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  1. Thanks, yes, agreed—much more concerned about remedying any problems than I am getting the machine to my door quickly (although both would be nice!).
  2. Hello friends. I am going to buy a Lelit Mara X and I wondered if anyone had recommendations on good vendors, or conversely any horror stories of places I should avoid. Is Bella Barista a safe bet?
  3. Thanks BCC. And yes, I think if I were to buy a Sage Dual Boiler, I would be in the lap of the gods as to reliability, which is one of the reasons I am having some pause for thought. If I'm spending a grand on a coffee machine, I very much need it not to die after 18 months. My little Duo Temp has been very good on the reliability front, but I might have just got lucky. (I have just spotted the typo in my last post. The 'Duel Boiler' does sound cool, though––maybe it could come with a suit of armour and a jousting stick.)
  4. Here's a question, then: Is there anybody who would advocate for the Sage Duel Boiler? What would I be sacrificing if I bought a Dual Boiler over a "better" machine?
  5. Yes, they are nice looking too; the ones with the copper flourishes down the sides would probably fit in with our overall aesthetic. I think I had kinda discounted it as performing less favourably than the MaraX for similar money. How does the Appartamento come up on the convenience side of things?
  6. Hi willvo, yes, I think this is the problem really. There are lots of machines, and they are fairly indistinguishable both aesthetically* and technically. If it really is a case of picking whichever looks best, then that is in a sense an easier job. *appreciate the Minima is doing it's own thing, looks-wise. I like it, personally––although as mentioned, I am not sure I need a dual boiler.
  7. Hello coffee loving friends, long time browser, first time poster here. I wonder if you might be able to help me. I want to upgrade my current rig and I am a bit overwhelmed as to the choice available. We are re-doing our kitchen and I have a budget of about £1k to spend on a new espresso machine. There's a lot of choice at that price bracket, and obviously it's a hefty chunk of change so I don't want to buy something rubbish. I currently have a Sage Due Temp and a Smart Grinder Pro. I've had the Duo Temp for about four years and the Smart Grinder for maybe 2. Into that setup I st
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