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  1. Momo Kombucha with coffee from Origin (El Salvador, Santa Elena farm). Nom 🙂
  2. PD2020

    Mara X

    You're welcome Yeah, this part in particular needs frequent and regular cleaning. It gets slimy really fast. I clean my whole tank once a week or more often (when filling it up). Give it a proper soapy brush/clean and perhaps use some Milton tablets afterwards to remove this gunk!
  3. PD2020

    Mara X

    Check this area in the tank. You need the white part inside, and the black cap on the top. More on Lelit Insider at 4:07:
  4. PD2020

    Mara X

    Hi. Yup, we did ask in here 😉 https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/48398-mara-x/page/76/?tab=comments#comment-788833
  5. I've noticed I get "salty" flavours if my grind is on the fine side. You're using a low dose (14.6g) so I'll take a guess you grind fine. I'd suggest an experiment with coarser grind settings (or for even more impact: higher dose in a basket of the matching volume + coarser still). Hopefully you might notice saltiness going away. And then, if needed, further adjustments according to the taste. Treat what I'm saying with a pinch of salt as I'm a newbie, but I've been getting lots of salty shots and my notes seem to imply: too fine (even if the shot time looks correct, or short).
  6. I'm a coronial myself as well 😉 Bought my machine back in June 2020 to get these chocolatey lattes that I was missing 😉 But then discovered that fruity coffees exist which blew my mind 😉 Interesting, I'm also on 18g VST (I've been trying dosing 17g, 18g, 18.5g mostly). 40s has always seemed very long for me. I haven't had the feeling that going as fine as 40s was improving the flavour. In fact it felt harsher and harsher to me and (less importantly) it felt like the coffee stream on the bottomless portafilter would struggle to form. But then many people on the forum have reporte
  7. I'm still learning but there are people in here who are very happy with their shots on this setup, so fingers crossed the stars align one day If you're talking about 1:2'ish shots, then I've had success only a few times. I've personally never had anything tasty around 40s, unlike some people, but I'm a newbie - please don't use my shots as a reference 😉 If you like lighter roasts, it seems not uncommon to target longer ratios like 1:3 (or even 1:5) which have the potential to extract more flavour and less defects - at the expense of texture. Depends on the beans. No reason to
  8. Yes, they are indeed. I followed the protocol as in https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0092/7622/files/Syringe_Filter_and_Measurments_v3.pdf?123 As MWJB said, mind you these shots did *not* taste good. I just posted them as a reference: shot time of around 18s as a (admittedly poor) measure of resistance vs EY.
  9. @Mrboots2u, I'm also on Marax&Niche and I have measured my shots with a VST Refractomer (yup, I followed the protocol). This is with Black Cat Koke Ethiopian Natural. Brew Ratio of 1.98 (18->35.7g) gave me EY of 21.44% (incl. CO2 and H2O adjustment from the VST app) with a shot time of mere 18s. All the shots tasted ashtray though. I generally find it difficult to get below 20% EY at the ratio 1:2 and going 1:2.2 or higher gets me towards 22-23% rather quickly (all that with shot times well under 30s). Ashtray, salt and sour are common notes. 31s-long shot of
  10. Hi @Tim95, I'm also struggling to get a good shot with my Marax&Niche. Have you made any progress on this one?
  11. Hi @Kam760, how are you getting on? *fingers-crossed*
  12. PD2020

    Mara X

    This is exactly the issue I'm getting with pretty much any coffee around 1:2 - 1:2.5. Plenty of saltiness. Going up to 1:5 gives nice shots. I wouldn't call them sweet though, even with coffees that are described as sweet. Recently I lowered my temperature to 92*C and I was pleased to find out it finally got rid of that 'itchy throat' sensation when drinking espresso as well as boosted aromas and flavour notes in some coffees (noticeable for 1:3 to 1:5 ratios). I was actually quite impressed with how nicely some Ethiopian coffees can smell. I never got that at 94*C.
  13. Ok, so it's possible to consistently brew past sourness at around 1:2.5 with good beans. I get similar issues with other origins too, not just Brazils. Is MaraX+Niche a perfect setup only for underextracted 1:1.2 or long 1:5 shots? Just trying to understand why my results vary so much from @Rob1.
  14. Hi Boots. Tried that already. 1:3 gave me lots of salt and harshness. 1:5 was disgustingly bitter, 1:4 had both saltiness and bitterness. At no point was any tasting note present - just defects.
  15. Hi @Rob1, Only spotted your reply now (better late ... 😉) . That makes sense. Darker roast is more soluble, therefore lower yield. What about lower altitude coffee? For example medium-roast Brazilian - would you think 18:36 or 18:45 be more likely to succeed? I find these lower altitude coffees the most difficult (like https://www.crankhousecoffee.co.uk/products/santa-colomba). None of the tasting notes, zero sweetness, but lot of saltiness instead, anywhere between 1:1.5 and 1:4. (I've been using Volvic since October or so)
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