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  1. It is indeed. We are just west of North Berwick - a few days here before moving a bit further north. We’ve got our wet weather gear 👍🏼 Regards, John
  2. Get away man, we arrived in Scotland today - the weather is gorgeous 😎
  3. @ronan08 & @tsouthwell both good suggestions, thank you both. I’ll speak to the house sitting son and see if he fancies improving his coffee knowledge - it would be good to have an ally in the house. Posting on is an option worth investigating, too. My wife thinks I’m a muppet 🤷‍♂️ Regards, John
  4. Good news - my kit arrived at home this morning. Bad news - we left home early this morning and won’t be returning for at least 4 weeks. Forward planning never was my strong suit. Do I suggest to pod machine coffee drinking son who is house sitting that he learns a bit about real coffee in my absence, or Do I ask him to put the package in the freezer so that I can have the worlds smallest belated cupping session when we get home? I had genuinely forgotten that I had ordered this, it’s a shame it didn’t arrive a few hours earlier . . . Regards, John
  5. 🙀How much grease would you like with your coffee, sir/madam?
  6. Best way to achieve the required (sparing) application of Molykote is to use a cocktail stick - works for me at any rate - no blobs and no creaks or squeaks. I suspect that I will be handing a half used tube of Molykote to my recently born first grandchild as a coming of age gift . . . Regards, John
  7. May not be related, but I’ve had this a couple of times - and when it does, it Is only when I remove the portafilter immediately after pouring the shot. Regards, John
  8. That’s my weekend snacking sorted 🔥🔥
  9. One of the pictures on the Niche/Indiegogo site was lit in a way that made the body look grey - such that someone asked if they could order a grey one (you can’t - yet, but it did look good imho). I’d wager that it won’t be too long before people start after market modifying the Niche by spraying or powder coating the body in a whole variety of colours. To me personally, the black version looks less like a toilet than the white one - but maybe if I could get an after market wooden lid for my Niche . . . Regards, John
  10. Aah, so it’s an air filter housing? At first glance I thought it was a giant sized portafilter that just needed some holes drilling through the bottom . . . Good luck with the project 👍🏼 Regards, John
  11. I’ve still got plenty of room for improvement when it comes to pulling great espresso, but as I progress along my learning curve I do sometimes worry that I may like espresso too much. I’m certainly veering rapidly towards drinking too much of it. I can vaguely remember a time when I (all too briefly) didn’t like the taste of beer - but once I’d had a few more, I loved it so much that I barely knew when to stop . . .
  12. Not actually the postie, but a thoughtful find from my wife. £3 from Dunelm who describe it’s intended purpose as a stand for salt and pepper grinders. I say it’s not a bad place to stand my leveller and tamper.
  13. Me too - I’ve had traditional Bialettis for years, but much prefer the stainless steel Bialetti Venus for appearance and the taste of the coffee.
  14. But does the average home user actually need bomb proof construction in a home environment? It’s great that it might last four times as long, but the chances of keeping it that long are lowered by the fact that something newer and shinier and even more bomb proof will come along after a few years. Sure, it will retain value, I suppose, but it will always be at the mercy of future innovation.
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