25kg Regards, John
  8. Ozzyjohn

    Roasting plant?

    Hmmm, luckily their “in house state of the art technology Javabot” doesn’t seem to have spread to Shropshire yet. I won’t hold my breath. Regards, John
  9. Over thirty years ago, I built this - I still dream about it today. A much regretted sale when we discovered the impending arrival of twins to expand our family . . . I’m frequently tempted to build another - I suppose I’d better hurry up before I’m too creaky to get in and out of one. In terms of fun per pound, and minimal depreciation, it was easily the most memorable car I’ve ever owned. Regards, John
  10. Aah, I see what you mean now - I must be lucky in that I didn’t seem to get anything falling from the spout once the grinder was switched off (other than when I rocked, tapped or clacked - and then only sometimes). Regards, John
  11. I clean my Niche monthly. I’ve tried most of the described actions - tapping, clacking, rocking, etc. Sometimes a small puff of ground coffee came out, sometimes it didn’t. My overall conclusion was, compared to doing nothing, none of this made any discernible difference to the taste in the cup - so I no longer do any of them. if it makes you happy, clack and rock away - if it improves the taste of your beverage, carry on. For me personally, I couldn’t see any benefit. Regards, John
  12. This can go to SOLD. Big thanks to @Marocchino - even just looking through the (surprisingly good condition) paperwork had me in happy tears - I’m clearly becoming a dribbling old nostalgia victim. I just need to get my own set down from the loft (it’s been there for most of the 33 years that we’ve lived in this house) and then it’s just a case of waiting for grandchildren to become old enough . . . I can’t explain really why this purchase has made me so happy - but it really has. Thank you, Steve. Best regards, John
  13. Ozzyjohn

    Cat lovers

    Snopes wasn’t too convinced by this - confirmation bias, anyone? https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/cats-sit-in-square-taped-floor/ Searching it did throw up lots of cute cat pics though. Regards, John
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