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  1. No problem. Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi, is this still available?
  3. Hi everyone, loving the forum and everyone's input. I'm a real novice when it comes to coffee and looking to move from pods to an espresso machine and I am looking at a Dedica and then may move on to something else once i get used to basics. In a used Dedica is there anything I should look out for in terms of common faults or issues? Thanks
  4. I was wondering the same too but a minimum post and real engagement level on the forum makes sense to protect everyone in the sales area. Am absorbing all the info I can while deciding on my next machine and moving away from pods
  5. That's great to know and thanks for the tips from both of you 👍 I'll be looking to order one soon I think and see how I find the basket with it and then look at the unpressurised replacements once I've given it a first go. Good to know you both have it working well as I've become nervous the more i read the comments on here but as a real novice and not an expert at all i was looking for a reasonable entry point to start with
  6. @gig did you manage to improve your coffee? I too am moving from pods due to cost and plastic and want a starter machine that's easy to use before probably and from reading the forums inevitably moving on in time but wanted to know if you managed to get a better espresso in the end?
  7. Thank you for this! Really helpful first thread to see for someone who is just about to start their journey into real coffee. Now to find the right starter machine and from what I am already reading the inevitable upgrades in the future 🙂
  8. I've just come straight in today. Keen to learn more (a lot to learn) and about to get my first machine and move away from pods to enjoy my coffee more each morning.
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