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  1. Thanks Mark! Looks awesome. I think I may just get the manual version. Will it handle 250g out per roast including moisture loss? Say start it with 300g, including bigger beans - monsoon malabar? How much was import fees for UK? I have messaged the manufacturer direct & they are very responsive. Happy roasting! P.s the Gene 101 is great! But really want bean temperature and 250g out at least. Just nice really if ever sell some. 4 roasts for a kilo 2 for 500g etc
  2. Hi Mark, I have just done some research on this roaster. Looks really promising! Does it come with the touch screen to monitor/alter the roast? Also if you don't mind how much with shipping & import fee total? Oh & the site you bought it from? Many thanks Jord P.s I'm also new to roasting (started in March with popper now have a gene101) so much to learn isn't there!
  3. Count me in! If it ever goes ahead...
  4. Morning all! This bean cooler is on offer, I bought it in March. Cools beans super fast, very well made super heavy. Chaff net. Works great alongside my popper & gene101 Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/YUCHENGTECH-Coffee-Electric-Roasting-Cooling/dp/B08GYZHC2T/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Bean+cooler&qid=1624261707&sr=8-1
  5. Morning all! I have added an external tube to chaff port to hear cracks (discussed in other thread). Anyways, I like to monitor my roasts as much as possible. I was just wondering do you think an airflow meter at the end of my external tube would work? I would hold it there around the 10 min mark. I know the Gene has a 1 airflow rate but during past roasts before first crack smoke and what I perceive to be increase in flow from the tube on approach to first crack. Or is it just the steam/smoke and not an actual increase in airflow? My thoughts are if I can log the increase in flow from the beans (expansion) my next roasts I can compare it against. If the flow comes slower/faster or the same. As my setup the ambient temp naturally increases. Here is some pics, What do you all think? Haha Thanks all & happy roasting!
  6. I was indecisive about this when I got my Gene 101! I have read up on it for arguments for/against. Many on the Facebook group use emergency stop. I ultimately decided to use it so I can stop the roast when I want and not have the beans 'coasting' to a cool. And it is more so important as the loft ambient temperature can get high. I'm sure it will probably degrade the heater life, but this can be replaced. I did a lot of research online and made the decision to emergency stop. As you see 99% off roasters cool externally not in the roaster itself. Many have been doing es for years with no issues But ultimately each to their own! 😀
  7. Yes, I can hear it very easy now! For weeks it was doing my head in & tried all sorts, stethoscope, sound amplifier etc. I finally came up with a solution. Putting a stainless tube on the chaff port. With a metal filter to prevent chaff coming up. I can now hear cracks and also observe smoke, smell. Just cap it off with my glass when not using it during roast. It is completely reversible so doesn't void warranty. Images attached of it.
  8. Evening all, I'm really enjoying roasting on the Gene 101. I roast in the loft and have kitted it out for the roaster, ducting, insulation etc. I pre-heat my roaster to 70c each time per roast I emergency stop then initiate the cool down procedure. Normally the ambient temp in mild weather is around 14c but after 1 roast it can jump to 18c. Due to how I have insulated around the machine so subsequently my next roast is faster. Not always sure by how much. I can hear cracks and observe bean colour but want an accurate time difference from first roast so I can nail down my consistency instead of having a roast slightly lighter/darker. I was thinking perhaps record external air temp reading a few times of first roast. Say 180 @ 10.20 / 220 at 12 etc then compare to second and subtract time difference? Here is pic of my setup as you can see it naturally gets warmer per-roast due to insulation. Any thoughts/advice much appreciated Sorry about image upside down not sure why lol
  9. Thanks all. @DavecUK I believe you wrote the bella barista guide? It has been very helpful BTW, thanks 😁
  10. Morning all, I have a popcorn popper & gene which I enjoy roasting with. Just wondering if you have any green bean suppliers to share? How much should one expect to pay on average for (sca score) quality kilo of green beans? Thanks all
  11. Yes it does indeed! When it arrived the fan was not spinning correctly. It needed oiling. There is instructions how to do it. I used 3 in 1 oil. Been fine since. Just might need oiling every few months. It is a big fan. Here is vid & pic 20210319_161042-2.mp4
  12. Hey Joe! I have had my Gene Cafe 101 for less than 2 weeks, slowly getting to grips with it. As on the Facebook group most did recommend external cooling. I purchased this on Amazon and would highly recommend it if in budget. YUCHENGTECH 500g Coffee Bean Cooler Electric Coffee Bean Roasting Cooler Home Coffee Bean Cooling Plate Double Layer Filter 220V It is £89.99 UK. Build quality is superb & it is heavy. Think will last for years. (I did need to oil fan but took 2 mins to do) Literally cools the beans in well under a minute & has chaff net.
  13. Evening all, I have just recently got a Gene Cafe, still getting to grips with it. It is 240V unmodified. Anyone have a easy roast profile to share? It is in the celsius. (Least faff with red button) Thanks
  14. Afternoon all, As the title when my Pro gets up to heat it starts buzzing just before the extraction and you can hear like a voltage sound I'd describe then goes quiet. To stop the continued buzzing turning the machine on/off helps. And when it cools down there is no more buzzing. (The buzzing is only heard before extraction when it is up to temp, it didn't happen when I first got machine) Any thoughts what it could be? Many thanks
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