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  1. I also got a reply after reporting of the fishy smell issue and the snapping of the mesh on kickstarter. Quote:"HI Morten, So sorry to hear of the negative experience. A fishy smell is normally related to a heavily used and spent filter > we mitigate against this with another resin and you really shouldn't be getting anything like this this quickly. Very odd you should get this after two days. I will ship you out another filter tomorrow. The breach and attachment fo the mesh is an issue we are addressing as a large production QC focus. We have moved to new adhesives and sealing methods to resolve this. Keen to see how you get on with the new filter. Do you know how much water you put through the filter?" I'll see and report how the replacement filter function when it arrives. I really hope it simply works 😕 I am kind of glad to hear that this is not an isolated issue and that they seem to be working on it.
  2. I received my Jug a couple of days ago. At first it worked fine (although the lid did not close properly like reported here by some other folks) and I managed to get water at a desired ppm of 110 and the coffee tasted excellent. Over the next couple of days though, no matter how I adjusted the setting, the ppm wouldnt go below 220 although the bypass was fully closed and no water was going through it(like with any normal Brita filter). I live in Berlin and Tap water here is between 400-430ppm. To make things worse the water filtered with the peak started smelling REAL bad and fishy when boiling or left in the fridge for a day. The tap water has definitely never smelled like this. Finally when I tried to check what the hell was wrong with the filter and lifted it out of the jug the metal mesh somehow snapped and now the resin are all over the place. I am so frustrated. I really loved what I was able to achieve with the properly filtered water from the peak in the two (!) brews I had with it. But then waiting almost two years for the joy to last only two days is devastating.
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