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  1. I frequently run water off as I warm my cup with it before brewing. I haven't had any issues with the steam boiler at all. There isn't a float inside the water tank, no metal cage etc. There's an alarm if I remove the water tank but it generally doesn't notify me if it runs out of water aside from the noise when brewing and a drop in pressure.
  2. Hi John, Thanks for replying. It’s a rotary pump I believe so usually really quiet! Water will flow without the portafilter, I usually prime the brew head every time I switch it on after hearing it start to fill. Usually you just hear the water being drawn in, now I just hear a load of noise and the water not flowing properly through. I’ll see if the issue is the same without the steam boiler switched on (which is coming to pressure fine btw) and I’ll upload the videos to YouTube and link them.
  3. I’ve had my machine from new for about 9 months. Not had any problems with it until recently. I use it every day and for the first 3 months with distilled water and the rest of the time with a Peak water filter. I back flush with water after every brew and with a machine cleaner once a month. At first occasionally when the water tank ran empty during a brew it would then not autofill the coffee boiler from the newly filled tank without switching it off and letting it cool down. This happened only if I hadn’t realised the tank was low before brewing. It then started to sound a little ‘noisier’ than usual when brewing and/or auto filling but was still functioning fine. A couple of days ago it ran dry during a brew and wouldn’t refill or come to pressure afterwards. I turned it off, cooled it down but it still wouldn’t rectify. It’s allowing some water through but only gets to a max of 2 bars of pressure, I’ve tried running through a descaler to no avail. It’s not on occasion overheating i.e the PID is set to 92 degrees, it will sometimes heat up to 98 and so I turn it off. Any ideas? It’s supposedly still covered by the 2 year warranty although the company I bought it off of have just suggested de scaling it and nothing more.... I have some videos but they’re too large to attach! If anyone has any suggestions I’d be really grateful.
  4. Origin's Santa Maria decaf is delicious. Not necessarily dark but not super bright and very sweet.
  5. I got my machine a couple of months ago (with very little in the way of an instruction manual) but I was under the impression that there should be some sort of float in the water tank that triggers a warning when the tank is about to run dry? If so then I don't think mine is working....the machine regularly will just run dry in the middle of pulling a shot and lose pressure unless I physically check how much water is in the tank. I also can't see anything that resembles a float? Any advice from any fellow QM owners?
  6. Are notes still doing a discount? My scales have packed in...
  7. TheCoffeeBee

    Niche Zero

    Wanted Niche Zero - any colour.
  8. Thank you, tearing my hair out slightly. I'm wondering if it's the white hopper microswitch. I paid with paypal so worst case scenario, it goes back to the seller but I'm hoping to avoid that if at all possible.
  9. I'll admit I'm regretting buying one of my Mythos 1's off of ebay.....first I've had to remove melted glue from the seal and now, after working perfectly fine initially, it's now not powering the grinder at all. The power switch is lighting up and the burrs are heating but the control panel is dead. The microswitch isn't triggering the burrs and the upper display lights aren't working, as though the hopper has been removed. Anyone got any ideas how to trouble shoot/fix it?
  10. Bought from Happy Donkey in April for home use, great home grinder, has literally only had 2.5kg of coffee through it and regularly cleaned and flushed with grind crystals. The burrs are pristine. In perfect working order with timer doser. I was really happy with it, I'm only selling because I've just recently bought a commercial grinder (Mythos one) for a project so it's effectively become redundant! Can collect from Leicester area (preferred) otherwise buyer to arrange a (decent) courier. £95
  11. Has anyone ever come across a sticky residue coming from the rubber seal at the top of the machine where the hopper joins the outside metal casing of the machine? If so, any ideas on how to remove it without damaging the surfaces?
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