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  1. Hi, I'm looking into getting a Wilfa Classic or Sage Precision brewer. Originally, I was leaning towards a Moccamaster as the reviews by and large were excellent. However, they only really cater for full batches (approx 500ml / 1lr as in the performance) I'm the only coffee drinker, so I'm not looking to brew large quantities at the one time but would like to have the option if needs be. Does anyone own a Wilfa classic or Sage precision and would you recommend? Thanks,
  2. Yeah I've bought it with the plan of buying a Technivorm shortly. I currently have a less than impressive De Longhi espresso maker, so I was trying to grind to accommodate that but it does seem to be even to coarse for that. I was just under the impression that it's an excellent brew grinder but it can also grind (give or take) for espresso.
  3. Hi @MWJB - I only bought it and that was my first test on it. It says it can only handle a maximum of 75g in the hopper, so it has the capabilities to grind 20g on setting 1. It has an automatic shut off, so it stops automatically but the beans just seem to sit on the burrs and not grind. I'm thinking I may need to grind coarser to start to break the burrs in but not to sure.
  4. Hi All, I recently bought the Wilfa Uniform grinder. I weighed 20g of coffee beans to start with and tried setting 1 (the finest grind) to see how fine it would grind to. However, the beans just got stuck in the burrs, is this because I need to grind more weight or should I try and "break" the burrs in a little? I had to open it up, to pour the coffee beans out of the grinder otherwise they were stuck there and werent grinding. Any suggestions / advice would be appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Thanks @BlackCatCoffee - I'm looking for something that's more of a fixture on the counter which produces a few cups of coffee. The Eureka brew pro is out of my budget grinder wise to be honest.
  6. Hi All, Over the last while, I've been looking into getting an excellent grinder to begin with (Eureka mignon budget wise) followed by a entry level espresso machine (Silvia or something similar) However, the more I've read about producing nice espresso, I don't have the budget, time and desire to really go down that route. I just want to have a freshly grounded cup tasteful cup. Therefore, I've recently started leaning towards getting a coffee brewer Moccamaster KBG or Wilfa classic plus. I want to get some nice consistency going, so should I go for a really high end Filter grinder such as Wilfa Uniform (EUR300+) or get a Eureka Mignon which leans more towards producing espresso?
  7. @Rob92 - thanks for the update. I certainly want to spend the cash on a grinder that doesn't necessarily need to be upgraded down the line, so the Eureka's may fit the bill.
  8. thanks @Rob92 - Do you mind me asking why you think the Eureka pairs well with the Rancilio V6?
  9. Im looking at getting a V6 myself - what grinder would you recommend for it? I've been looking at the Iberital MC2 which looks ideal for espresso but wanted of other recommendations.
  10. Hi KRW - I'm looking to the same set up going myself (iBERITAL MC2 w/ a Rancilio Silvia), just wondering how it gone for you since you posted before? Would you recommend this set up for a novice like myself!
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