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  1. This is still on 20% off last I checked. Currently drinking San Jose and it's delicious.
  2. Hi all, some odd things have started to happen with my GC recently. It's a brand new 2010 machine (ex display from ebay) that I've used for about a month already. It's been a bit hit and miss since the start, which I originally put down to technique, but I've since bought a vst precision basket, rhino 58.5mm push tamper, and distribution tool, so I at least know the grind is level and not distributed badly. I'm also using a eureka grinder with fresh beans from origin coffee, weighing the grinds in and out and timing the extraction (I see these questions crop up). This weekend (not long af
  3. If it helps, I recently bought a brand new 2010 classic from eBay (a company that buys bulk ex display stock). Initially I did the 270 degree turn blind, but decided to invest in a portafilter with a pressure gauge. First run (after my blind 270 degree turn) = 11 bars. From then on I adjusted it 90 degrees exactly each time, and 90° was pretty much exactly in line with one bar of pressure in the portafilter. 270 =11 360 = 10 450 = 9 540 = 8
  4. Been lurking here for some time and this thread has been the one I've come back to multiple times, much appreciated!
  5. Fair enough, appreciate most people hate advertising and I probably sound like bellend. I guess I'm thinking the site can just get more without any real impact. Still selling display banners but making more from each one, still linking out to other websites but getting a cut of it from affiliates.
  6. This may have been discussed already, or be out of the point of this thread, but I noticed that ad space is sold on a direct buy, ie an advertiser buys a fixed number of impressions for a cost. Why not list as a publisher on an SSP? It would open the site up to so many more advertisers who could buy and space on an exchange and you'd probably be able to lift the overall price of the ad space and make more revenue without increasing the number of ads. You could still keep the direct buys with a lower cpm for smaller independent coffee businesses. Or even an affiliate program? Set up a
  7. Started after getting my gaggia classic. Expected to buy it, turn it on and make the best espresso known to man. But it pissed water everywhere and tasted horrid. Then I read about dialing in and brew ratios and single boilers and pids and shower screens and temperature and opv and now I wonder what I got myself into, but I'm already in too deep.
  8. What number (setting) are you using on the MDF grinder? I have an MDF and gaggia classic and have found it's between setting 2 and 3 that I get the best espressos.
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