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  1. There is this company on Etsy, only problem is location and delivery fees: https://www.etsy.com/listing/633442930/the-original-portakeeper-tm-portafilter?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Search_UK_DSA_GGL_Main_General_New&utm_ag=UK-EN_DSA-General&utm_custom1=_k_CjwKCAjwzruGBhBAEiwAUqMR8PjNYqfpnYu0NF136gf7RBGLXO0Maf00mH9wWE35vY2k5utMt-pVLRoCqsAQAvD_BwE_k_&utm_content=go_11120727342_112118310227_474876607397_aud-1023599305563:dsa-19959388920_c_&utm_custom2=11120727342&gclid=CjwKCAjwzruGBhBAEiwAUqMR8PjNYqfpnYu0NF136gf7RBGLXO0Maf00mH9wWE35vY2k5utMt-pVL
  2. Kremfresh

    Bean storage

    A new post from Colonna on YT, where rolling the bag air-tight and sealing with a bulldog type clip to remove headroom is recommended:
  3. @Stevebee appreciate that, thanks! I’m being greedy as I have my Comandante but that’s for Aeropress / travel duties. Where are the farmers markets you are at?
  4. @Stevebee I think we’re on a similar journey. My LC Ultra due (sometime!) soon but keen on a manual conical. Did you order the Helor direct from their website?
  5. @CocoLocoworth it. Use the sister as an excuse... They sell some nice Assembly for pour over if that’s your thing
  6. Welcome! If you venture into Cambridge city centre always worth a visit to Bould Brothers or Hot Numbers
  7. Welcome 👋🏼 Espresso Cartel in Catford is very good, as is Oscar’s in Ladywell
  8. @Mark70 I’m the same as @Stevebee HU Blind. I’m in this for solely espresso and I “think” these best meet that. Could get so lost and confused reading opinions on uniformity and burr size! @The Systemic Kid thank you for the welcome. Very happy to document my thoughts on it. If it helps people form an opinion on the grinder then even better. With so little out there on the Ultra I jumped in relatively blind. Offer to visit and test is legit!
  9. Hi there, Long time lurker but wanted to say hello and get more into the forum. I’ve had my Sage dual boiler and grinder pro for six years now. Finally decided to upgrade my grinder and my LeverCraft Ultra is inbound later this month...it’s been a long time coming! Happy to stick with the machine whilst I get to grips with the Ultra. Once government restrictions and guidelines permit I’d be happy for forum members to visit and test the grinder if they’re considering the purchase. Matt
  10. I bought similar and they were stated as 2oz (~56ml) and they were fine for medium roast 18g, enough headroom for an extra 2g
  11. Used to live near the Kentish Town branch - traditional Italian dark roast beans - only ever bought Moka pot and V60 from there so have had no reason to call back. But no complaints on those interactions
  12. I’ve had the VST 18g ridgeless with the DB and preferred the stock basket. VST needed a much finer grind and was a lot less forgiving of basket prep - went back to stock and have enjoyed my workflow and cup more
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